HTC One vs iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920 vs Blackberry Z10 [Poll]


So HTC has announced the HTC One at its New York City event, and as excited as you are you’re probably wondering how it stacks up to some of the flagship phones from other OEMs. The HTC One is positioned at the very top of the Taiwanese manufacturer’s totem pole for 2013, but is it worthy to be compared to the likes of Apple’s iPhone 5, LG’s Nexus 4 and Blackberry’s Z10?

HTC One and Sense 5.0

The star of today’s particular show — the HTC One — looks to be HTC’s best device yet. It may not be the biggest and it may not be the thinnest, but it does pack a very considerable punch. The bit of specs we do care about stand out like one of the most beautiful-looking sore thumb we’ve seen yet.

When you combine the likes of a 4.7 inch 1080p HD display with a 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, HTC’s custom UltraPixel 1080p HD video camera and a 2 megapixel front-facing camera (see samples here) you’re sure to come up with a tasty pot of sauce. Going further, having at least 32GB of internal storage, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, a 2,300mAh battery and more won’t hurt its case at all.

With the HTC One, HTC has employed a new construction process called “zero gap.” It uses an all-metal body that is tightly nit and makes for a very sleek and thin device. There’s also BoomSound with Beats, HTC’s front-facing stereo speaker solution that should deliver some of the best smartphone audio we’ve seen to date. Get Chris Chavez’s take on the HTC One in our hands-on.

The New Sense

The hardware seems par for the course when it comes to the highest of high-end Android smartphones, but software is a tad more important — after all, it’s the one thing OEMs must get right when looking to differentiate their products from that of their competitors. HTC’ decided to employ Android 4.1 out of the starting gate, though we imagine some upgrades to more recent versions of Android are in store at some point down the line.

Sitting on top of that is the absolute latest version of HTC Sense, which is version 5.0 to be exact. As we’ve come to expect from major version jumps, HTC has tweaked its stylistic approach to Android with what appears to be a much smoother experience that is easier on the eyes. It seems like we say that every time HTC decides to go in a new direction with its user interface, but considering how far HTC has had to come from the train-wreck that was HTC Sense 3, it’s no surprise there’s still this much room for improvement.

Changes have been made to make the lock-screen more clean and visually appealing, while being just as useful as any with its quick launch features. New icons are littered through the UI for nearly every app there is, from the browser to phone and messaging. The icons feel less “bubbly” and more like elegant-looking stickers that are easy on the eyes. Many base applications, such as the launcher, dialer and contacts app have been upgraded to tone down on the gradients and focus on clean curves and a more pointed color scheme.

HTC has fully embraced the idea of swiping that Google introduced with Jelly Bean, and most of the user interface has been designed to wrap around Google’s style guideline in a much broader sense. Chris Chavez even says HTC’s skin might have become the most friendly when it comes to sticking with Google’s vision. Simply put, HTC Sense looks better, and from what our own Chris Chavez tells us from his hands-on time with the device it definitely feels a lot better, too. See how HTC Sense 5 compares to the previous version in our comparison post.

New Features

One of the biggest features is HTC BlinkFeed, a new home-screen pane that is accessible via a swipe to the far left. BlinkFeed will aggregate content from over 1,400 sources, including your social networks and tons of news sources on the internet, with its ultimate goal being to deliver the news, media and updates you care about the most in a very beautiful way.

Don’t forget HTC Zoe, a new camera experience that will take your images and video and jumble them up into a nice dynamic presentation. Zoe will use the phone’s “UltraPixel” camera to automatically piece your media together with professional transitions and effects, and will theme it with a certain style and music that you prefer.

There’s also HTC Sense TV, a new feature that will allow you to use your phone as an interactive TV guide and remote control. Because an infrared transmitter is built into the power button, you can control most modern televisions as you would any remote, and the software will utilize information from the cloud to make it easy to see what’s on and ready for your viewing pleasure.

The Competition

Of course, HTC doesn’t live in this world alone. It currently has the world’s ear for top Android smartphone, but it has competition in other areas of the smartphone world. Apple is always threatening with its iPhone line, Nokia’s marriage to Microsoft has created a viable alternative for those who still have love for Windows in their hearts, and RIM — or Blackberry, as they’ll do business as from now on — is looking to roar back in a major way. Let’s take a look at just a few of the options HTC is up against.

iPhone 5

This is Apple’s bread and butter, of course. It was the first iPhone that broke out of the 3.5-inch mold, but its 4-inch display wasn’t a huge departure from the norm. Apple has never been a company to dwell on insane specs, but instead does its bidding with exceptional build quality, a very tight and no-frills operating system, and supreme optimization.

