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Hello, Phandroid…goodbye, iPhone!


Rob has loyally covered iOS topics for several years at, but with the HTC One in hand and a smile on his face, he is welcomed to Phandroid as a brand new Android enthusiast.

iphone-line-appleHey, Phandroid nation, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Rob Renk, and I have been writing over at iSource for almost three years now.  I have been a loyal Apple consumer for 20 years.  My first Apple computer was the LC ii, and I have never looked back.  I always appreciated Apple’s attention to detail.  I still have my Apple G3 tower from 1994, and the thing still works–so I don’t mind paying a premium for products that stand the test of time.

My interest in Apple products peaked, though, when the iPhone was first introduced at Macworld in 2007.  It was like no other phone I had ever seen or used.  I managed to talk my wife into using our tax returns for the ridiculously expensive phone that wasn’t even subsidized by AT&T at the time.

Since then, I have owned every version of the iPhone.  Our household has several phone lines, so there was always one available for a fully subsidized upgrade.  I eagerly anticipated the next release, more each year then the previous year.  I was that guy who got up at 3 am for the chance to pre-order my iPhone and have it delivered the day it went on sale.

But I grew tired of the incremental iPhone hardware releases.  For the previous two hardware upgrades,  Apple maintained the exact same physical appearance of the iPhone, and only made internal and OS changes.  For the average iPhone owner this isn’t a big deal.  Most consumers don’t buy a new phone every year, and the carriers have most of us locked into two-year upgrade eligibility cycles anyway.

For me, it hasn’t been enough. Is the grass really greener on the other side?

  • I wanted a bigger display, one that was not only taller, but wider as well.
  • I wanted to be able to personalize my interaction with my phone a little more.
  • I have always been a fan of jailbreaking my iPhone, and have recently written several articles on iSource to that end.  Although jailbreaking has filled part of the void I have felt, it wasn’t the complete package–not yet.


So when the HTC One was announced, and I saw the attention to detail that went into creating this phone, and the larger, beautiful screen, I decided this was my chance to give Android a try.  Apple hasn’t announced the next version of the iPhone yet, but it is expected by many to be the iPhone 5S. In other words, same exterior, upgraded iOS and whatever else they happen to include in the upgrade.

Still not enough.

So I sold my 7 month old 16 GB iPhone 5 for $300 and bought a shiny new 32 GB Glacier Silver HTC One.  Over the next several months, I’ll be blogging frequently for Phandroid, sharing my experiences with Android in general and more specifically, the HTC One. Stay tuned for a variety of coverage as I learn the ropes of my favorite new operating system

Thanks in advance  for the warm welcome (please?) and I look forward to your comments!

Farewell, Phandroid…hello, iPhone!

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  1. Welcome to the party!

    1. Thanks, I appreciate it! Looking forward to getting some on the job training

      1. Definitely looking forward to hearing the thoughts of someone besides us Andy junkies.

        1. Me too. This is what we need more – opinions, editorials, and reviews. Not the endless chain of announcements and copypasted articles.

    2. Welcome to the freedom!

      1. Yes sir!

      2. Welcome to lagginess. Even the S4 lags. Welcome to not getting updates on time. Welcome to not getting support for GApps, Instead Google gives it to Apple. Welcome to android updates that include a new theme in every iteration and a few bug fixes and “speed improvements” which is the ONLY update.

  2. Welcome to the DARK SIDE, we got cookies here! HAHA

    1. Wait, I thought we were the light side…crap!

      1. We are the choice side so you can pick light or dark.

        1. Dark, light, milk, or semisweet…in the end it’s all chocolate!

          1. I didnt realize our cookie selection was so vast!

          2. Don’t forget the snickerdoodles!

    2. I really, do hate that overused star wars joke. It’s so terribly corny.

      1. aww shut up. Me want cookies.

