Is this really Facebook’s new phone? Say hello to the HTC First


Evleaks often times nails it when it comes to the leakage of upcoming Android handsets. Today they posted on their Twitter account an image we feel could be the upcoming Facebook phone dubbed… the HTC First. Once codenamed the HTC Myst, I don’t even want to get into the name change, I’m just trying to figure out if this is legit. I’m sure we’ll learn a lot more during Facebook’s Android event coming up this Thursday. In the meantime, what say ye? Real or fake? Will you be lining up to get one?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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    1. This is about as “forever alone” as liking your own facebook comments…..

        1. (>•_•)> (._.)
          Someone needs a hug. Here ya go buddy.

    2. this is hilarious! probably one of the reasons why I have always been a Phandroid reader!

    3. Thats not fair! :( u posted the article!!

    4. Wow, did you call dibs on writing this article just so you could do that? O.o

      Kinda funny tho…in a way. Sorta.

      A little bit.


  1. almost definitely fake…
    HTC First seems a bit weird paired against the HTC One

  2. Wtf is the point of a Facebook phone? And who would this appeal to?

    1. I’m not so sure about a Facebook phone, but I’d be down to get a Reddit phone. #trollfail

      1. Auto post to creepshots?

      2. Oh god, not reddit phone…. Karma Whoring will become a career for people.

        1. Wait… it isn’t already??

          f**k… *takes suit off*

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    2. Isnt every android a facebook phone?

      1. with the way the Facebook app has been constructed in the past, one could argue no android phone is a Facebook phone

      2. No; Android users don’t let other Android users use Facebook. If HTC is creating a FB phone, I’ll never own another HTC phone.

        1. I’m with ya half way … but if Ferrari made a my little pony car I’d still be down for an enzo.

          1. I’d be down for a my little pony Ferrari.

          2. Rainbows and glitter come out the exhaust.

          3. Fueled by strippers… Lol

    3. Remember: Android is the #1 choice of phandroids…and their sisters.

    4. The only way it makes much sense to me is if the phone were somehow subsidized by facebook — and filled with their ads from the ground up. Otherwise a facebook phone is like a ExxonMobil car that automatically gives guidance to ExxonMobil gas stations.

      As some are wont to say, “There’s an app for that!”

      1. Haha I was genuinely asking! Most people didn’t think so haha

  3. Okay two questions, are they not concerned about getting sued by Apple? I mean look at that center button very iPhony. The other is where’s the FB button?…:-) And for the record if this is real…really HTC, really?!?!

    1. HTC went under a contract agreement recently with Apple in which neither of the two companies can sue each other for using their own patents. If it looked “iPhoney” HTC is off the hook for lawsuits.

      1. I actually recall that now that you mention it. Thanks for pointing it out. Good for HTC because there profits couldn’t take a lawsuit hit.


      1. Well, Apple sued everyone who came up with decent jokes so that’s all we can do.

      2. Um, you mad bob?! If ur serious…thanks?!?! And if it’s sarcasm, wow somebody missed their meds…might want to lighten up a little.

      3. Bob, do you feel like you’re taking crazy pills?


  4. If this IS true/real…shame on you, HTC!!

  5. Would never get this phone. Doesn’t look pretty at all.

  6. Hell..no…

  7. Let me think about it…… NO!!!!!!

  8. I’ve taken better looking dumps.

    1. pics or it didn’t happen. :-)

      1. wow do i regret clicking the link

        1. Nooooooooooooo, My internet security told me it was harmless. It was not.

      2. hahahaha … yep I clicked the link. Oh man I could have been famous by now.

      3. Why did I click, oh God WHY?!?!?!?

  9. He’p plz… I’m interested in buying the HTC One [OFF] contract so I can switch carriers if needed. Where’s a good place to buy the HTC One so that it’ll work with both AT&T and T-mobile?
    Anyone else planning to do similar?

    1. You will be able to get it from regular off-contract phone sellers like Carphone Warehouse etc. They are mainly located in the UK. This, however, is not a help forum, so please post in an appropriate place.

      1. oops, didn’t know. thanks though

    2. you could also but it in full from att/T-Mobile/amazon, just do your research on what radios they have

  10. Yeah, Facebook, I would love to buy a phone from you so you can push poorly target ads at me. Maybe a Google+ phone, but definitely not this ugly creation. The design is so 2010.

  11. Doubtful imo… my money says the FB announcement will be a launcher/home screen replacement.

  12. Looks fake and awful. That looks like someone combined an iphone 4 with an HTC Hero.

  13. Who cares? Its amazing that people still use that crap.

  14. This is about as interesting as Windows Phone…

    1. no i would have to say windows phone is way more interesting.

  15. You lost me @ Facebook….

  16. no fb phone and ugly.oh, kill it with fire !!!

  17. It should be called HTC second, coz the first one was failed!

  18. This is an awful awful awful concept however it seems like it would make more sense if it was called the Status or something. *shrug*

  19. if the specs are right and the software fluidity is there, could possibly help android gain ground over Apple

    1. If you don’t know Android haves worldwide already the largest market share of mobile OS’s, worldwide around 10% more than iOS. Only in the USA and Oceania the market share of iOS is bigger than that of Android. In all other parts of the world, the market share of Android is at least 7% higher than the one of iOS. So, Android doesn’t need FB to gain more ground over Apple. They are strong enough on their own.

  20. This is what it looks like:

  21. HTC First in the front seat

    HTC One in the back seat

    Gotta make my mind up

    Which phone can I take?

  22. Htc shouldn’t even engage in this and neither should Facebook. No one would go for this there is no appeal in having a social network designed phone. Every phone can already do that this is definitely going to be a fail just like the last Facebook phone.

  23. Facebook go home you’re drunk!

  24. ill be lining up NOT to get one

  25. Unrelated: Vote for whichever phone you think is better in this poll from laptopmag

  26. Kind of excited to see what facebook has to offer. Will it be open-sourced to jump on board as many handsets as possible? Considering native android development is relatively new for them my expectations are not too high but hey, they could pull in some talented people being that they are facebook.

  27. I can see a use for this phone…though limited. My spouse is a professional graphic designer and social media director. She administers upwards of 25 FB pages daily at a very minimum and using the crap apps can really slow the process and making it more difficult. If the phone has dedicated software…more like a FB page on a computer and less like an app, I think it would really be an improvement. However, she’s an iSheep, so I doubt she’d even think twice about even looking at one.

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