Hands-on: Gunslugs on the OUYA, one of the console’s first launch titles [VIDEO]


With flashy 3D games like Shadowgun and Real Boxing bringing “console quality” Android gaming to our devices, sometimes you forget that great gameplay can still be found on 8-bit Android classics as well. Developer OrangePixel has been bringing their “old-school console quality” gaming to Android for as long as I can remember, responsible for titles like Gulp!, Meganoid, and Jumpy.

Their latest effort, GunSlugs, follows closely in the vein of 2D side-scrolling classics such as Metal Slugs and hit the Google Play Store earlier this year. While hard-core 2D gaming has never translated well to the touch-screen, it’s games like these that are seemingly perfect for the OUYA, Android’s first mini-console. I guess that’s why GunSlugs will officially be making its easy transition over to the OUYA, as one of the consoles launch titles. Prepping for a March 28th release date, GunSlugs will be readily available in the OUYA games store starting tomorrow. If you were curious to see how GunSlugs would play on the mini-console, we gave it a quick spin in our hands-on video below.

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  1. Super excited for the Ouya! Wish I would have found out about it when it had its Kickstarter going as I would have gladly backed it back then and I could gladly receive my backer’s console like everyone else about now :/ And I also missed out on the early preorder to get the console in April. Guess I’ll have to wait to purchase my Ouya in June like everyone else, but games like the ones mentioned are really getting me excited to purchase it, along with Square Enix’s ports. Go Ouya!!

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