5-inch Huawei Ascend G700 leaks


A new Huawei handset has hit in the internet today with multiple sources offering up a first look at the upcoming 5-inch device. The Huawei Ascend G700 could ride the line between entry-level pricing and the higher end Ascend D2. Rumors point to a quad-core processor from MediaTek as opposed to Huawei’s in-house K3V2 chip. The display is pegged as HD. We’re guessing 720p.

If this is destined as a mid-range device, the price point could land somewhere between $300 and $400 without subsidy. As far as when we can expect the device to grace the Chinese mainland, that’s not so clear. We won’t even get into the possibility of the G700 reaching other markets.

[@evleaks, Baidu Tieba via Engadget]

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  1. Meh. Huawei phones just don’t excite me.

  2. Looks like a big ol Galaxy S2

    1. many outlook from Google define, if I don’t mistaken.

  3. Like this if you hate iPhone, but love Mac! Sorry for being off topic!!!

    1. Google uses Macs to develop Android

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