Mar 22nd, 2013 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:17 pm

The next frontier for mobile is the smart watch. Don’t believe me? Ask Apple. Ask Google. Ask Samsung. Heck, now you can go ask LG, too. A report out of The Korea Times says LG is venturing back into familiar territory with the development of an Android-based smart watch.

While little is known about LG’s plans, they company has experience dating back to 2009, when the company showed off a GSM-enabled watch phone. The new concept would obviously incorporate a greater range of functionality thanks to today’s modern mobile operating systems. Speaking of operating systems, while Android is the frontrunner here, Firefox OS wouldn’t be out of the question.

Also rumored is a second piece of wearable computing, something said to be more akin to Project Glass. I’m holding out hope for a smart belt buckle or WiFi-enabled boxer shorts. Motorola and HTC, your move.

[via The Verge]

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