Samples from HTC One’s “UltraPixel” camera [VIDEO]


Wondering how nice that “UltraPixel” camera sitting on the back of the HTC One looks? Welp, today’s your lucky day. Chris Chavez took some brief video at the event in full 1080p HD video recording, and in HDR mode. The conditions of the venue didn’t make for the most wonderful test in the world, but it’s all we can do while the phone remains tethered to those dastard tables.

There was a bit of pre-loaded footage HTC put up on the device for us to check out, though, and we’ve got that for you as well. The video below was taken with Zoe’s HDR recording mode, and as you can see it produced pretty nice results. Be sure to give the play buttons above and below a nice workout, and check out some stills from the camera straight ahead!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Why were you videotaping that guy’s butt for so long? That being said, nice recovery on the final shot. ;-)

    1. I, uhhhhh.. ummmm…. :X

      1. ^_^

      2. Dat Ass :)

      3. Man Chris you came out like a champion @ 0:40 sec mark. Glad to see the camera takes such “stunning” images!

  2. On a further note, that was a beautiful shot of the DNA with the One. It’s the first time the DNA’s HD screen was really translated through the camera to me. The One made the DNA look amazing.

  3. I see why you took a photo of the blonde… ;)

      1. But she has an iPhone…so it’s an immediate no.

        1. @$$ is @$$.. who cares about a fruit-themed phone if she’s hot.

          1. Means she’s a ditz, but its all good. Ask what her firmware version is she’ll probably think you’re hitting on her.

          2. I have an upgraded firmware for your iPhone … in my PANTS.

        2. you know what they say, once you go Android….

          1. Sadly I don’t know what they say… Enlighten Me

  4. “Dat ass” xD

    1. I knew that was coming

  5. 13 MP.. everyone else are saying it is a dual 4 megapixel/ultrapixel camera

    1. It’s 4MP. Looking at the photos 100% crop, they don’t look good. It maybe good for low light, but everything’s grainy.

      1. i agree. but the same exact over-sampling approach works great on Nokia’s 808 pureview. here’s a 100% view of a 5MP image snapped by the 41MP sensor on the 808: http://www.gottabemobile.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Nokia-808-PureView-Photo-Sample-5.jpg

        (image is from a gallery at:http://www.gottabemobile.com/2012/07/16/nokia-808-pureview-first-impressions-photo-samples/# )

    2. it has three 4MP sensors. it looks like it is using the same general ‘over sampling’ approach as Nokia in the 808 Pure Views, but rather than the 7x over sampling, HTC is doing 3x. if there is a difference between the two (aside from Nokia taking the idea further almost 1 year ago than HTC is taking it today) it hasn’t been described by ANY source yet.

  6. That camera is actually amazing! Especially the HDR video capture…

  7. What size are the pictures?

  8. only 4 megapixels though.

  9. Why couldn’t you post a video with HDR off? With HDR on introduces some weird noise like on the Xperia Z.

    Also with HDR on you get only 28 fps, with off you get 60 fps.

    1. I’ll have some more pics with HDR on/off for a comparison post with the Droid DNA.

  10. WOW very bad camera , where is 300% better low light photos :(

  11. As expected, it’s a phone camera…..

  12. Well what do you know. It takes phone quality pictures…

  13. Chris hangin with Mario’s daughter (orange plumber hat)!!! It’s a meeeeeeeaaa!

  14. They actually look pretty grainy…

  15. I like the end of the 3rd video, were you shooting the phones she had in her hands or the goodies on her chest? :o)

  16. Not really impressed with the focusing and flare, I’m sure tweaks will come with updates.

  17. I always admire a guy who goes for the free (second video) food first. God speed bro! Hah? Wha? New Phone? Nom Nom Nom

  18. From the stills posted here and other sites; the camera appears to not be impresivle. Not crisp and washed out for a F2 lens

  19. What’s the Name of the One s case on last picture ? :D

  20. Why do the videos show on top of the pictures that I click on? I can’t see the goods.

  21. lol 0:45 look at you! Name dropping yourself next to a pair of tig o bitties.. lol.. wait.. did it work?

