Samsung outs Galaxy S4 Mini on apps portal as June 20th London event is scheduled


The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is about as good as real folks. If Samsung’s history (the company released a Galaxy S3 Mini) isn’t enough, then surely the countless leaks are. No? How about it being mentioned in the official changelog of a Samsung app? No? OK, fine, how about adding a whole new database entry for the thing on the Samsung Apps portal?


That’s exactly what’s happened here, as the phone with model number GT-I9195 has popped up. It’s no surprise it looks exactly like a Galaxy S4, though proper scale should reveal that it will be a lot smaller. The Galaxy S4 Mini also won’t be able to stand toe-to-toe with its bigger brother in the specs department, as we’re expecting a dual-core processor, less than 2GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera, and more.

That’s not to say the S4 Mini wouldn’t be a fine phone for someone — we’re sure the phone’s future as a low-cost option will attract some attention — but it just won’t be as good as the Galaxy S4. We’re still trying to get a beeline on when we might see the device officially unveiled.

samsung june 20th event

We’re not totally convinced this is related, but it’s definitely worth the mention either way. Samsung has scheduled a June 20th press event to show off some new products in its Galaxy lineup (as well as some from the Windows-centric ATIV brand). This event may or may not divulge details of the Galaxy S4 Mini, but we have to ponder the possibility either way.

We’re also still waiting to see if the Galaxy S4 Active, a rugged (and, yes, less powerful) version of the Galaxy S4, is real. To top all that off, we’ve been hearing word regarding a Galaxy S4 “Mega” lately, though this rumor hasn’t had as much beef to it as the aforementioned devices. This event could be anything, but we’ll have our attention fixated on it no matter what. Be sure to stick with Phandroid once that date approaches.

[via SammyHub 1|2]

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  1. How can they call this a GS4 with those specs? I would sure like a 4 -4.4 inch hotrod phone. I guess I will wait to see what the Moto phone will be. I am an avid runner and I always run with my phone. I don’t want a phablet on my hip. I guess iPhone is the only option for a high end 4 inch phone.

    1. Lol, because Apple lovers think the iPhone is high end. If you want to compare to iPhones, this phone is in the same ballpark specs wise. It’s actually a little better if you want to compare processors.

  2. If it had the same specs on the inside as its S4 counterpart, I’d strongly consider one. I also don’t like how the S4 Active won’t be as powerful on the inside (wonder if that has to do with ventilation issues?). Right now, I’m planning on getting an S4 Dev Edition this summer, so long as VzW carries it.

    1. I imagine power usage and heat are an issue – a smaller phone necessarily has a smaller battery. Still, there’s no reason it couldn’t have a Snapdragon 400 (dual-core Krait, Adreno 305) and 2GB of RAM. Also, the SGS3 mini had a WVGA display (again) and it’s time to up that. If they can do 5″ 1080p there’s no reason they can’t do 4″ 720p, or even qHD. Good gravy.

      1. Exactly

  3. Um, you do realize the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is in the above Samsung Apps screen shot just to the left of the Mini, right? http://www.phonearena.com/phones/Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-6.3_id7805

  4. My girlfriend would need an S4 Mini Active, with how often she is dropping her phone. ;-)

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