[UPDATE] Gameloft reveals UNO & Friends [VIDEO]


The UNO scene on Android hasn’t been particularly hot, but Gameloft is looking to up the ante as it has a new game in the works for mobile devices. Dubbed UNO & Friends, the game should bring us classic 4-player UNO like we know and love, complete with online multiplayer.

Not much was revealed with this first teaser so we’re not sure if there’ll be any more game modes aside from classic UNO, but we’re definitely going to be hitting Gameloft up to find out. This classic favorite was already tried by Gameloft before, but that particular experience is a bit dated these days.

It looks like the developers have put a lot more into the polish and presentation of it all. The minute-long teaser above tries to make the dreaded moment of getting hit with a wild draw 4 a lot more dramatic than it really is, but if you can stomach the cheesiness of it all then hit the play button and get excited for its eventual release.

[Update]: Gameloft has confirmed to Phandroid that there will be one main game mode: a four-way multiplayer mode with user avatars and cross-platform play with Facebook friends. We’re glad to see that last bit confirmed as it will open up a huge pool of potential players to help keep competition plentiful and fresh.

The game will also be free-to-play, though we’re not sure if there’s going to be some sort of alternate revenue model just yet. More of those details will come to light in due time, but for now we’re just going to have to sit back and wait.

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  1. How long before Zynga sues them for using the word “friends”

  2. Holy crap that commercial is dramatic.

    1. oooaaaaaaughhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Purchasing lol

  4. Hmm… Uno is a fun game. I should buy some Uno cards. Why is it that cards seem to ALWAYS disappear? Like I’ve bought cards before, but I have no idea where they are. LoL!!

    1. Because the game is haunted. You’d know that if you watched the video

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