Google Messages will make it easier to identify unknown numbers


Every now and then, we might get a message from an unknown number that isn’t saved in our contacts. This can be from just about anyone, including spammers/scammers, businesses, friends who changed their numbers, and so on. It might be tricky to identify these unknown numbers, but Google Messages could help.

According to a report from Android Authority, they discovered a potential new feature coming to Google Messages. This was found during an APK teardown of the app. It seems that in a future update, Google Messages will help users identify unknown numbers when a message is sent to them.

If the sender has profile discovery enabled, when they send a message to someone who hasn’t saved them in their contacts, their name will appear in the notification. Unfortunately, this only works with users who have profile discovery enabled. This means that it probably won’t be as useful for scammers or spammers. It might come in handy if a business is reaching out to you. Or maybe a friend, family member, or colleague who is using a different number.

This isn’t a new feature per se. Other messenger apps like WhatsApp already display usernames from unknown numbers, but it’s good to see Google Messages adopt something similar.

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