Here’s a taste of Apple’s AI plans


It’s no secret that Apple plans to integrate AI tools into its next iOS update. But what exactly will that look like? We’ll probably have to wait until WWDC 2024 to find out, or maybe not. Thanks to the folks at AppleInsider, we might have a small taste of some of the Safari AI capabilities to come.

According to the report, some of the AI integrations that Apple is planning will affect apps such as Safari. Seeing as how Google is introducing AI capabilities to Chrome, it makes sense that Apple plans to do the same for its native browser as well. One of those AI tools is called “Intelligent Search”.

Based on the report, this feature leverages Apple’s Ajax language model to identify topics and key phrases on a website. It will then be able to use that information to provide summaries for users. This means that users who don’t have time to read an entire page can use AI to summarize it for them. While other tools such as ChatGPT can already create summaries, having a native summary tool in Safari could be useful for iOS users.

Another potential AI tool for Safari comes in the form of “Web Eraser”. This lets users use AI to “erase” or remove specific portions of web pages. It also seems to be persistent. This means that when you visit the website again, Safari will remember your choices so you won’t have to repeat the steps again.

Keep in mind that none of these features are guaranteed yet. They are undergoing evaluation which means things could change ahead of iOS 18’s release. So we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for iOS users in the coming months.

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