        1. Omnomnomnomnomnom!

      2. C is for cookie, so lighten up jackass! (And yeah, the pentameter meets the requirements for the song!)

  3. Shameless plug.

    1. Nope, this is just a normal thing you say in conversation :P

      1. 3 minutes later and I’m still laughing. Good work.

    2. I want to create a rock banned called “Shameless”. And then release an unplugged album. And shamelessly promote the hell out of it.

      1. Shame on you!

  4. Yes, welcome Rob. Look forward to blowing your mind without trying on Android.

  5. Hmmm Idk about you Mr ROB. Idk if I like you. Are you spying? What’s your end game!

    1. He did it the right way by SELLING his iPhone and migrating cold turkey.

      1. Did he really sell it, or is that what he WANTS you to believe? I got my eyes in you rob. We here on the android side are tight knit and don’t take too nicely to newcomers. Especially ones with a past like yours. Who are you rob…. Who ARE YOU!

        1. Who is he? Who are YOU? O-o

          1. Who am I? …wait this is getting too philosophical.

          2. Who are we really? Why are we here? To what end are we supposed to… Oh! Cookies!

        2. Sold, just ask Gazelle. Didn’t feel like messing with Craigslist this time. Took a ding in the wallet, but avoided the hassel. What do you want to know, Nick–just ask!

      2. That seemed like the best way to do it

        1. You’re records show you were born in Michigan butyour 2013 ttaxessay aAlabama. Why the discrepancy MR ROB! JK. welcome!

    2. No spying, no end game. Just giving Android and the HTC One a try–scouts honor

  6. Welcome to the gang, Rob. Really excited to see the perspective of an iPhone user and iOS enthusiast. There are a lot of line straddlers like you, but many seem scared to be vocal, so it will be great to have a representative in this regard!

    Android Android he’s the man,
    If he can’t do it…
    we’re all screwed!

    1. I’m scared to be vocal, too. But hey, you never know what you might like if you stay in your “comfort zone” all the time. This way I can say from experience how I feel one way or another, and I’m not just regurgitating someone else’s opinions.

      1. The beauty of it all is that if HTC isnt a good Android flavor for you, you can try another.

        1. Very true–definitely a plus on Android’s side

          1. I will say though, HTC is a good choice for your first Android experience. For me it had (and for the most part, still does) have the nicest UI of all the mfgrs. You will find that becoming less important for your next purchase though… I will leave that to you to find out why in the weeks and months to come!

      2. No I’m glad you have an opinion. In fact your criticism on the things you doing like about Android may be the most authentic. I read a guy who made the switch to Android and his praise was great, but his constructive criticism was even more thought provoking. I think coming from an Apple background makes you a somewhat different kind if user than most Android users. Or at least you come to expect different things from your technology.

        And while some of us have our wishlists for the next version Apple to Android converts have by far the most interesting wishlists of desired features. In the end I think that adds to our community and helps expand us to new horizons for the OS and users and developers as a whole.

        So even if it might get you hate mail I hope you’re honest in your analysis and give thoughts on both stuff you like and stuff you think could be better.

  7. Get ready for a great experience!

    1. Hope so!

  8. Too bad your first Android is layered in Sense

    1. That probably smells really good.

    2. This version of Sense is actually quite nice :)

    3. And he probably won’t miss the removable battery and the SD card … since iPhone don’t have it as well :P Nor the restriction placed on the UI in HTC One ….. so it might be the best fit

      1. Funny thing… I always bitched at the phones I had that didn’t have an SD card, Now ive had my n7000 for quite a while (maybe even a year) and I just noticed my SD card isnt mounted, dunno if its broken or just screwed up, but I am starting to think its been that way for a while. I think I don’t really need all that space. Obviously others do but i just thought it was funny that I noticed that 2 minutes before reading this comment.

        So in short: not all of us need external storage

        1. I never saw the appeal for external storage, but I never had a phone that could utilize it anyway.

        2. You’ve been without iPhone even longer, so you don’t need an iGadget.

          The journey to iGadgets destination is long, & along the way you can find many exciting things that might be worth more for you.

