Motorola X Phone delayed – will launch sometime in August or later [RUMOR]


Given that the fabled Motorola X Phone is nothing but rumor at this point — actually, we did get a quick glimpse at an alleged prototype a few weeks back — I find it funny that a phone with absolutely no release date can be “delayed.” Apparently that’s the case if PhoneArena’s latest rumor holds any weight. According to them, the Motorola X Phone was originally slated for a possible release in June/July (which is odd seeing as how Google phones always launch during the holiday season) but has now been “delayed” until August or later.

While everything about the X Phone is still up in the air at this point, the device is said to be running a near stock version of Android and wont be a pure-Nexus device (sorry, purists). Hopefully Google will divulge a little more info at this year’s Google I/O but since, again, this wont technically be a Nexus device, I’d expect a Motorola event sometime later this year to announce the new flagship.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Kinda sad its not a nexus :( Hopefully it still goes on the play store.

    1. From what the rumors were saying, it’s not gonna be in the Play Store, but will be offered on all carriers. Course… it’s only rumor.

      1. If it has close to stock android with the a somewhat believable promise of timely updates (or an unlockable bootloader) and especially if it looks like those pictures above, I’ll be very interested to see this one debut. Though I’m still waiting to see what Google’s next nexus has in store as well.

  2. should make chances greater that it will support Sprint 800 LTE!

    1. I’ll probably have 2 new phones before Sprint LTE is deployed on 800mhz. Don’t hold your breath.

    2. I was with sprint for 20 yrs left 9 months ago and went to T MO and I have never looked back I consistently get 10 to 12 MPs down and 2 to 3 up , I still have my account on seasonal standby on sprint in hopes that we do bet lte here outside philly but I’m not holding my breathe , every time I call spring to cancel my acct they say they’ll keep me on seasonal hold for free for 6 more months so I have nothing to lose but like Trey said I’m not holding my breathe……-.

    3. I’d say get out of Sprint while you can, enjoy 2 years with a carrier with better coverage. Come back to Sprint once 800 LTE has finally rolled out everywhere (that’s what I did).

    4. Should make chances greater that it will be LTE only on Verizon. Heck, maybe it will be just one unlocked GSM/LTE device that works on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon (sorry Sprint users, it would still need a CDMA chip and Sprint was dumb enough to use embedded SIM cards).

  3. Although it may not be pure Nexus, I hope it’ll receive timely android updates like their Nexus line from Google…

    1. If it’s not guaranteed updates like the Nexus line then I will be buying the Nexus 4.

      1. By the time it comes out, the next Nexus will be right around the corner. No need for the Nexus 4, if you’re waiting that long anyways.

        1. Yep. Nexus phones have launched once every 11 or 12 months:
          Nexus One: Jan 2010
          Nexus S: Dec 2010
          Galaxy Nexus: Nov 2011
          Nexus 4: Nov 2012

          At this rate, the next Nexus should be October or November 2013.

          1. It better not have glass on the back O_o

          2. lol Sorry to hear of your bad luck Chris

          3. Thanks, man. Once I get my Nexus 4 repaired, I’m buying 2 OtterBoxes. Lol

          4. yo dawg, we heard you like otterboxes, so we put an otterbox on your otterbox

          5. Damnitall you beat me to it. >.<

          6. Yo dawg, we heard you like OtterBoxes…

            ^Disregard, tyguy beat me to it. X[

          7. There is no otterbox for the Nexus 4.

          8. I hope it does so I can read another article from you about cracking your phone :-P

    2. I thought the whole point with the X Phone was that the OS was made much more modular allowing for easier, near rolling updates.

  4. This the Droid Bionic all over again, Moto Blows!

    1. You’re a moron.

    2. Didn’t you just get JB? Doesn’t sound too bad to me!

      1. New Motorola is making great strides to compensate for the mistakes Old Motorola made with this phone. Put plainly, the Bionic had no reason to exist with the RAZR around the corner. I still think Motorola launched it solely so they could claim they had the first dual core LTE phone.

        The Bionic should have been cancelled. Even after screwing customers by launching the RAZR shortly after the Bionic for the same price, Motorola continued to throw salt in the wound. I was a Bionic owner (I’ve since switched to a Galaxy Nexus and never looked back). I actually received an email from Motorola asking me to come purchase the new RAZR. It was just things like that and waiting forever for ICS while dealing with terrible network bugs and battery life that drove most Bionic owners mad (myself included).

