LG reportedly getting in on the Android watch craze, as well


The next frontier for mobile is the smart watch. Don’t believe me? Ask Apple. Ask Google. Ask Samsung. Heck, now you can go ask LG, too. A report out of The Korea Times says LG is venturing back into familiar territory with the development of an Android-based smart watch.

While little is known about LG’s plans, they company has experience dating back to 2009, when the company showed off a GSM-enabled watch phone. The new concept would obviously incorporate a greater range of functionality thanks to today’s modern mobile operating systems. Speaking of operating systems, while Android is the frontrunner here, Firefox OS wouldn’t be out of the question.

Also rumored is a second piece of wearable computing, something said to be more akin to Project Glass. I’m holding out hope for a smart belt buckle or WiFi-enabled boxer shorts. Motorola and HTC, your move.

[via The Verge]

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  1. Dang!! This hasn’t even taken off yet. But I guess they’re all smart. Get in the game as a just in case it does take off. LoL!! No lie, I’m actually thinking about getting something like this. I love crazy gadgets.

    1. I like gadgets but I like convergence even more. Why carry/wear all these portable devices (gps, watch, pda, mp3 player, psp, etc) when one phone can do them all?

  2. The more, the better more choices to choose from. I just hope that one of them actually make a smart watch with a metal wristband. I’m not a fan of leather wristband…..

    1. agreed, a watch is nowadays only used as an accessory in form a jewelry, wouldn’t want something like this, rather wear my swiss watch for nice occasions. Casio rubber band watches are extremely out of date and smart watches are nothing more than an evolution from these Casio watches.

  3. The only people that are crazy in this watch “craze” are the manufacturers making them. The smart manufacturers will be the ones that stay a million miles away from this 12 month fad.

    1. I have the Pebble Smartwatch and it is a great accessory. It doesn’t replace my phone, but makes it easier to use. Especially since I am already a watch person.

    2. I agree. I really REALLY don’t understand the point. I love me some mechanical analog watches, but I don’t understand why one needs another device to view notifications from another device that is probably in their pocket. Laziness? I think so.

      1. I wear a watch, but I think we can tell from the teens and 20-somethings that watches are just not that useful anymore. Phones are watch killers*, and the young generation demonstrates that.

        * if not kill then at least drive into niche territory.

    3. If they make the watch a decent size(read: not a brick on my wrist), make them waterproof, and make the OS smooth, I think that they will have a chance. I will definitely be buying one if it meets these criteria.

    4. Well, if everyone gets in it won’t be an exclusive Apple thing. If it’s not an exclusive Apple thing then it won’t last long and they’ll be back to doing real stuff.

    5. And the same thing was said about personal computers, tablets, smart phones……I think you get the point.

  4. i stopped using watches once i got a smartphone so this is a product i would not use. dont see this allowing me to do anything that i cant do with my smartphone.

  5. What craze? The only people I see excited about this watch idea, are fan sites……

  6. I just can’t see this selling and I have no idea why so many companies are jumping on the bandwagon. Just like the calculator watch craze back in the 80’s, it’s a ridiculous concept and a waste of time and resources for these companies! Spend your billions on perfecting your current infrastructure instead of this crap.
    just my 2cents

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