          I always appreciate the journey over the destination (just one point of time over the excitement of growing).

          Btw, I was never without mobile SD card since my Siemens SL45 (12 years ago, then moto touch screen A920) & would not accept anything without.
          If your phone breaks, your photos/personal files don’t have to, when they are duplicated on the SD card (even without connection).
          Try to download large videos/files via wireless. PC USB3 is a way faster.

      2. Agreed. 32 GB of storage in a world of cloud and streaming services helps, too.

        1. Sure, but can you afford the bandwidth required by the constant transfer of big files to/from your cloud? It is my understanding that 4G is (was?) considerably more expensive in the states than in europe/asia.

          1. Actually, I have excellent LTE service from AT&T where I live, and I still have an unlimited data plan, so I guess for me I’m in good shape.

    4. well it’ll give him the opportunity to root and flash a custom rom, a ritual every Android fan should partake in at least once

      1. I definitely would like to try one day.

    5. It’s not that bad, at least from my perspective so far. I will admit, though, I barely look at Blink-feed, and changed it from my home screen from day 1

    6. sense is the best android customization, period. anyway he will enjoy custom roms and all this stuff like everyone

  9. I thought this post was from Kevin and thought, “Well, that was fast.” Lol

    1. HA! Nice.

    2. Obligatory “That’s what she said”

      1. That’s what she said to you…

    3. same here. lol

    4. Who knows, we might get one from Kevin tomorrow changing back. I tried out my old ipod touch…no way I could go back to that UI.

      1. Lmao!

  10. Welcome outside the walled garden; you’ll find it much more free out here. You certainly picked one great device to break into the Android world with.

    1. Thanks, I think so, too

  11. Welcome to Phandroid Rob! I’m sure you’ll love it over here, we’re happy to have ya’!

    1. Thank you!

  12. $300 for an pre-owned Iphone? Guess the buyer was lucky to get it that cheap.

    1. Yeah, if he has any more im in :)

    2. Probably–Gazelle. It was nicked up quite a bit, though

  13. I don’t buy his story. I think he’s a spy. Pull off his mask and lets see who he really is…..

    1. i agree. i don’t think he’s a spy, but i don’t think either of these articles about caring so deeply for this or that os, then suddenly discovering what the other is capable of, is total bs. i do feel bad for this guy, though: the early stereotype cast android users as nerds, and as such it’s easy to see vitriol from the android community when something/someone doesn’t see things like we do.

      1. It’s not a sudden admiration for another OS. First and foremost I am a fan of technology. 6 years ago I chose Apple, and the iPhone. For many years I was completely satisfied. I’m not converted to Android because I’m trying the HTC One–just curious. I saw an opportunity at a time when I didn’t think Apple was going to change the design of the iPhone 5, and the HTC One intrigued me. I gave the decision a lot of thought.

    2. “I always appreciated Apple’s attention to detail.”
      “premium for products that stand the test of time”

      You must be talking about the G3 Clam Shell Laptop….


      Gotta be more sincere than that….and stop blowing smoke.
      Welcome anyway

      1. Totally sincere.
        The clam shell was ugly. I wasn’t blowing smoke. My G3 Tower (not the laptop) from 1994 still works. You can’t say that about most computers. Obviously I don’t use it anymore because even my first gen iPhone had a faster processor, and the OS is way out of date now–but it still works. Do you really deny that current Apple products are made with very high standards? Most Android users I know still use Mac laptops.

  14. XDA is your friend.

    1. Downvotes? Lol, we must have some… “strange” people here. I feel bad for you guys that have never seen paranoid android.

  15. Welcome, Rob… I’d be very interested in your perspective on things coming from “that” camp. Can’t wait to see your articles!

    1. Thanks, PhaseBurn

  16. HTC one ftw!

  17. The good part about android is there always seems to be a phone to fit whatever void you may have. Big, small, skinned, and not you might just get sucked in and never ever leave lol.