        The Bionic should serve as a model on how not to launch a phone and treat your customers.

    3. This is completely different than the Bionic.

      The Bionic was “Oh, let’s announce a phone that we can’t get the LTE to work on yet and hope it gets done before release,” then “Oh, looks like we CAN’T get LTE to work, let’s redesign the entire phone,” then “Let’s hurry up and get this POS out before we have to cancel it because of the RAZR,” then “DROID Bionic? What DROID Bionic? COME BUY YOURSELF A BRAND NEW RAZR!!!”

      This is more likely Google saying “Let’s not release this thing until it’s absolutely ready. After all, we don’t want another Bionic do we?”

  5. I hope that it doesn’t look anything remotely like that horrid thing pictured above.

    1. It looks almost exactly like the Galaxy Nexus/Nexus 4… What’s wrong with that?

      1. The reason I don’t own a Nexus as of yet is because the phones themselves are ugly as hell.

        1. To you.

          1. Yes, OBVIOUSLY that is my opinion. They are ugly as hell.

          2. Good for you, but opinions are just like a-holes everybody has one but what’s worse is those who make comments like yours and try to word it like they’re speaking on behalf of everyone for something that is completely subjective.

  6. If this comes out after the iPhone 5S, it is going to be a tough sell. Especially since the S4 is coming soon, there isn’t a lot of market left.

    1. The S4 is a gimmicky POS!

      1. POS? Not really. Not the best phone of 2013? Most likely.

        1. I agree it’s good but not the best one unlike last year where there wasn’t much competition for the s3 until the N4 arrived.

  7. PhoneArena sucks!

  8. Can’t wait for Chris to make a post in September about how he cracked his X phone’s screen.

    1. Man that’s just cold……

      1. But soooo true!


          1. Lol

          2. What a great Moderator.

          3. Wasn’t there an article a long while back about keeping comments “pg” since this site is visited by families or something to that effect? Not setting the best example there sir.

          4. Take a swig of midol buddy.

    2. If it drops from a couple of inches and cracks like his nexus I would be pissed all over again too. I think people missed the point. It wasnt that the phone cracked it was the fact that it should have been able to take a harder shot than what it did.

      1. You mean with a bumper that doesn’t cover the area it dropped on?

        1. again it was such a short fall, but hey maybe you have seriously low expectations of what a phone should be able to handle.

          1. I don’t have low expectations I just don’t lack common sense, despite being a short fall it was the way it dropped in addition to the material of the back of why it cracked. Now common sense will tell you there is practically no glass that can’t in some way be broken. That is why you protect your investment, if you know the back is made of glass why on earth would a person think a bumper that only protects the edges would protect the glass from breaking from a fall that happened not on the bumpers but the back? Do you think the glass won’t break? Is the bumper somehow magical that it gives full coverage?

            Sure google dropped the ball on making the back glass no doubt. It however is NOT google’s fault for Chris’s broken nexus. He accidentally dropped the back glass on the shifter of course its going to crack! If you hit anything on its weak point in which this is the glass it will break. Not to mention the shifter is a fixed object it wasn’t the 2 inches that cracked its back, it was the impact. Without a proper case glass does NOT absorb shock so the amount of pressure from the fall add in the fix object that has a rounded edge (shifter) which isn’t soft btw just spelled disaster.

          2. Bottom line no phone on earth should require a case to survive a short fall like his had so that it wouldn’t have a decent amount of damage. The phone shouldn’t have a glass back that was just a poor decision on lg and googles part.

          3. You are still missing the point, even though it is made out of glass, it still shouldnt be THAT weak. Not all glass is THAT fragile. I’ve dropped my HTC Evo LTE from higher distances and it fell on its face without a case and didnt crack. Ive seen iphones dropped from higher distances that didnt crack. I usually rock my phones without cases, but i have a slim case on my nexus 4 because i am paranoid. It just feels a lot less durable than other phones. So yes Google did drop the ball on durability, the screen shouldnt be the most durable part of the phone. 2 inches is a load of crap. You’d have an argument if he dropped it on the concrete or marbel from a few feet, but if a phone will crack from you putting it down too fast, then there is a serious problem.