Of course, iOS6 didn’t make it to the forefront without a bit of controversy. Apple ditched Google maps for its own mapping solution, and the change had users running back to iOS5 quicker than they could fully enjoy the rest of the upgrade. Google eventually came out with a standalone maps app for those folks, though, so no harm no foul.

Our sister site iSource has all you need for the latest iOS and Apple news, so be sure to save a nice, warm spot in your bookmarks folder for it if you have any interest in the Cupertino tech giant’s wares.

Nokia Lumia 920

While Nokia’s Lumia 920 hasn’t exactly sold like a bucket of hotcakes, it’s done pretty well up against other competition in the Windows-adorned range. It certainly is a looker of a phone, with its 4.5 inch 1280×768 IPS display, a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, an 8.7 megapixel HD camera and more. Nokia’s pristine reputation for good build quality shines through this phone like no other (though some of the color options might be a bit of an eye-sore for some of you).

Of course, running on all of that circuitry goodness is Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. Microsoft’s software is like a mixed compromise between iOS and Android, in that you get an unskinned, untouched helping of what Microsoft wants you to have, but at the same time it’s open to any OEM willing to craft a device to the Redmond company’s specification. It makes for a very nice mix of fluidity, functionality and choice for the end-user. Be sure to read all about Windows Phone over at WinSource.com.

Blackberry Z10

And then there’s Blackberry’s pride and joy for 2013 — the Blackberry Z10. This device is quite ordinary on the hardware front, sporting a 4.2-inch LCD display, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 16GB of internal storage, an 8 megapixel camera, and more. Blackberry 10 is the real star of the show here, though, as Blackberry has redesigned it from the ground up. Things like the Blackberry Hub, some unique enterprise security features, Blackberry Messenger, the new SwiftKey-powered keyboard and more all play an important role in trying to restore the Blackberry name to a high throne it once enjoyed. Read more about Blackberry 10 in an earlier post here.

Are you buying the HTC One?

So there it is — the HTC One has been laid out on the table for all to see. The only question now is whether or not HTC has impressed you. Will you be headed to your nearest carrier (see the list of availability here) for this one, or will you wait for something more? Be sure to let us know with a vote in the poll below, and discuss your decision further with some healthy commentary in the comments section!

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. i really dislike when they stack it up to phones that came out last year. wait until it’s competitors come out.

    1. i mean those are the current flagships of the respective manufacturers.

  2. Am I buying it? Negative. Seems cool though.

  3. the new htc phone doesnt appeal to me

  4. Just got a nexus 4 won’t buy anything but nexus phones personally, I like vanilla android. I’ll see what the x phone will be like.

  5. I’m not buying it, no expandable storage and no removable battery. And it looks like a larger iPhone 5 (which isn’t bad, it’s a good looking phone).

    I said it before, I’ll say it again…If Samsung Galaxy S4 includes both a removable battery and SDCard expansion, then HTC is going to have another slow year.

    Who makes these decisions at HTC?

    1. I’ve thought about it, and the ONLY way I’d consider going without a micro-sd slot (in 2013) is if the STANDARD internal capacity was bumped to 64GB, and if there was also a 128GB model available for a REASONABLE price instead of the insane premium they think they can get away with BECAUSE there’s no expandable storage.

      (Still… I’d probably go for the competition’s 128GB internal + 128GB microSDXC anyway :) Frack the metered cloud)

    2. I wonder what you’ll say when the S4 doesn’t have a removable battery and a SD Card slot…

      1. Samsung isn’t dumb enough to do that.

        1. If Samsung wants to actually put a quality feeling material on their phone and to hold a candle to the build quality of a HTC device, then yes, Samsung needs to be dumb to do that.

          1. uhhh you can have awesome build quality AND those features….