    1. Agreed!

  18. Welcome to the community, we hope you come to stay.

    1. Thanks, I will promise to give Android a fair shake, that much I can promise

  19. Welcome, welcome, welcome. You’re going to love Android, and us.

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank, you!

  20. Welcome to a real mobile OS

  21. Quite a few of the folk I know in college have left their iPhone prison and learned of the freedom that is android. Never looking back. Welcome to the land of the free!

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome!

  22. Personalization was key for me, too, when I left my iPhone 3 behind. I wanted my phone to be a reflection of my persona, not everyone else’s.

    1. Sure, they are trade-offs either way. It’s not for everyone

    2. Exactly! While fiddling around with my ipod touch with all the bells and whistles and still using a flip phone, I was dismayed at the lack of customization of those who had the 3’s, then I ran across two gents who had HTC Evos, both thru Sprint, and they looked nothing alike. One was running his phone with the stock HTC Sense and Android 2.2., while the other was running a rooted version that was running 2.3 and was using SPB Shell. I was hooked!

  23. Welcome to the Eager and Innovative crowd…have some Jelly Beans, and the Key Lime Pie is in the oven. Overall, you will find the average Android user to be very demanding of our devices, always pushing the envelope. If I can find something that my hardware is capable of, I demand that my phone do it! This causes some of us to gripe when a dream has yet to become a reality, but it keeps the operating system and those wonderful developers on the bleeding edge of innovation (and I wouldn’t have it any other way). I hope you have a similar experience.

    1. It’s not like he just came from camp 14. Relax bro!

      1. Not sure why you’d think my post would offend him…

        1. I’m not offended :)

    2. I don’t think you described the average android user at all. You described the average android enthusiast. There is an enormous difference.

      1. Maybe I’m just surrounded by them, both here and at work. Sure, only three of us root, but we all push what our phones can do… Collaborative docs, remote PC control, video conferencing, annotated pictures of our products to our customers, all from our phones.

    3. To be honest, you sound a lot like the majority of the iOS jailbreak community. Some real innovators in that group, too. Not a whole lot different than flashing ROM’s. Exploiting the iOS kernel and acquiring root access to the device.

      1. Actually, I haven’t flashed a custom ROM since my OG SGS, and my G1 before that. I use root to do things like disable core apps I don’t use, as well as back up apps I do in case the developer does something I hate. Course, that’s where file management comes in handy. At work, I use it for taking pictures of products (sharing them with annotations to our customers), remote PC control, collaborative docs, video conferencing, etc. I tutor, so I use it for recording the lessons (sharing them automatically through G+), web resources (which too often require flash), etc. Also, I’m on a committee at our church, and use Docs to do our meeting minutes. So, lots of productivity. Then there’s the auto media sharing with my wife’s GS3 (no computer required), Google Now, widgets, Kii keyboard (Swype is great, but I prefer Google’s Voice to Text), wireless tethering my carrier has no clue about, etc, etc….

  24. Now you have a real Mobile OS; not just an application launcher like ios.

    1. Ouch

  25. Welcome to Open Source Freedom…You have made a wise decision

    1. Thanks

  26. Haha welcome! I’ve been using Android products for almost a year now and I’m fully satisfied ;)

    1. Cool, device of choice?

  27. Welcome to the family, now that you’ve married into our ecosystem we hope that you’re faithful and will treat it right.

    1. iPhone user for 6 years–very faithful.

  28. All I have too say you make the right choice switching too Android. and I don’t think apple will change the design of the iphone

    1. Not even in 2014?

  29. good you left your reviews were atrocious

  30. phandroid and iSource doing blogger swapping, how exciting.

    1. Indeed!

  31. another spy ..hope its not

    1. What’s with this “spy” talk?

  32. Welcome to Phandroid Rob, guess we lose some and win some today .

    1. I like the way you think. Kevin should still be around from time to time, though. You can always check him out on iSource as well :)

  33. Welcome to Android. Out of curiosity, why HTC? I am one of a handful of HTC to Samsung converts due to what we call the iPhoneization ” of Android or sacrificing functionality for form. If you’re easing your way in, HTC is the way to go but is a poor sampling of the Android experience.

