Hands-on: HTC One with accessories [VIDEO]


And there it is in all its glory, folks. We’re live at the HTC One event in New York City, and we’ve gotten a quick eyes-on with the device ahead of some more intimate hands-on love. You can see the device in two colors — white and black — with a multitude of accessories to go along with it. There’s a very stylish-looking desktop dock, a flip cover, and a case.

On the software side of things is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and Sense 5 with HTC’s new BlinkFeed, a live home-screen that will update you on your friends and family through various social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

As mouth-watering as it is, we’re sure this quick glimpse won’t fully satiate your appetite right now. Be sure to watch our full hands-on video above, and stay on the lookout for more great HTC One coverage from Phandroid.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

HTC officially announces the HTC One [VIDEO]

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  1. The phone looks nice, the top and bottom parts can be removed?

    1. That’s a case I believe.

    2. Looks like those are the front speakers and can be removed. Interesting…

      1. No, it’s a picture of an empty case… you slide the colored end-caps over the phone.

    3. That’s one of the official HTC cases for the phone.

  2. This actually looks really good! Looks well-made and very thin!
    But… The question must be asked…. How big’s the battery? lol

    1. Engadget says it’s at 2,300mAh

    2. 2300mah per engadget

    3. 2300 is not big enough i don’t get why they dont put the 3100 in every phone.

      1. It’s better than the usual HTC “standard”

      2. Yeah I also have my doubts that the battery would last all day (at least 10 hours)… Especially with that sexy 1080p, 468ppi display…

        1. I don’t know going by DNA battery life and this having a much more efficient processor I am pretty confident that the battery life will be pretty decent, plus the scree is the same resolution but you have smaller size here.

          1. That is true.. Except the DNA gets 6-8 hours… With the more efficient processor and smaller screen size, you can last maybe 9-12 hours on the new One… But this is all speculation

      3. Because its a phone.

      4. 2300mAh it’s like 2 AA batteries..! Woooot The Galaxy s3 gets an 3000mAh batteri update by samsung…

      5. I wish it did have a bigger battery, but it doesn’t matter the size if the software is not optimized to keep it in check. Maybe they have worked it out so the battery will last a day. If I can get 3 hours of screen on time, than I will be happy.

    4. Yes. It does look nice. I haven’t seen an awesome phone since the Nexus 1 and HTC G2. I love the non-plastic design. I don’t care how “heavy” the phone is.

      I’ll need to watch the video when I get the chance.

  3. that desktop dock is pretty slick

    1. +1. About time they focus on accessories, and it will
      be even sweeter since it’s just one phone (no modifications) on different

    2. Hopefully it’ll work with Ubuntu for Android.

  4. It’s also live on htc.com now. http://www.htc.com/us/smartphones/htc-one/

    I’m a little concerned it only shows available at AT&T… hoping Sprint is added soon.

    1. Nevermind, I found the Sprint announcement… http://www.sprint.com/htcone

  5. Bye bye, Verizon. It’s been real.

  6. the grills on the top and bottom of the phone are hideous but that flip case is pretty cool. could get samsung second guessing their flip case design, though htc’s is not a new concept.

  7. Jelly bean 4.1…..

    1. Like I’ve been saying “ONE” update.

    2. Come on people. It’s common sense that these phones are in production 6-9 months out. If Android releases a new version it still has to be tested. I’m sure when it’s released it will have an upgrade to 4.2, if not, a month or 2 later and it will.

      I’m very impressed with this phone, not only the upgrade in software, but the hardware. This phone is one sexy, beautiful device. Throw in the 32gb and 64gb choices and those super sleek accessories and stereo speakers on the front and I might be upgrading my S3 to this. The aluminum body is beyond sexy and the build quality is amazing.

      HTC has done right by this phone it appears and having the carriers keep the name the same, and the same phone like Samsung did and there will finally be outstanding accessory support.

      1. month or 2 later? Likely story i’ve heard with almost every phone release. 1 to 2 months quickly becomes 6 months to a year for the first with small chance of a 2nd update.

        1. I understand how you feel, but Samsung had their issues to, and they managed to get updates out much quicker now. Part of the problem is solved by having the carrier carry the same phone with no tweaking on their end. Makes it much easier now to update.

