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If you didn’t already know, the OUYA comes packed with NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor for optimal gaming. Our friends at Tegra hooked us up with an .APK of “The Conduit” First Person Shooter game to test on the console. But wait a minute, wait a minute… slow it down.

Is this an OUYA optimized version of the game? No. Does it work almost flawlessly on the console? Yes. So what does that mean for the OUYA and gaming in general? We’ll tell you after watching the video below.

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The OUYA is based on Android and in many ways helps extend the entire gaming experience for both developers and consumers. Since most Android devices are touch-based smartphones and tablets, the majority of Android games won’t work on OUYA, because unless you’ve got a touch-enabled television, it ain’t happening.

Android Developers can launch their APK on the Google Play Store with support for Bluetooth Controllers. And guess what? That controller mapping works pretty much flawlessly with the OUYA console, as illustrated in our above video of The Conduit on OUYA. So it can be assumed that any Android game with support for bluetooth controllers will properly map to OUYA.

Being an open, hackable platform will make sideloading these games onto OUYA a piece of cake. But perhaps more importantly, Android game developers who have already mapped their controls for bluetooth controllers should have pretty much no problem porting their games to OUYA. And with enough momentum, OUYA will enjoy a nice influx of beautiful, graphically stunning games ready to be enjoyed by the world.

As with any platform, consumer demand will depend on the availability of games. The availability of games will depend on developer interest. But developer interest circles back to a dependence on consumer demand/adoption… and we come full circle. The key here is how easily Android developers may port their already awesome games to the OUYA. With a little momentum, OUYA has a chance to crack the nut of mass adoption.

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