    1. I think the HTC One will be different. I must admit I have been spoiled on the galaxy Nexus though

      1. Different how?

    2. Good question–and you’re probably really close with your explanation. I think the HTC One is a very well built device. I love the way it looks, and feels. Perhaps this “iPhoneization” you speak of is an unconscious decision that I made. I appreciate things that are built with quality and precise craftsmanship. I think that iPhones are some of the best designed devices on the market. However, I wanted a bigger screen, and I wanted to try Android. The HTC One seemed like the perfect fit, and a great first Android device

  34. Welcome. Just having Google Now makes it worth the switch…

    1. Thank you

  35. Good bye good bye hello hello

  36. welcome happy to see a fellow HTCer I love my one X and the ONE

    1. Thank you

  37. @robjackson81:disqus Did Phandroid and iSource have a draft on NFL Draft Day and they picked Kevin and Quentyn picked Rob? Admit it.

    1. Lol nothing of the sort, but an interesting concept. Hmm…

  38. Welcome to the Dark side.. I had the iPhone and loved the 3G/3GS/iPhone 4 but after I saw an early beta version of iPhone iOS5, and how much the maps sucked I jumped ship to an Android phone – a Galaxy Nexus. Jelly Bean made Android very easy to use for an ex iPhone user. I just got a HTC One earlier this week. Its design is what the iPhone 5 should have been. Too bad. BUT I love Android. I can install the keyboard I want to use, or the Voice recognition software I need very easily.

    Enjoy your use of Android.

    1. Thank you, looking forward to learning all I can on Phandroid

    2. Shouldn’t you be welcoming him to the light? iOS is the dark side! I remember a cartoon that showed how the typical iOS, Android, and Blackberry users viewed themselves and how the other users viewed them. The Android user viewed the IOS user in a black satanic looking shroud holding a picture of Steve Jobs.

  39. while android is a good move when you get ready to see what a real work horse phone can do get a Samsung!

    1. Yeah? I am not very fond of Samsung. Why do you prefer it?

  40. You got reamed on your iPhone 5 sale.

  41. I understand, and I’m not a iphone hater, its a good device. I have two lines, nexus 4 and ip5, like them both, I don’t mind their walled garden. But, if Apple doesn’t do something soon, I can’t see buying another iPhone.

    I don’t care for trolls, or people judging people on what device they have, nor cheap insults by either fanboi’s. I do think when shopping for a device, people should use what works for them, and what they like. None of these companies are your friend, nor are they out for your well being.

    1. Well said. Most people using iPhones don’t even know what the term walled garden is anyway. People that comment on forum sites like Phandroid probably make up a very small demographic of informed and veteran users. Apple doesn’t target those people.

  42. Welcome, if you want to take advantage of Androids capabilities here’s a short list of apps that might be of some interest to you: Tasker, Sidebar, Dashclock (and extensions), trickster mod, Air droid. Since you probably still use iTunes there are a few apps in the market that will allow you to use the HTC One as an Airplay speaker, which is great considering the high quality speakers on the device, there are also numerous launchers, each with unique features like “” and a lot of emulators . There’s many more those were just the first few that popped into my head probably because they were recently updated lol

    1. Thanks for the suggestions–keep them coming. I am headed in with no real direction except to find some of the apps I used on my iPhone 5 day in and day out.

  43. Welcome to the Android family! iPhone had a good run, but Android is the future! Can someone please tell that to Kevin Krause?

    1. I think it’s a close race. Kevin will be ok

  44. You wanted a product that will stand the test of time….. And you bought the HTC….. I think I’d actually buy and apple over an HTC and that’s saying a lot.