          2. I can also have a laser pointer on it if I wanted to…
            Bro… really? Engineering phones like the HTC One and the S3 takes a lot of work… it’s easy to say that you can have everything you ever wanted on a phone, but wait until you get to the drawing board

          3. carbon fiber,not hard…..”bro”

          4. Bruh, carbon fiber shatters easy…

          5. but you see what i’m saying tho….rite, it doesn’t take much, ok not carbon fiber, metal back, it doesn’t make a difference. the simple fact that you can in fact have both

      2. For me that’s simple: I won’t buy the S4. The beauty of Android is that there are a lot of alternatives out there. If one manufacturer doesn’t fulfill my needs, then I switch to another. I did that with HTC. I used to be a diehard HTC fan, but when they started clumping on battery life and available storage, I jumped ship to Samsung. Been a happy Note Series owner ever since.

    3. It looks more like the Z10 than the iPhone, to me. I agree with everything else though.
      Also, 2300MAH is way too small for the battery. Why does HTC refuse to put decent sized batteries in their phones?

      1. Decent sized batteries, the original HTC one X, battery was smaller and still out lasted the Galaxy S3, go look it up on Anandtech.

        1. and you can put a larger battery in the gs3 or just replace it with another fully charged stock battery BOOM instant now, not hanging on a charger….Samsung:win

          1. I can also carry a DC converter and a car battery around, BOOM!

          2. well yougo rite ahead and lug that battery on your back….i have ZERO problems with my phone ever needing charged

          3. I have a battery charger. Spare battery for EVERY device that can charge via USB. So…? Why pay for an extra battery for one device when you have an extra battery for ALL your devices? LoL!!

          4. i don’t take a tablet everywhere i go usually the constant is the phone and with a 5000mah battery and a spare in my pocket there is no concern whatsoever

          5. A Nintendo 3DS isn’t a phone. LoL!! I really mean ALL your devices that use USB. =.P

          6. No it’s not, but my note 2 is!

          7. Ooo!! Now that’s an argument for another day. A 5+ inch device. I see that as an advanced PDA. LoL!! I like phablet, though. The world seems to like that too.

      2. Okay I have the HTC EVO 4G LTE which is basically the one x with expandable memory and same build quality as the HTC one. But anyway I have a 2000 mAh battery and it last me two days with screen on time of about 8 hours mid brightness, the big thing is to turn off LTE. http://www.htc.com/us/smartphones/htc-evo-4g-lte/#ratings

        1. And with the snapdragon 600 in it, it should do pretty damn well on battery. although I’m not sure about the 1080 screen.

      3. Just like when people thought Megapixels were everything, Milliamps aren’t everything. LoL!! This is a decent sized battery. Software has gotten better. Phones know how to control their power consumption now.

        I know you’re scarred from the old Android days, but it’s OK now.

    4. Are you serious!? You get an iPhone vibe from that!? You crazy. I see that as a unique design.

      But 32GB is actually enough memory for me. As of now. I have a 32GB SD card that’s not even full. About 10GB left. And I have misc. stuff on there that I need to get rid of. LoL!!

      So I’m one that welcomes this phone.

      I used to HATE the cloud, but now I’m starting to get used to it. I store videos there. That saving me 10GB of space. =.S

      And Google Music is helping as well. This is also due to the fact that I have adequate data speeds. So I’m sure that’s a deciding factor as well, referring to using the cloud.

  6. i think i am going to buy both htc one and gs4.

  7. Am I buying? Hell no. This phone is aimed at social networking junkies and basic iPhone users – aka those users who are too mentally limited to comprehend a 3 button setup. Every bit of social software on here is just useless boat to me, and this is probably the least user-friendly software I’ve ever seen. But it steals so much from ios that I’m honestly not surprised.

  8. No micro-sd slot == deal breaker; Non-removable battery == meh; Locked bootloader == sad panda.

    However, the two GREAT things about the HTC One are 1) the front-facing stereo speakers, and 2) that it’s the first android phone I know of (like nokia lumia) to buck the increasing MegaPixel trend by instead interpolating smaller but better-looking images, especially in low light; also allows for true HDR video.

    The “premium-feeling” aluminum unibody means nothing to me except added weight/expense/coldness/shallowness/ifonecopy, since I’m not a dummy and put it in a tpu/polycarb protective case anyway. A side effect of the metal housing is that the NFC sweetspot for this phone is in the corner by the camera instead of in the center. Plastic is better, imo: radio-friendly, lighter, and more durable.

  9. I honestly was hoping for a little more from HTC. This is not going sell well enough in the States and might be the end for HTC as we know them.
    I see a phone body that easily could hold a 5″ screen and it probably would have saved them money since the dna and butterfly would be using the same screen.
    Knowing that Samsung, lg, Sony, and possibly Motorola will be bringing 5″ 1080p screens to market soon makes me wonder what the purple in charge of HTC are thinking. Are they judging things by sales of the DNA? That would make no sense at all since it’s only sold on Verizon.
    I’ll stick with my one x and Sony exp experia tl until a real 2013 competitor is released.

