Is this our First look at Facebook Home?


We’ve seen the supposed handset, but is this our first real look at Facebook’s Home launcher for Android? The interface is said to be headed towards an unveiling tomorrow alongside its flagship device, what could be known as the HTC First. While the interface takes a departure from what we have come to expect from Android, it still appears very much based in Google’s ecosystem.

From what we see here, the notifications pane has received a major makeover, and as expected Facebook is making it as easy as possible to jump into the social network directly from the handset.

Perhaps more interesting than the actual appearance of the UI skin is the question of how Facebook will market their mobile offering. Will they take an Amazon-esque approach and minimize their relationship to Android, or will they boldly tout this as an Android device? Some speculation suggests we could see the Home launcher come as a third-party option for all Android devices, but there is little to confirm this as of right now.

[via 9to5Google]

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  1. Wtf is Facebook home? And who would this appeal to?

      1. ewww facebook. Great, now I sound like an Apple snob. Except for the convenient fact that most Apple snobs are Facebook users.

        1. not entirely true
          im a fairly active facebook user with an S3 and im here so i know about android so…

    1. your sister

      1. Haha I was more or less jk

        1. he wasn’t o.O

      2. just pissed my pants from laughing! lmmfao

      3. best reply yet!!!

  2. why is there no speaker grille?

    1. This appears to be just a mock up to display the software features on any phone.

    2. It doesn’t actually make calls. You have to communicate through status updates. It receives calls but won’t make them. Everything has to be done through Facebook.

      1. when receiving calls, you can swip left to ignore or swipe right to reply with a status update. Swipe up for a reply with a photo and swipe down to poke the person calling you.

        If the person is not a facebook contact, swiping in any direction will send a friend request and if he/she doesnt have a fb account it sends them a text inviting them to join facebook.

  3. This won’t sell, why would anyone want a FB phone. Don’t they have an app already?

    1. It’s a mental issue for the Zuckerberg followers i think. So, they will think it is easier to post their crap on their FB wall. But in real, with all the notifications, adds, … coming from Facebook, I believe, it will be Facebook who determines the user and not visa versa.

    2. If the phone isn’t subsidized, I don’t see much point. Facebook could just release facebook skins and more immersive apps and get more uptake. They can, though, make the integration deeper by putting their apps on the phone before selling (having full root access and all), but facebook is already infamous for sucking at android apps.

      It seems to me that their face is staring down their palm, “Go ahead, slap me!”

      1. I’m pretty sure it will be subsidized. Otherwise there would be no point.

  4. And their app is horrible so I would want more of their software why??

  5. This phone is such an awful product.

  6. They have already tried this with chacha..i would never want to buy a fb phone…even free..A OCD person with fb obsession might it

    1. which is billions of tweenies.

      1. Why wasn’t the last FB phone super successful?

        1. Ugly phone, low end specs & poor marketing. Plus there’s no demand for it.

  7. OMG… FACEBOOK! id say quit while there ahead but they just keep failing… your a socal network… REMEMBER THAT

    1. Ummm….and Google is/was a search engine.

      1. Shhhhh the truth can get you killed here.

        1. Yes….but somebody needs to be the martyr…..

  8. So, this is like an OEM skin, without the OEM. Sense without HTC, TouchWiz without Samsung, etc. It’s Facebook’s skin for android…

  9. Lot of hate for a product that hasn’t even been announced yet.

    1. Is it Samsung? Is it Nexus? hmmm they hate it, feces flying everywhere.

  10. I’ll pay $2 for it, no more. Well maybe $4.

  11. I bet good money Zuckerberg uses an Iphone. Douche

    1. I don’t know. I think he truly is geek enough to love Android. Remember, while he is a rich douche, he is not a fake. He is very smart, and I think he would appreciate Android enough to use it.

  12. ummm those pics are photoshopped…and if they are not, well then i’d say facebook has solidified itself in the history of Fail!

  13. So it’s ics and not jelly bean. Look at the old camera icon. It’s already a failure. If ur gonna skin it, at least use the latest version of android.

  14. i just threw up in my mouth a lil

  15. So facebook phone = a mediocre phone with an ugly facebook widget on the home screen. Sounds about right. But; this is the kind of bad idea that gives android a bad name.

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