More leaks show HTC’s ‘Facebook Phone’ in three color variants


More leaks have cropped up relating to the HTC Myst/HTC First, the device that is rumored to be announced tomorrow as the first device to feature the Facebook Home launcher. It appears the so-called “Facebook Phone” will be available in a variety of color options, including red, white, and teal (in addition to the black version we saw leaked yesterday).

The many options are in line with the typical strategy for a mid-range device targeting a young audience (if the heavy presence of the social network wasn’t enough of an indicator). We don’t expect to be blown away by the hardware that will be unveiled, but we keenly await the full scoop on Facebook’s new mobile strategy.

[via @evleaks]

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  1. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEeeeee..e.e…e…oh who am I kidding..?
    I greatly dislike Farcebook.

  2. 3 letters. Starts with the G and end with a Y.

    1. Can’t believe I had to take a second to figure that out, good one…I need a nap!

    2. Using gay to describe something pejorative shows your ignorance. Think before you speak.

    3. Wasn’t really funny at all. Just stupid and something you’d expect to see on the YouTube comment section.

    4. Man these phones are so…guy?

      1. ummm no

        1. Obviously, because I was joking.

    5. I thought you meant GFY, as in Go “F” Yourself. But I guess u didn’t…so now…GO F YOURSELF!

    6. OK so it’s not Jewish

  3. No just please.. dont.. no, go back in your corner facebook and stay there til you die

  4. Wow. It looks like a crappy iPhone. Facebook would do something like this. More proof that programmers can’t run companies. Zuck really Zucked this one up.

  5. HTC: They drove a dump truck full of money to my house, were not made of stone you know!

  6. Now it is just ugly in more colors.

  7. I can’t wait to not watch or read the announcement.

  8. I’m surprised that it isn’t offered in Facebook Blue. It would make a lot of sense…

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