Google Play gift cards now available in the UK


Google is expanding the gift card program for the Play Store beyond the US with the first appearance of the cards in the UK. Cards valued at £10 and £25 were spotted at a Tesco supermarket. Google’s support page also lists a £50 denomination, though it didn’t appear available in store.

The arrival in the UK marks Google’s first push to international market with Play gift cards. The availability of gift-able credit to the Google Play Store was a long time coming, and it may be more time still for most regions around the globe. The arrival of the cards in the UK is a good sign, however.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. About time, now google wallet please!

  2. Finally!!

  3. Don’t buy those cards! They are next to the iTunes they might be contaminated!

  4. I hope Google brings these to Australia! :)

  5. Now the colonies need some love. Canada please. :)

  6. Finally, will gt one when I see them

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