Apr 12th, 2013

OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman sent out an email today — the first of a weekly emails sent to early backers of the Android mini-console — letting them know that unit shipments are continuing on schedule with production cranking out round the clock, even changing up some partners in the process to shave days off the shipping time. Julie even provided a handy chart to better illustrate the shipping timelines:

As you can plainly see, Julie is promising about a quarter of all shipments will be delivered before the end of the month, with 100% hitting backers by the end of May. While only a little over a month away, the end of May sounds like a long time, especially when that aging Tegra 3 processor ain’t getting any younger. We can only hope that developers have found unimaginable ways to optimize the processor thanks to the benefit of uniform hardware. Still, I think I might hold off for the Tegra 4 version. If you guys want to learn more about the OUYA, check out OUYABoards.com — a forum dedicated to the world’s first Android mini-console.

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