    1. The HTC One is a solid device. My iPhone 5 had nicks all over it form the anodized coating chipping off

  45. Welcome Rob! Don’t mind us phandroids, some of us bark but the bite is pretty weak;-) I’m not sure what you know about Guy Kawasaki, the former “Apple Evangelist” who worked promoting Apple software for a decade or so, but I’ll assume you’re at least familiar with him. Well he too converted to Android and, in fact, now works for Motorola. Anyway he’s a regular over on Google+ and talks tech and stuff all the time. So no fear! You’re in good company!

  46. This is very interesting.

    1. Stay tuned…

  47. welcome my friend

    1. Thank you!

    2. Thanks!

  48. Are you and Kevin on some ecosystem exchange program? In any case, welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy your Android experience.

    1. To be honest, the two events happened independently. When we discovered how the the other was feeling, an “exchange” of sorts was a natural progression. Lots of people like to know how a first time user transitions to a new platform. Good stuff.

      1. You must be getting a lot of grief from iPhone fans. I cannot believe how much hate Kevinis getting from Android fans.

        1. I’m not getting the same response from iOS users as Kevin is getting from Android fans–that’s for sure. However, I have been surprised by the cold shoulder “how could you” look in their eyes. To be honest, that is almost worse. I liken it to when a parent yells at you for doing something wrong. It’s instant, it stings bad at first, but it goes away quickly. Now think about when that same parent looks at you after you messed up big time and shakes their head after a long stare and says “I’m so disappointed with the decision you made” That’s how I’m feeling right now, and that stays with you for a while.

  49. The iPhone 5 is made like garbage, absolute garbage. But the ios eco system is basically second to none. I have usually always owned both an android phone and ios device and after using an upgrade to grab the one last night, I have to say I’m really missing my ios device. Apple you better start learning how to make better hardware.

    1. Garbage? C’mon? You might not like Apple or their products, but the iPhone 5 certainly isn’t garbage.

  50. Lol. Welcome, getting a reply from you is also quite personal, thanks. Hope you enjoy that HTC One, I’m more of a Samsung guy, but each to their own!

    1. Thank you!

  51. I am sure the HTC One will be a good device to keep you satisfied.
    But I am sure, it is the wrong device to learn about Android. The HTC-customized UI (Sense) is in many ways… different than pure Android. I hope you realize that when comparing iOS with “Android”.

    Maybe with time you will want to try a custom ROM like CyanogenMod or AOKP. They are close to pure android… with neat additions.

    Anyway. Welcome to the Android community! I hope you will love your experience as much as we Android enthusiasts do.

    1. Sure, I get that. Not every Android user like “pure” stock Android either. But I am definitely willing to try new things, and am even open to eventually installing a custom ROM. Baby steps for now though. Thanks for the comment.

  52. Welcome to Android. You will soon see why its 100x better than ios.

    1. Wow, 100X–can’t wait!

      1. He forgot another 0.
        You won’t regret it!

  53. Welcome to the party!
    For me its been Nokia Nseries – LG Prada – iPhone 3GS – Galaxy S series – Galaxy Note 2
    Still have my old iPod touch…. Can never ever go back to that UI again. .. ever

    1. That’s quite a collection. Which is your favorite?

      1. The daddy of all smartphones…. Nokia N95 of course!

        That phone changed the smartphone industry to a whole new level. I admit Job’s iPhone perfected it and made it easily accessible for the masses but for me the idea of having everything from a decent cam, mp3 player gps nav gameboy etc etc. in one device started from there.

      2. Nokia N95 of course!

        That phone changed the smartphone industry to a whole new level. I admit Job’s & crew made it easier and more accessible to the masses however, for me, the idea of having everything in one device from mp3 player/cam/gps nav/ gameboy/ etc etc all started from there.

  54. Welcome aboard! : )

    1. Thanks, Joshua!

  55. Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

    1. Thank you!

  56. This is madness .

  57. I see what you guys did. .. The old switcheroo. A trade some would say. Well inevitably when iKev tries to jump the sinking iphone ship and do a taker backer to get back over on the android side you guys should to a celebrity dealth match or something.