    3. HAHA! You guys are cold as ice! I’ve never cracked the screen on ANY of my phones — EVER.

      As long as the back of the X Phone isn’t made of egg shell (like the Nexus 4), I think I’ll be alright :p

      1. I had a nightmare about my Nexus 4’s screen cracking and it’s all your fault!

      2. If you have an X Phone and an HTC One come September I’ll be a little bit jealous.

      3. People still are devastated that you loved your hTC ONE too much. I think people are just afraid of the underdog and wanted to bash it as much as possible.

    4. You can be sure that if the x phone is built by Motorola, it won’t easily break like LGs crap. If I have to say one word about Motorola is “durability”. The only problem is that since the OG droid they screwed every single phone with underperformance software, old CPUs and bad screens. The MAXX HD could be the only exception, I’m not sure.

  9. WOW,already mourning the loss of a phone that never existed.Yet,practically everyone was all over HTC like flies on S*** for a delay on a real phone.
    Any doubts about getting the ONE have left the building,along w/the MOTOX…………..

  10. remember the hype with the bionic? this seems rather similar

    1. you seem rather similar … boo ya!!!

  11. This is all just hilarious… it is a Google phone… it’s not a Google phone… it’s this… it’s that… there are just way too many people with their hands in the pot, and way too many bloggers reporting what those hands are finding.

    Bring me something a little more solid than a phonearena tidbit, please. Otherwise, please go on about the crack on your current phone… it’s much more entertaining at this point.

  12. IPS display. No PenTile junk.

    1. The Nexus 4 has a washed out IPS.

      1. Lol wut? Apparently you don’t own one.

        1. I owned two. The display is not only washed out, but has horrible sensitivity. Every review pointed this out. But, I had to find out for myself.

          1. Haven’t experienced that on any Nexus 4 to date.

          2. I have. That’s part of the reason I sent mine straight back.

        2. i have a nexus 4, it is washed out when compared to the One X’s screen when side by side. But you dont notice it after about a day.

      2. Nexus 4’s IPS display isn’t bad, maybe not even washed out. But I think Google has issues with screen calibration. They didn’t seem to bother with the Nexus 7 and I hear the Nexus 10 has some issues as well.

        I love my Nexus 4, but I wish Google would take color quality and calibration more seriously in the future.

  13. This will probably replace my GS3.

  14. Yeah, I’m really starting to think these X Phone rumors have nothing to them…

  15. Motorola is dead to me.

  16. one of the nice things about waiting is i have a RAZR MAXX.

    1. I just wish they would take the RAZR brand across carriers now. The RAZR HD is a perfectly nice device, but it’s Verizon only. Sure, it’s not really competitive to phones like the One and S4, but it’s still a nice phone and I think it would do well on other carriers, especially the MAXX (AT&T has the Atrix HD, but it doesn’t have the same clout as the RAZR brand).

  17. Will be curious to know if this will have a Motorola skin on it, or if it will be basically Android with a few Motorola/carrier tweaks. If it has a Motorola overlay, and carrier changes to boot, then updates could be problematic on CDMA since the carriers end up holding up most updates.

    Still would like more info about this and the new Nexus to leak so I can decide if it’s worth waiting for one of them, or if I should just get either the HTC One or Galaxy S4.

    1. Have you seen Motorola’s “skin”? It’s practically nonexistant as it is now. It will differ from a Nexus in the sense that it won’t be AOSP and get updates directly from Google, it will likely have a locked bootloader depending on the carrier, and it will have likely minimal, but some carrier bloatware. Just look at how the RAZR HD and RAZR M are now (minimal “skin”, minimal bloatware, relatively quick updates) and imagine that on other carriers with hardware to rival the One and S4.

  18. “Google phones always launch during the holiday season” This isn’t a Google Nexus, this is a Motorola phone.

    1. And actually it would make the most sense to launch this 6 months before a Nexus device so that they aren’t competing for sales.

  19. I hope they sex up the interface. Vanilla android is a bit stale IMO. Though facebook home is OTT for someone who does not use facebook much, some of the implementation is fantastic, the way things move around, overlay, get removed… and is SMOOTH!
    google could take some tips.

  20. That phone isn’t X Phone, that is the true sequel the M Razr or M RAZR HD can’t remember. But yeah, it will release around october.

  21. If Google does to X-Phone what they did to the Nexus 4, I will not be buying it. My 3 requirements: LTE, SD, high-cap battery. As long as those are met, i’ll accept any other flaw.

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