Samsung Stratosphere 2 Jelly Bean update rolling out


Someone must have bitten Verizon with the OTA bug as the company has been on a very nice roll as of late. The latest in a long train of devices to get Jelly Bean 4.1 is the Samsung Stratosphere 2. This device may not have been one of Verizon’s top-shelf items, but its hardware QWERTY keyboard is something that attracted a lot of people in a day and age where hardware keyboards are a bit of a rarity.

The upgrade is rather large — over 500 megabytes in size — so you’ll definitely want to make sure your WiFi radios are turned on before accepting it. You’ll also want to make sure your battery is charged to at least 50% to ensure you don’t have any problems when applying it.

Jelly Bean will bring goods like Google Now, Project Butter, enhanced notifications, face unlock and more. Not much is changing with the core TouchWiz experience, but the additions to the latest version Android should more than make up for it. Go ahead and check for it in the settings menu of your device if you’re ready to get onto a fairly recent version of Android.

[via Verizon, thanks Matt!]

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  1. Hey, you guys took my tip! Thanks!

  2. Jellybean killed my cell. can’t use my charger anymore. Praying for some way to roll back. Didn’t even get an effing choice. just woke up and there it was.

    1. Why cant you use your charger anymore?

  3. Excited about Jelly Bean but my Fn key on my slide out is now nonfunctional and I kinda miss tapping shift to just capitalize the first letter of a word. Now tapping is Caps Lock, you hold it down like a regular shift key to get just one letter.

    1. FYI, You can use shift to get to the number keys special characters. Strangely, it works the old way where tapping only affects the first character. NOTE, Fn works for smileys and .com.

    2. Same problem here with the Fn and shift keys… very frustrating.

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