Microsoft’s Xbox mobile store is coming this summer


While Microsoft might have failed to create their own smartphone platform, the company has since managed to pivot its strategy. Instead of trying to compete with Apple and Google, they have “joined” them by creating apps and experiences for iOS and Android. The latest effort comes in the form of a mobile Xbox store that will launch this summer.

Back in 2023, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer confirmed that they have plans to launch an alternative to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It looks like it didn’t take the company too long to bring it to market. According to a report from Bloomberg, it quotes Xbox president Sarah Bond as confirming that the store will launch in July 2024.

According to Microsoft, the titles that will be initially available include Candy Crush and Minecraft, but obviously more will be added in the future. Also, what’s interesting is how this app store will not be an app itself. Instead, Microsoft plans to use a web-based app store. This means that it will be more accessible and could open up the door to apps not just for mobile.

That being said, we have to wonder if there are simply too many third-party app stores out there right now. This can result in fragmentation, especially if developers choose to launch an app in one store and not another.

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