Rob Renk

Review: Montar universal car mount

Aug 7th - The best car mount available for your mobile device is the Montar. A universal window and dashboard mount for your smart phone or GPS unit. Read our review to find out why.

DRACO One aluminum bumper for the HTC One Review

Jul 22nd - DRACOdesign has created the DRACO One for the HTC One. This beautifully crafted aluminum bumper is a perfect companion for HTC’s flagship phone. Can the DRACO One deliver as well on performance as it does in appearance?

Review: Slickwraps full body wrap for the HTC One

Jul 8th - Slickwraps provide 360 degree level of protection from dust, the occasional light drop, and especially scratches and dings. If you are looking for similar protection for your HTC One, read on to see my take on their latest skin.

Hello, Phandroid…goodbye, iPhone!

Apr 26th - A loyal Apple fan and iPhone user goes Android, buys the HTC One, and starts blogging for Phandroid. Follow this new Android enthusiast on his journey!