YouTube Wants to Fight Misinformation with Upcoming Feature


In a world where misinformation and misleading content on the internet is more widespread than ever, some social media platforms have taken steps to provide users with better context and information about the content they’re viewing. With that being said, it looks like YouTube is working on something to improve the accuracy of info presented within the platform.

Currently an experimental feature, YouTube will allow people to add notes for additional context on videos. For example, this could include notes that clarify when a song is meant to be a parody, or let viewers know when footage is outdated or misused, and such. The feature’s pilot program will be available on mobile in the US to a limited number of eligible contributors.

Viewers in the US will then start to see notes on videos in the coming weeks and months, and third-party evaluators will rate the helpfulness of notes to train YouTube’s systems. YouTube notes that these third-party evaluators are the same ones who will provide feedback on YouTube’s search results and recommendations.

Notes will appear publicly under a video if they’re found to be helpful, and users will be asked whether they think a note is “helpful,” “somewhat helpful,” or “unhelpful” and why. YouTube will also use a bridging-based algorithm to consider these ratings and determine which notes are published.

Source: YouTube

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