    1. Sorry dude, but you said “the purple in charge of HTC.” I thought that was funny.

  10. I’ll pass… wait 3 months and they will come up with htc one+

  11. Perfectly happy with my Nexus 4. Never going back to HTC again. Unless they sort out updates for their phones.

    1. I don’t think I will ever go to any other type of phone that’s not a nexus, currently loving my GNex. I went down the thought process of “if a company gets better at updating their phones, then I’ll go for it”, but I’ve lost all trust. Anyone but Google it seems will always be behind. As has been said many a time, would love an HTC nexus, but seriously, who needs a 1080p screen on anything smaller than a Nexus 7(which would have 315ppi). Wasted energy powering those pixels.

      1. Have you ever seen how good 1080P looks on a 5 inch phone? It looks amazing.Most phones running these 1080P screens have done well battery wise and I mean, I’m on a Nexus 4, it’s not a 1080P device or anything but it is a quad core and I’m getting 6 hours of screen on time, with HSPA+ running and medium brightness settings on a 2100mAh device. 2500mAh should be the optimal size for the 1080P phones but I think 2300mAh will suffice.

        1. I don’t see in the least bit why you could think that more pixels would cause a phone to have better battery life. And you seem to be of the understanding that I’m against its quad core processor, when it clearly would be aiding in the increased battery life. When you take it down to it’s root, the problem stems in the fact that the screen and many related components cause approximately half of a phones energy tax. Let’s assume that the 1.9x increase in the number of pixels, vs a 720p phone like yours and my own, only increases the energy drain by 15%, due to processing and display, which easily could translate to another hour of screen time, on a similar set up, but with a barely if noticeable 720p display. This isn’t even accounting for the need of more backlighting. For more info: http://m.techradar.com/news/mobile-computing/tablets/why-does-a-retina-display-matter-1082433
          When it truly comes down to it. You will not see any difference with a 720p screen of this size and tech.

  12. This phone has competition???

  13. no need for a new device this year ill be waiting for the note4, gs5, Xphone2, or nexus-whatever-its-called.

  14. There should be another option, or maybe to. 1. should be “Motorola X or gtfo”, 2. should be “I’m already good with what I got right now”.

  15. Not buying as I already own a better phone.. note 2 ^__^

    1. Very true. I dont think the 1080p screen will make much of a difference compared to the functionality of the s pen. I just like the snapdragon 600 and the better camera. heres to hoping for the note 3.

  16. the only smartphone that can replace a Note II is the Note III. Note II owners know.

    1. are you sure that note II owners know that only a note III can replace their note II? you should send out a note that lets note II user know that only a note III can replace their note II.

      1. yo dawg…

        1. touche!

    2. Or a Note IV if you’re on a 2 year contract ;)

  17. You guys at phandroid HAVE NO RESPECT for SONY XPERIA Z i never see that phone on any of your lists

    1. So far the Z has my vote. Was thinking the other day as I was sitting in the hot tub that I need a waterproof phone. I want more features, not just higher specs. Actual night vision with IR should be possible. Using Google goggles and now together to be an extra set of eyes would be awesome. Being able to use the phone as a walkie talkie would also be cool.

  18. Will be selling my Nexus 4 for this, call me crazy but I like Sense. Nexus feels like a Google compromise, jack of all trades, master of none. If I got by with 16 gb on my Nexus, I will have no problem on this, I have dont care for replaceable batteries so thats not an issue. I look forward to a sleek fashionable phone that bucks the larger screen is better trend. My only wish is that HTC would of continued with the kickstand, seriously kickstand and stereo speakers (what is this an entertainment center for ants?)

    1. Sounds like you should be buying an iPhone.

      1. Why iPhone, because Im not obsessing about the number of cores, or screen size on my phone, because I actually want a phone that looks like it wasnt designed by Samsung’s legal department? Or because I can manage with 16 gb on my phone or because I dont need a f’ing car battery attached to my phone?

        1. More like instead of choosing from the already vast selection of Android devices out there, you want to bitch. Pretty much everything you said screams Apple fanboy. Even if you’re not one.