  22. Looks pretty grainy…sorry HTC, I think I would prefer a 13mpixel camera :/

  23. Nokia 808 is still tha KING! C’mon bring the 4/3 sensor, I don’t mind the big bump on the phone’s back. Give me nice DOF and low light goodies.

  24. dont know why anyones surprised if you have used a one x/s or even a sensation or my touch slide you know HTC cameras cant be touched

    1. I had a sensation and the camera was pretty bad. In low light, pictures were grainy, and in good lighting pictures were horribly overexposed.

      1. thats funny b.c my first sensation i got on the release dates camera stunk , then i got a new one after i smashed that one and bam the camera was AMAZING

    2. Sensation’s camera is pretty woeful IMO.

  25. how to look like a douche.. gel in hair.. check… more gel in hair.. check… douche spiked hair… check.

  26. The camera looks amazing in my opinion, especially in low light. I think that today’s society is all about numbers. Higher the number, bigger the size a device is, and just overall higher count means a superior product. It’s clearly not the case. I believe HTC is on to something here. With their smallish 4-megapixel resolution for photos it doesn’t mean it will be a horrible camera and in fact if you look at sample photos they are razor sharp (at least to me). Best example is: Look at the Nexus 4’s almighty 8-megapixel camera vs Samsung Galaxy S3’s camera. My god that was the reason why I decided to stay with my S3. Nexus 4’s camera was horrible despite me loving the stock Android experience.

    The reason why HTC has created a technology that doesn’t focus so much on the megapixel but the actual quality of each pixel is because most if not all of smartphone users who take snapshots don’t blow up the picture anyways and with our displays, it doesn’t matter if it’s a 2 or 3-megapixel or a 13-megapixel. It’s how sharp the optics are for those megapixels.

    They might have a winner here. HTC Sense 5 is looking much more polished than it ever has. If they can only increase battery sizes and battery life I might switch back to HTC from my S3 in the latter part of this year. HTC’s SLCD is superior to Samsung’s Super AMOLED (HD) displays in my opinion.

  27. how to look like a douche… Smile like an ass in every photo, spike the front of your hair like your a 15 year old, even though you’re 38….. Become a writer on phandroid.


  28. It seems that people are dogging on the camera for the exact opposite motive behind the ‘Ultra-pixel’ technology – adding more pixels to a sensor does not necessarily mean better pictures.

    The reason why HTC is going the other way – that is, decreasing pixel count – is so that the individual ‘light cavities,’ a.k.a pixels, may be enlarged thus yielding a more photo-sensitive sensor. In layman’s term: the bigger the surface area, the more light the camera captures (in a given time frame).

    Now the reason why the above video samples are noisy is because of two things: (1)HDR mode and obviously (2) the low-light situation. HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing is done through post-processing (software-sided). What happens is that the phone uses algorithms to detect areas where the image is too bright (highlights) and is too dark (shadows) and ‘neutralizes’ them by crushing the highlights and ‘pulling the shadows up.’ When you pull the shadows of an image (brightening), you’re introducing noise and this is why the videos are so noisy as we see in the low light video samples. It should be noted that video HDR is NOT true HDR where a succession of three images: overexposed, normally exposed, and underexposed, are overlayed and merged together to compensate the highlights and shadows.

    The key to a less noisy camera is to lower its pixel count and increase the size of its light cavities. I believe that HTC is on point here. I do not need a lot of megapixels because I don’t use my phone to print enlarged images – that’s what a DSLR is for.

    Oh and let me just quote:
    “We shouldn’t scrap pixel count entirely when weighing smartphone cameras, but in terms of the hardware and software details that actually go into making a great photo, megapixels are highly overrated. It’s high time we focus on other areas that count more, like that undersung sensor.”

    Jessica Dolcourt,
    May 12, 2012

    This phone is killer.

  29. Not that impressed with the camera.

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