Jul 25th, 2012

While we don’t have exact sales numbers on HTC’s first foray into “the Facebook phone,” we can’t imagine either models sold too well. Here in the US, we saw a version of the HTC Cha-Cha for AT&T redubbed the HTC Status, and in Europe, they had both models along with the qwerty-less HTC Salsa. Each handset came with a dedicated Facebook that gave users easy (almost too easy) access to the included Facebook app.

Now there’s some buzz coming our way from Bloomberg who is reporting that HTC and Facebook have once again joined forces, and will release another Facebook branded handset due out sometime during the middle of next year. This time around, HTC might let Facebook tinker around a little more with the OS instead of making a glorified dedicated app button. We’ll have to wait and see.

I think if HTC targets pre-paid carriers, the Facebook phone could fare a little better this time around. Good thing for HTC’s sake, Facebook has some deep pockets to fund a project like this.

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