Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 receiving Android 4.1.2 update now


The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 is receiving its update to software version VRBMB1, a day after the change log for the latest build was posted online. The Android 4.1.2 update weighs in at 150MB and is currently being pushed over the air to owners of the handset.

Expected changes include keyboard and Bluetooth enhancements, the ability to use the camera while placing a call, and a manual refresh on the lock screen stock ticker. All small beans in the grand scheme of things, but users can also expect a number of bug fixes and performance tweaks. You can check for the update under the “About phone” section of the system settings if it hasn’t automatically reached your handset already.

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  1. So now the S3 is more up to date than the Galaxy Nexus.
    Boo Verizon Boo.

    1. 4.2.2 update is unofficially out for the gnex. Check XDA

      1. So what?
        I am speaking about OTAs only. If I wanted to install that I would just install CM. The point is Verizon sucks.

        1. It is an OTA, not a rom like CM. But yes, Verizon sucks.

    2. Ideally I’d leave Verizon and go back to AT&T or try T-mo for the Nexus 4. Sadly VZW is the only carrier i get a signal in my NYC office (deep inside the 16th floor).

  2. So is Verizon finally getting jb or is this just a minor point change

    1. Verizon s3’s got Jelly Bean sometime in December.

  3. Does this include multiwindow?

    1. No.

  4. well I just updated mine and apparently it corrupted the sd card. my 32 gb card is now dead.

  5. Neat except 4.2 has been out a while now.

  6. The best part of this new update I just got is that when using folders on your home screen they disappear after you make a selection, unlike hang in there like they used to .

  7. This update appears to have broken my phone. I had previously bought a used S3. It wasn’t rooted, but it apparently had clockwork recovery mod on it. Last time I got an update, it pulled up clockwork recovery mod, but I told it to update anyway and it was fine. This time, it won’y even boot up. It just say “System software not authorized by Verizon Wireless has been found on your phone and go to the nearest Verizon Wireless Store for help.” Any suggestions on how to fix this. I have almost no knowledge of rooting, ODIN, etc.

    1. The weirdest thing just happened. Ok, I put in ODIN mode and pressed cancel. Then like 3 minutes later, it just started up all on its own. The update failed of course but the phone is working again. Weird. Was able to turn it off and restart.

      I think I may trade this phone back into the same folks who sold it to me. I am clearly not cut out for this.

  8. Just got my update

  9. I got my update and it is a noticeable update and the word predicted word thingy works much better 4 the call/ picture deal I haven’t tried that yet keep it coming big red! Thanks.

  10. No multiview window option. This update does not have any of the latest 4.1.2 features. Why does Verizon do this? The only positive with Verizon is their service otherwise they are falling behind in the customer service department. If only I had a better option.

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