    1. Curious, what did you have in mind for this death match?

  58. Hello everybody my name is Rob Renk and I’m a recovering iOS junkie. I’m on Android OS now and I’m 12 hours clean.

    1. LMAO!

  59. Welcome on board :) Always nice to see iOS users coming to Android! Enjoy ur experience, and especially ur experience with the One ;) looking forward to mine ^^

  60. Welcome on board :) Always nice to see iOS users coming to Android! Enjoy ur experience, and especially ur experience with the One ;) Still waiting for mine, and really can’t wait ^^

    1. When are you getting yours?

      1. I wait for it to be available in Dubai, probably next week

  61. You seem to be the exact user type HTC is targeting so I am very interested in your email experience both now and long term.

    1. I think you’re right, Ted.

  62. Since Android is what you make of it, a few app suggestions to get you started: Simple Sound Profile Widget, Go Live Weather Wallpaper, Widget Locker, Nova Launcher, Android Pro Widgets, and most important: Go Contacts EX set to default to groups.

    1. Awesome, keep them coming–thanks!

  63. Nice …looking forward on reading about your experience

    1. Thanks, Marion!

  64. Welcome to the world of options. I used an iPhone myself temporarily and jailbroke it. But once you get to Android you finally see the light. Enjoy it! Great device choice BTW.

    1. Thanks, Steve. I do think I made the right choice with my first Android device

  65. Welcome!

    1. Thank you!

  66. Welcome and excellent choice of phones the Htc One is an amazing device , don’t listen to the samsung fans there just jealous that you chose an Htc but the truth is there is a rivalry among Android oem’s also it used to be android vs iphone but now it like samsung vs Htc vs motorola vs sony vs Lg all the manufactures make great phones with a unique twist / skin on android and of course there still is Googles version of stock so really as long as you love android there is a ton of variety . I personally am ordering an Htc one also.

    1. Thanks, Rampage! I did notice an underlying tension between Samsung and HTC fans. Competition and a little rivalry is good for everyone.

  67. Congratulations

    1. Thanks!

  68. Well you’ll definitely find it different. Android can definitely do more out of the box than even a jail broken iphone can. But its definitely an adjustment. I went from an iphone 3gs to a Samsung galaxy s and I was irritated at how it wouldn’t do everything for me. Then I realized that was the point. To do things my way since its my phone is the biggest adjustment. I would never go back, but I am sure there are lots of people that would prefer the iphone way (this is how we do things and thats it so get used to it). To each their own, because neither way is right. Hope you enjoy the experience

    1. Thanks, Druter. You speak the truth, neither way is right or wrong. I plan on digging in and discovering what I can and seeing if it’s for me. So far, it hasn’t been as big of an adjustment as I thought it would be. Perhaps that’s because the initial angle many people, including myself, attempt to do is to make their new phone “like” their old phone. That’s not necessarily wrong either, familiarity can be very reassuring.

  69. 3 years ago, I did the same, ditching a 3GS for a Nexus One. Figured I’d spend a month giving Android a chance to win my heart. Ditched the iPhone permanently in a drawer after two days. Welcome to finally having a real phone, Rob.

    1. Thanks, Brad. Not everyone has the same needs, but after just a few days, I plan on keeping my HTC One.

      1. Let me know how the battery life is. I’ve owned every iPhone to date + the Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Atrix, Droid Razr Maxx, and Note II. One of the most pervasive issues that I’ve had with Android has been battery life/power management.

  70. same here, sat w best buy staff compating the One and S4 for 30 minutes but picked S4 cause of the camera. Welcome

    1. Thank-you, David

  71. Score

  72. welcome Rob, good move, id say!

  73. Is this some sort of prisoner exchange program??? Phone swapping? Menage a téléphone? Oh well… Never a bad idea to get new perspectives on existing tech.

  74. I hope you enjoy Android. As an android user, I have never really wondered about the grass on the other side. I understand it’s nice, but I like my grass way too much!

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