          1. right, so by your logic I should not look ahead to android phones and instead choose from previous ones, genius! In order to not be an Apple fanboy I should also join the android band wagon and circle jerk that is all too common around these parts hurr durr Octa Core, 5.5 inch, car battery, plastic brick phone, meh I’ll pass.

          2. You’re assumptions make you look ignorant my friend. You don’t need to look to past phones when there are current ones. Stop chasing future tech. Its nice to watch the “next best thing” but if you make a habit of it you won’t only be a dumbasses, but a broke one as well. Why would you want to stifle innovation anyway? We should all have small screens and non removable batteries just like Apple! I personally find my removable battery to be very helpful, as I switch them instead of actually charging my device.

          3. right ignorant, while you cling on to removable batteries that add weight and thickness to a phone, I will demand innovation on reduced power consumption from the screen, processors, radios and system or like you said stifle innovation. Seriously why are you so hung up on Apple, you’ve mentioned them on every single one of your posts is it your guilty pleasure? Current phones are the previous phones looking as how in a couple of months most major phone manufacturers will announce or introduce their flagship models.

          4. I mentioned them because you replied to it. Its called continuing a conversation. Now I’m convinced you’re retarded because you’re rambling on about nonsense. I never said I disagreed with any of that except the battery. Do you really need a razor thin phone? Personally, my Galaxy S3 is thin enough for me. A phone being to thin or light could be just as bad as it can be good. By the way. The new flagships aren’t announced yet so they’re still future. Current is current. Previous is still previous, and so on and so forth. Time has not been altered here.

          5. Go look at your first reply to me you said and I quote, “Sounds like you should be buying an iPhone.” you replied to me. I really dont think you can read, and you sound like a undereducated Samsung fanboy sheep who believes “Apple bad Samsung good.” I’ll stick to a phone that better suits me and go on with my life, as I was with my first comment. I dont need some mouth breathing, neckbearded sammy sheep talking to me how his Galaxy plastic is thin enough and how many batteries he can daisy chain to make it last all day.

          6. My last phone was a Motorola dumbass, so youre still making yourself sound retarded. I do happen to like Samsung’s products but I like others as well. I wasn’t talking about my original reply to you I was talking about you replying to certain points from what I said. And I only swap my battery at night or when I’m using the phone very heavily throughout the day, nice try on the shitty joke. You’ve convinced me you’re retarded, I’m not arguing this point anymore.

          7. “My last phone was a Motorola dumbass” – I’m sure it suited you well, The Motorola “Dumbass”

            “I wasn’t talking about my original reply to you I was talking about you replying to certain points from what I said.” – You brought up Apple, from the beginning.

            “And I only swap my battery at night” – Or you can just you know plug it in, put it down for an hour, get out of the basement, let some natural light hit you, put on some pro-active.

          8. Hahaha you and your idiotic assumptions. Have a nice day. Try not to hurt yourself when you realize what a waste of a human embodiment you are.

          9. right back at ya ;) big guy!

    2. Its 4.7″. How is that bucking the trend when many many phones have smaller screens? This time last year people would have remarked that 4.7″ screens are ridiculously large.

      1. The trend this year is that most new “flagship” phones are going to be 5 in plus. HTC didn’t increase the screen size

  19. After using the Note II, I just simply can’t go back to any phone with a screen that’s less than 5″. The design of this phone is smart and very good looking, but I’ll just wait for Samsung’s Note III w/ ultra thin, battery friendly, unbreakable + flexible OLED screen.

    Maybe if HTC starts to upgrade their flagship devices + expandable memory, I’ll try them out :/

  20. strangely, I’d rather have BB Q10 than this…

    1. Ooh! I love barbecue as well :-)

  21. I wouldn’t buy it because I suspect GS4 and X will be much better. If I needed a phone and the other 2 phones is not around the corner then probably. Don’t care about the lack of expandable storage. My GN has 32 gigs and I haven’t even gone pass 9 gigs so for me, its a non issue. If you gave me a 64gig option that would mean to me spending extra money for empty storage.

    HTC is just timing themselves wrong. They can’t do a few weeks lead on samsung and think thats the boost they need. They shafted themselves preceding GS3 and they are going to repeat with GS4. Without sufficient PR samsung will just drown HTC out. They are better off coming out with a niche phone.

    For me the bigger issue is the carrier. My next phone has more to do with leaving verizon for a more viable option rather than how uber the phone is.

