Samsung working on smart watch of their own


The smart watch isn’t something altogether new, but it sounds like it will be the next frontier for mobile OEMs. Recent weeks have been filled with chatter on an Apple-made watch to compliment their iPad and iPhone lineup. As was the case with the tablet, many believe Apple might be the only company with the potential to take a smart watch mainstream. But if we know Samsung, they won’t sit back and allow their biggest competitor to steal the show.

That’s why it isn’t really so surprising to hear Samsung’s Lee Young Hee confirm that the Korean company is quietly working on a smart watch of their own. Hee didn’t detail plans, only saying, “We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.” He also noted the importance of being the first to commercialize such a product, something companies have had modest success with though we have yet to see a true breakout device in the class.

Samsung is no stranger to the watch phone (an old model is pictured above), and we are confident they could pull off an Android-based experience on the form factor, whether it be standalone or an accessory to tie into their popular Galaxy line of phones. Now the race is on to see which major manufacturer is first to put forth a watch concept.

[via Engadget]

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  1. motoactv rooted running full android !!!!!!!

  2. A stand alone android watch with wifi and ecodrive so it never needs to charge I’ll take 2. If it needs to sync to phone to function then no.

  3. I’m waiting 30+ years for a smart real watch rather than a blocky thingy device like an mp3 player with a strap to strap to your wrist, and calling that a watch

  4. People still wear watches? If I want to know the time, my phone can tell me that and it’s much more comfortable in my pocket than around my wrist.
    On the other hand, I’d really like to see an android tablet built into the fridge.

  5. its just like the comic you guys posted a few weeks back

  6. As long as its not just a blue tooth extension of the cellphone, that would be pointless.

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