T-Mobile UNcarrier plans revealed?


Much noise has been made about possible forthcoming changes to T-Mobile’s rate plans, also known as the UNcarrier movement, but we’ve had little to go on until just recently. It seems we might have a clearer idea of what to expect if recent leaks by TmoNews are to be believed. According to them, all UNcarrier plans will unlimited talk, text, and 500MB of high-speed data included.

Beyond that, users can pay $10 for every 2GB of high-speed data they use, and this also includes free tethering. Another option for unlimited data exists on both the individual and family levels, but you will lose the option to tether for free. Tethering options for the unlimited plan include 500MB of free tethering, $10 for 2.5GB after that, or $20 for 4.5GB after that.

The kicker is that these plans are said to be in place for third-party authorized retailers only, meaning folks like RadioShack, Best Buy, Walmart and those pesky mall kiosks will get these plans. Meanwhile, T-Mobile will maintain the same value plans it’s offering right now in its own corporate stores. It sounds like users won’t be forced in either direction, but details regarding grandfathered plans and upgrade conditions have yet to come to the forefront.

With that, this UNcarrier business is still a tad confusing, but rumors suggest T-Mobile will be officially unveiling these new options at the end of this month so it shouldn’t be long before it’s all cleared up. Take a look at the graphics above and below to get the full breakdown of new plans that will be available.

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  1. Not much exciting news here.

  2. Shared data smh.

    1. Data is not shared.

  3. Disappointing compared to the last leak.

    1. Yeah, something doesn’t add up here. Nor does it make sense. This would be a lot more than what I’m getting now. I just signed up for new plan that will end on Sunday. It gives me 5 lines each with 2GB of data, 2 lines unlimited voice/text, 3 lines voice(500 minutes)/unlimited text. For 90+10+10+10= 120. Or something close to that. If your on a value plan go renew and get this deal before Sunday.

    2. this is classic plan. these are the plans rolling out to target/best buy/etc. Value Plans will run on t-mobile stores.

  4. How is this going to affect the $30/mo 100 min + unlmited text + 5gb data prepaid users??

    1. Grandfathered plan

      1. You can’t be grandfathered in to that…it is a contract-less plan.

        1. You can. Those options will stay the same, as long as you don’t change it. Only plans changing are the unlimited options ($50, $60, $70).

  5. I’ll take Straight Talk unlimited for $45 a month.

    1. I know Straight Talk is good deal but no they are not unlimited

  6. Wait a minute. Can that be right, charging extra for tethering.
    Didn’t Verizon just lose that in court and that’s why the new shared plans at Verizon have hotspot included?

    1. Charging for tethering only for unlimited, that must be the catch. If you have a set amount of data you are purchasing then you can tether but if you have unlimited then they can charge you (IDK this for definite, just what I’m assuming).

      1. OIC. OK cool. T-Mobile is in my future. ツ

  7. I agree, what’s so exciting? And,…unlimited data? Truly unlimited data? Article says current value plans at T-Mobile stores will remaining in place?

    The 26th is still 5 days away!

    1. I think we’re seeing the classic plans and no the value plans. These prices don’t make sense. I think they’re off by 10-20 from what we saw a day or 2 a go.

      1. Agreed

  8. Looks like it ain’t for me

  9. If your on a value plan go upgrade it before Sunday. I had 5 lines. 3 with 2GB data. 2 with unlimited text and voice. 3 with 500 min. Voice and unlimited text. I just upgraded account today so that I could have all 5 lines with 2GB of data for only $5 more a month. So now I have 5 lines, 5 with 2GB data, 2 with unlimited voice/text, 3 with unlimited text/500Min. Voice. All for around $120-125 per month. Smoking deal.

    1. That math doesn’t work. The plan is $100 first 2 line with unlimited talk txt & 2gb web. Lines 3-5 are $10 a piece for web. Lines 3 – 5 are free till Jan 2, 2014. Minimum you are paying before taxes or discount program is $130.

      1. That’s the deal! Thanks! I have a corp discount on top of that so I get confused. It’s a great deal. Better than the one that that’s coming out on Sunday.

        1. Lines 3-5 will be $5 a piece after 1/2/14 for talk as well.

  10. Keep in mind above is classic plans overview. I don’t think this is the Value Plan pricing.

  11. Here is the link to the pricing for value plans. I think! I’m not sure but the pricing in this article must be for people who will be grandfathered on the classic plans. I hope anyway.

  12. So Value Plans, with truly unlimited data will still exist?

  13. Im waiting for device details and how i can migrate from my contract thats good till April 2014. These plans are awesome by the way

  14. According to the disclaimer, someone is going to get terminated!

  15. Sounds like bullshit

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