Android Overload: Motorola X Phone rumors, New Google Play Store rolls out, Google Babel leaks, and more [VIDEO]


Top Android news stories for the week of Monday, April 8th — to Friday, April 12th

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

OUYA provides timeline on shipments to early backers, 100% of units to arrive before end of May

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  1. No apologies necessary for the N4 commentary.It was a real-world experience & not a unique incident.LG needed to be called out on it,especially after the half-hearted attempt of putting phone “nipples” on the backside of later models,w/o so much as a mention of this “improvement” in design,no less.

    You should send it back & demand a replacement,free of charge,or,continue w/the colorful commentaries!

    LG: How may I help you?

    CHRIS: I’d like a replacement N4 please.

    LG: Would that be with or without nipples?

    CHRIS: What do you think,of course I want nipples,the more the merrier!

    1. There should be apologies made it was blown out of proportion and wasn’t professional in the manner presented obviously he was pissed that his phone cracked and was furious, it wasn’t a true article, it was just a rant. I normally like Chris’s article but he needs to think before posting. Altogether the post shouldn’t have been made in that manner.

      1. No one mentioned professionalism or that it was an article & Chris stated as much,calling it a rant himself.

        Besides,when does one have to be a “professional” a la RALPH NADER,to voice a legitimate concern regarding product quality?

        I’m glad he took the opportunity to use his access here to bring it to light.

        Also,what should everyone who has a pre-nipple model do,just go away quietly?

        1. Its not wrong to voice a legit concern don’t get me wrong but there are other sensible ways to go about it. Chris’s post was a perfect example of how NOT to go about it.

          1. Perhaps,but I applaud that he did something.I guess I’m a bit more empathetic to this than some,after hearing nothing but silence,B.S.,& deceit from the mfgs. of my 1st two Androids,HUAWEI(ASCEND) & MOTOROLA(PHOTON).
            Fortunately.I’ve had a better experience w/the SGS3.

            Enjoy the rest of your weekend,Jamille!

          2. Um if his crappy made LG phone cracked from a 2 inch fall who are you to complain?? Don’t read the article, genius.

        2. He does this for a living, so it’s his profession, so it requires professionalism, you know not calling people wh*res and telling them to shut their mouths when their opinion differs from his. Someone at Phandroid seriously needs to clip this kid’s wings.

          1. I’m sure he meant the name calling in jest, just as you would among friends.

            This isn’t network evening news, I think it’s alright to relax a bit & enjoy the dialog, whether you agree or disagree w/someone’s viewpoint.

  2. I dropped my Nexus 4 on my center console, from much higher than 2 inches. Nada :)

  3. Well not sure why my post was deleted, guess if you drop your Nexus and nothing happens then you aren’t allowed to post :p

    1. Sometimes it takes a second to post

  4. So when is the US getting the Playstore update?

    1. I’m on T-Mobile and my Play updated itself already and I have a friend on Sprints whose Play updated yesterday.

  5. I must say your comments about the Nexus 4 just seem to never stop you and your b******* complaints about the Nexus 4 maybe if you have a little more compassion for your phone and treated it right that there wouldn’t be any issues and if you look at all of the surveys my friend guess what 90 percent of the people don’t have a problem I happen to like my Nexus 4 I have dropped it bank around it everything and I have never have them issue I don’t drop it intentionally but I’ve never had a problem and personally I’ll take this phone over a Samsung or HTC any day why don’t you stop cutting down the Nexus 4

  6. Had my Nexus 4 since the t mobile release and its in perfect condition

  7. When is the U.S. getting the Play Store update? I downloaded the apk like 5-7 days ago!

  8. It’s a proven fact that the more you worry about your phone the more likely something bad will happen to it.

  9. My Play updated itself and I’ve tried 10 times reinstalling the old one, but it just updates itself. Annoying. Still don’t like the new Play.

  10. will be improve when gorilla 3 apply to next nexus

  11. I thought android overload was a place where stories that didn’t make it to the home page went???? These were ALL their own stories! Wtf? Slow day?

  12. Personally, I don’t see why everyone is mad at Chris for stating an opinion that has been shared countless times on the internet. It’s his soapbox, so he can say what he wants, anyone who doesn’t understand this refer to this:

    It sometimes astonishes me what passes for civility in 2013. I have the Galaxy Note 2. It shattered after a drop of 2.5 ft. That’s ridiculous! So as someone who buys his phones unlocked, it a really annoying to get one that breaks so readily. Anyone who thinks what Chris did by conveying his personal experience to readers, go watch Fox news and come back and tell me which is more unprofessional.

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