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It’s Memorial Day! Us Yanks like to take time off work to celebrate the men and women who have sacrificed their life protecting the United States of America. As such, it usually comes with a cool day off, some good barbecue, and almost always a good round of sales. Folks will want to catch a whiff of these special sales from the Google Play Store if they find themselves without anything to do on this glorious day off. Check them out, and don’t forget to suggest some more recently discounted apps and games in the comments section below if we’ve missed any. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

  • AccuWeather Platinum ($.99) 67% off — With barbecue season in full effect you’ll want to make sure you know everything there is to know about the weather patterns in your area. Grab AccuWeather Platinum at this steal of a price if you’ve been looking for a good reason to grab it.
  • Fieldrunners 2 ($.99) 66% off — Nothing says “I need some way to pass the time while all the old people talk on the back porch by the grill” like a good tower defense game. Grab the sequel to one of the hottest tower defense games around, and be happy knowing that you were able to get it for such a steal.
  • World of Goo ($.99) 80% off — Any game that features “Goo Balls” just sounds like a game you should pick up. No, really, World of Goo is a great game that shouldn’t be missed by anyone. It has a high degree of originality that just isn’t quite as common in today’s world of rehashed crap. Grab it.
  • ($.99) 67% off — Let’s face it: one of the elders in your family are bound to ask you just how smart you’ve gotten over the years. Chances are you’re going to need some nice, big words to convince them. Grab this app and get your vocabulary in tip-top shape to impress all your relatives.
  • AVP: Evolution ($.99) 80% off — What’s better than sitting through an Alien and Predator (or Alien vs Predator) marathon? Why, buying one of the best damned mobile games that just happens to be based on the iconic rivalry, of course! Normally $5, this is a price you won’t want to pass up for one of the hottest games on mobile.
  • DoggCatcher ($2.99) 40% off — DoggCatcher was one of the original podcast apps on Android, and it’s only because it is so good that it still lives to this day. If you need some internet radio shows to keep you busy while the tykes are running around with the water guns today, download this app and load up your favorite podcasts right away.
  • Spirit HD ($2.42) 33% off — You owe it to yourself to play this game. No, really, like World of Goo this is one of those games that is just too unique (and fun, because we all know unique doesn’t always equal fun) to pass up. If nothing else, make this the one game you spend your free time on this Memorial Day.
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted ($.99) 80% off — Real Racing 3 is great and all, but a lot of folks aren’t interested in the freemium model. And the Need for Speed brand still holds a bit of clout for some people. Check out this mobile rendition of one of 2012’s hottest racing titles at a steep discount.
  • Next Launcher 3D ($9.59) 40% off — If you’re in the mood to try out a new overpriced launcher, give this one a try! OK, that wasn’t totally fair to Next Launcher (seriously, though? $15?) but if you were on the fence about buying this expensive home-screen replacement this is as good a price as you’re going to get right now.
  • Fangz HD ($.99) 50% off — This isn’t the most popular game in the world, but this newcomer to the Android arena is worth checking out if you’re into blood and gore. Tear some $#!% up this holiday in this side-scrolling beat em/shoot em/rip em up.
Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. oh cool there’s a sale… will I buy any of these? no
    will I download them illegally and feel less guilty? yes

    1. Yeah but then you gotta keep hunting down the illegal updates.
      Just buy it.

    2. Come on… a dollar or two? Support the developer.

    3. Chill man I was giving Quentyn a compliment for I noticed he now writes detailed articles and explains how it affects other current news as well as gives his opinion while encouraging others to have other views and sharing them in the comments section.

    4. By getting them all illegally you are stating that developer’s effort is not worth .99c (or whatever the price might be) and that is a pure disrespect for people’s work. If you think the game/app is overprices…simple, just don’t download it.

    5. These aren’t $60 PC/Xbox games we’re talking about. They’re $1-5 games and if you can’t afford that then you really should rethink about having a smart phone dude.

  2. Quentyn, I’d like to see that in the past I’ve been critical of your writing and effort. In the past 2 months it seems that the quality of your writing has improved drastically and you have been putting a lot of work into your articles. I’m sure other readers have noticed your high quality work. I now look forward to reading your articles.


    1. Ughh… Because his writing skills were so unreadable prior huh? Go get laid friend.

    2. Thanks Lenny! I’ve made a concerted effort to really step it up as of late and I’m glad it’s starting to show. Compliments such as this are definitely worth the extra time and effort!

  3. No, you’re right quentyn. That home launcher is very much over priced. It might be worth that much to the developer, but not your average customers.

  4. In total agreement w/NEXT LAUNCHER,having one overpriced launcher that I never use (SPB SHELL3-D),it’d be hard to try out another similar priced launcher.

    However,there is a free trial version & I’m guessing more frequent updates will be seen vs. the competition.

  5. Fangz HD is a cool game but I did get bored with it after awhile as it gets pretty hard. You can certainly tell a lot of time and effort went into development though. I don’t regret buying it at full price.

  6. Appreciate the list Quentyn!

  7. I got the dictionary one on sale thanks for the info checking out the other apps on sale

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