  8. That’s really something, if the speakers can be removed and placed like surround sound, but i don’t expect that they will function, so basically it is just like changing the color of the case to personalize your phone. Please correct me if I am wrong about them working off the phone.

    1. It’s just an official HTC case for the One.

      1. So is it a sleeve with top and bottom caps?

  9. Your move Samsung. Lets see a metal GS4.

    1. That would be a welcomed change.. instead of the cheap plastic feel that the S3 has

    2. They contracted that designer from BMW Chris Bangle, but his work for BMW has been widely criticized, he’s very infamous for the Bangle butt on BMW’s.

    3. lol read metal GS4 as ‘Metal Gear Solid 4’

      1. LMFAO same thing came to mind oh i love mgs

        1. Same here! Lol

  10. No wireless charging?

    1. probably because its too metal?

  11. I’m kinda hoping that the One will come to VZW soon. I actually might not mind HTC sense with Blinkfeed. That, and if the SGS4 will disappoint.

  12. What did you film the video with? Very good stabilization… So much so it made me dizzy ..

  13. I understand that this Phone will have NFC. I was under the impression that NFC wouldn’t work with a metal chassis. I’m curious how well this will work, and what their solution was.

  14. Great hardware, garbage software. Sense needs to die.

  15. SHIIIIIIIIT !!!!!! no skins, what kind of customization it has,

  16. I’m still interested in this phone, but, here are a few things that kept it from being a no brainier home run. List in no certain order.

    (1) Wireless charging
    (2) Larger battery
    (3) On screen buttons
    (4) Removable battery
    (5) SD card slot, or have the 32GB at $149 and the 64GB at $199

    Feel free to add yours to mine. My next phone will be either this, the Sony Z, the S4, or wait and see if that new Motorola X phone is real. My S3 is still great, so I don’t mind waiting a few extra months.

    1. I honestly don’t get the wan’t by people for on screen buttons…
      Why have the screen real estate taken up by buttons some of the time when you can have them sat on the bottom of the bezel that would most likely be there anyway.
      The fact HTC still uses capacitive buttons is a plus in my eyes.

      Removable battery wouldn’t be an issue for most people if the battery was larger, would take larger over removable any day.

      The rest make perfect sense though, and the lack of Micro SD card support on phones now days is shocking :(

      The only other thing I can think of that would be nice is an IR port so you could use the phone as a universal remote of sorts.

      edit: just seen it has this :) this just gets better.

  17. I owned the G1 and the HTC sensation, I moved on to a Nexus 4 because of the disappointing phones HTC was making. For the first time in a long time i am excited for an HTC phone. This is seriously beautiful most impressive is that front facing camera wow. and finally they got rid of all that bs on sense. That black one beautiful

  18. The best design feature would be the front facing Speakers …i mean that was a no brainer for a long time but HTC is the one who did it first …

  19. Don’t get to excited….because 5 months after this is released they will put out the new HTC One X+
    Patiently waiting the next Nexus

    1. I definitely have an appreciation for your persistence w/the update(s) & lack thereof for the HTC ONE X+.Having been an owner of the MOTOROLA PHOTON,I know exactly where you’re coming from……….

  20. Hey Quentyn/Chris:

    Any widgets/shortcuts comparable to the ones in the SAMSUNG pulldown notification bar?

    My apologies if this sounds like a silly question(never owned an HTC),but something akin to this,or,just as convenient to access,would be cool w/me.


  21. This thing looks nice!! As usual, HTC didn’t cut any corners on the hardware. Many will cry about the mah’s on the battery, But my current HTC (EVO LTE) has a smaller 2100 battery, and last 20 to 30 hrs, depending on usage… in other words, some still dont realize its not all about the value printed on paper… HTC’s are damn efficient. Battery life will doubtfully be a factor. This will be my next phone!

  22. will One X get Sense 5?

  23. I love this phone, i really htc changes their boot-loader policy though.

  24. I see BlinkFeed as constantly updating and a battery drain on an already scarce supply.

  25. button configuration seems tilting as hell.

  26. I wish it had a better battery…..

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