Apr 4th, 2013

While HTC and Facebook’s partnership goes back to the release of the HTC Salsa and ChaCha (HTC Status on AT&T), rumors of the latest “Facebook Phone” can be traced to a report from last summer. While few details were known at the time, recent leaks are starting to paint a clear picture of what we can expect, and it all culminates with the unveiling of Facebook’s “New Home on Android” today in San Francisco.

Sorting through the rumors we have learned that what Facebook actually intends to do is release a modified version of Android with a launcher dubbed Facebook Home. It will feature easy access to Facebook’s suite of services while putting the social network front-and-center on Android handsets, as seen in the latest round of leaks.

HTC’s involvement, of course, is to provide the flagship device for Facebook Home, a phone codenamed HTC Myst and potentially launching as the HTC First. The phone is rumored to be a mid-range handset available in a variety of colors to target the youthful, socially-inclined audience Facebook is after.

And just like the HTC Status before it, the HTC First could launch as an AT&T exclusive. The FCC filings suggest as much, but we have heard few rumors on actual carrier availability. Facebook Home itself could eventually be released as a third-party launcher for all Android devices, or Facebook could partner with other OEMs and carriers to offer a tailored experience.

Whatever the grand plan is, we will be learning more today at 1PM EDT/10AM PDT. We’ll be live on site bringing you news as it breaks and getting down and dirty with whatever Facebook has to show off, so stay tuned.


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