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Earlier this morning Google officially unveiled the brand new upgrade to the Google Play Store. There isn’t much different in terms of core functionality, but significant user interface changes make it look akin to Google’s card-style layout featured in apps like Google Keep and Google Now. It also features a whole lot more categories of interest and suggestions on the home page.

If you wanted to see how things have changed for yourself, though, you won’t have to wait for the rollout to hit you. The APK has been uploaded for all to download. This is a rather simple affair — download it, transfer it to your phone, and install it as you would any other app that isn’t in the Play Store. This version — 4.0.25 — will be installed on top of your current Play Store installation as if the update had come through over-the-air, so get to it and let us know what you think in the comments below!

[Mediafire, thanks Da_Jorge!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Google begins rolling out redesigned Google Play Store

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  1. Uggg, not the Android green, it feels so Gingerbread….

    1. Agreed. I preferred the old color scheme.

      1. Someone will mod it to have the old color scheme soon, so hold your horses ;-P

  2. wOOt! That didn’t take long.

  3. It’s Nice… I like the update app sections larger tiles.

  4. Thanks for the hookup! Eh, I like the darker theme better. Lots of wasted space with larger tiles. Same exact info as before: Name, logo, stars. If the tiles had more info, then it would be useful to have all that space. Otherwise it could be a lot more compact. My opinion comes from an S3 screen size, fyi. I’m sure it looks better on larger tablets.

    Now the actual code and use of the UI has been cleaned up. Quicker to load and respond. I really like the install process: click, accept (pop up w/ permissions), and back to where I was. No more suggestion page which is nice.

    Just wish it had a “dark theme” option in settings.

    1. Yeah a dark theme would be awesome! That could be another way to customize in the Android ecosystem to add themes to google PlayStore…iFumes i mean iTunes does not do that!

  5. Nice job google like the new design keep it this way reminds me of froyo 2.2…

  6. I actually like it, it is smooth and seems to work well. The play store was in drastic need of more orginization too.

  7. Thank You, Da_Jorge & Quentyn.

  8. I like the break down better than the old version. It a little easy to figure out.

  9. Things i noticed:
    1.Google made it so they could fit more products on each page, probably to showcase as many apps as possible
    2.The brighter colors will probably drain more battery power
    3. The. More images it has to load will probably increase data usage(maybe not so notcieable though)
    4. The single column on “top paid”,”top free”, etc, means double the scrolling to find certain apps.(used to be 2 columns)
    5. The mini menu next to each app makes it easy to quick install apps without having to go to its page first.
    6. IMHO, i could have stuck with the old one, this version is just a different layout. With more apps showcased per page and quick install/purchase route clearly to make more profits.

    1. Ugh….so much wrong in one post.

  10. To bad it doesnt have purchased apps.:(

    1. It does. Go to APPS>MENU>MY APPS, then the choices of installed & purchased apps will be at the top of the screen.

      1. Nope installed and All not purchased.. all is every app you ever downloaded

        1. My mistake.There’s an app in the store(MY PURCHASES),but,it’s not showing all of my purchases,looks like it’s just showing this year’s purchases.

          Hopefully,this function will be restored.

  11. I like it, think it looks cool BUT I’m coming from a Blackd Out version of the Play Store so I would really prefer a dark themed version as well and I’m sure our faithful devs out there are already working on one for us. Anyways I like anything NEW from Google and I suspect most of you guys are the same…..if it’s the “NEW” anything from Goolge we want it and we love it.

    1. It’s alright but it reminds me of GBread.DARK THEME PLEASE

  12. Dont like it at all. I liked the darker look of the old app. It also feels cloogy.

  13. You can download from here : http://goo.gl/eutkl < apk

  14. It keeps saying download unsuccessful

  15. thanks didn’t see your post CGo12

  16. Done!

  17. They putting that card style on everything. Google+ Google Now and now Google play…. I like it. I wonder whats next to get that card style make over

  18. Double Post….Delete

  19. Dumb. Dislike the single line APP instead of the grid style. I dont have time to scroll thru rubbish. The white is annoying bring back the dark.

  20. No apps will update after installing this..do not install

    1. It’s been working for me but when I open the app I only see the standard cards (music, apps, books etc.) but nothing under “Suggestions”.

      1. Not for me, every single app gives me an error cant download due to server error. Error retrieving information from server.[RPC:S-5:AEC-0]

        1. Hmm I wish I could help but I have no idea…

          1. I found it, seems like this has been an ongoing issue with Google and they know about it. You have to remove your primary account and then re-add it. apps are downloading now. Thanks though Optimus

      2. same here, no longer have the suggestions page, wonder if we can reinstall the previous version

        1. I think maybe because the new update hasn’t automatically updated for us, we have to wait until we can see the suggestions again.

  21. Guys, with all the malware articles about Android why would you download an APK for the Google Play store from mediafire…. Just plain stupid.

  22. any ideas on how to restore the old play store?

  23. If i download this will I still get all of the updates to the playstore in the future?

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