  22. Its a great phone just not my cup of tea, I can do without the sd slot considering this phone comes with 64gb of internal, I can do with out the removable battery since i used a external portable charger, but its too locked down, even more so in the past couple of weeks that they have been cracking down on custom ROM’s and im not a big fan of sense. My top 5 for this year are going to be Galaxy Note 3, X-Phone( if its a real device and not just a rumor), Xperia whatever that fablets name is going to be, Galaxy S4, and this years Droid razr maxx.

  23. HTC introduced me to Android with the EVO 4G and I’m forever thankful to them for that. For its time it was a truly awe-inspiring device and turned me into the Android geek I am today. However I was so happy with my Epic Touch (GS2) and the GS3 this phone still fails to make me want to go back to HTC, however, I’m loving the new Sense.

  24. I’m so jealous of that 4.7″ 1080p display, astounding camera, and front speakers.

    But the button layout is a complete dealbreaker. WHAT THE HECK HTC

    1. Seriously? The button layout is a deal breaker for you, lol Ok.

  25. Not buying. It’s already behind on the Android Version and it hasn’t launched yet. After having my first taste of on-time updates with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 I’ll never go back to the mercy of Carriers and Manufacturers.

  26. I don’t own an htc but.. looking at these phones above… you would take the htc One. The rest are over all behind. Well coz they are not so new phones

  27. anyone with a clue of course is going to wait and see what the S4 has to offer!

  28. I’m not buying this phone. The only phones I’m considering at the moment are the Xperia Z C6606, MotoX, or the next Nexus. Hopefully the Z comes out next month, pick that up, then sell it for MotoX or Nexus when they are released in 6-10 months.

  29. I have an EVO 4G. The first one. This will be my next phone. I love the build quality of my phone. I know I’m not running the fastest, latest software version but this phone has been practically indestructible for nearly three years now. The call quality is awesome, and despite its age it has been able to keep up with anything I throw at it. I personally have never had an issue with battery life. I manage my phone well enough to avoid problems. I can normally go a whole day on one charge, and I use the phone and apps a lot. I can even play 18 holes of golf using the Golf Logix GPS app on a single charge and have some left over. As far as no SD card goes, I say load smaller video file sizes. I carry from 10-15 movies on my 32gb card along with around 500-750 songs and still have well over 15gb of space left.

    I just don’t understand how so many people have labeled this phone a failure without ever having touched it. There’s a phone out there for everyone I guess. To each his own.

    1. Great post and I especially agree with your last 2 sentences. The good thing about Android is that we have choice and that means different phones have a different set of features that appeal to many people, just because something doesn’t appeal to one person does not make it a failure it just means the phone isn’t for you, that’s it there’s not much more to it. Unfortunately many people on this site like to complain without any sound reasoning, they just do it for the sake of complaining.

  30. I’m definitely getting this phone next can’t wait. I hope the camera is as good as the reviewers are saying

  31. Ive got the Lumia 920 right now and for me to switch i need a phone with the same feel of quality and an even better camera and I am sure the copycats from far east will not fix that any time soon.
    But if nokia just might make the 41Mpixel pure view matched with the pure view anti shake in a package not thicker than the Lumia 920…then i just might change one more time this year (only had it since december 2012 and its wicked here in the winter with glove navigation and email reading and stock checking on the move ;) )
    For sure there will be a thin aluminum variant for the peeps that does think that some extra milimeters matters more than supersolid hardware and gizzies, but thats not me (I am a jizz…i mean…gizzer :p ). Its the inside that counts and it has to endure some rough treatment without breaking up…just like the Lumia 920 :) Though I still hope that they also will make a fandroid…if nothing else just to allow everybody to enjoy the sleekness and quality of the Finns marvels, I know its hard to switch but I did take the leap from my GS2 and I havent regretted it for a second. But then again I aint no app geek…though sure there are some home cinema and torrent control apps that I miss..but I have those on the Droidtablet anyway so no biggie for me :)

    Oh…I also have the iPhone5…biggest mistake ever. Have used it occasionally just to see it scratched both on the aluminum and on the screen…EVEN though it is inside a polycarb chassis (the scratches come from when taking it in and out of the chassis)….I really do not like the IOS nor the dinky toy light iPhone5…so its just collecting dust basically :-/
    But I sure do like the feel of the Lumia…I even sometime just pick it up to hold it…swipe around and put it back…addictively sweet to use :)

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