Instagram users can soon cross-post to Threads


If you make a post on Instagram, like a Story, you have the option to cross-post it onto Facebook. This makes sense since Instagram and Facebook are owned by Meta. But cross-posting support for Threads isn’t available yet, but that could change as Instagram is testing out the feature.

According to a report from TechCrunch, Meta has confirmed that they are testing out support for cross-posting. This means that Instagram users who make a post on the platform will have the option to post it onto Threads simultaneously. Currently, users will have to make a post on Threads manually.

But with this change, it will be easy for users to share their content across multiple platforms. This will be useful because some users might have more success on one platform compared to another. Or they could also potentially reach a different audience who might use Threads more than Instagram.

Meta has been testing integration of its platforms with each other. Last year, suggested Threads posts were featured on both Instagram and Facebook. Meta also tested cross-posting support for Facebook and Threads. That being said, this cross-posting feature is currently a global test. Whether or not Meta will make it a mainstay feature remains to be seen.

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