HTC offering $100 trade-in on One purchases


HTC is so convinced that their new One is the phone to have that they are offering a special offer to those upgrading from their current smartphone. Register early and when the One launches, HTC will send a prepaid Visa to those purchasing. Just send your old phone in to HTC along with proof of purchase of the One and you will receive $100 or the trade-in value, depending on which is greater.

Head over to the HTC One signup page at the company’s official site for more details or to enter your name for this limited time offer. It only requires an email address, and you make no commitment to actually pick up the new handset (though, it’s worth considering).

[via Android and Me]

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  1. They should have this deal at carrier stores… It’s inconvenient to send in my phone, especially if it’s the only phone I have.. and to wait 6-8 weeks for the money to come.

    1. then buy a super cheap phone as a back up

      1. back up for what? You already purchased the HTC One before you send your old one (or you must be great at forging proof of purchase papers, as those are also required to be sent in)

        1. what if what if. Take the deal or dont.

        2. what i ment was use a back up phone for the period of time you dont have a phone. retard you are sirr….

          1. The idiot is strong in this one.
            You have your old phone, then you buy the HTC One, then you send your old phone + proof of purchase of your HTC one to them and wait for them to send $100 your way.

            Tell me….when exactly do you have no phone this way?

    2. I am reading it as you register then once you purchase the One, you then send in your old phone as well as proof of purchase.

      1. Oh.. that’s right… lol
        But I would still like to have this deal going on in carrier stores, so I can get my money instantly.. :)

        1. You forget that it would take just as long with a carrier

          1. Not really… Sprint had a buy-back program, where you can get credit towards a new device, instantly. Although the carrier would act as a middle man, HTC could have done the same.
            I guess if I really want the new One, I’ll sell my phone on eBay

          2. not really. HTC can’t validate through various carriers. it’s more of a logistics nightmare to help you out. Most companies offer rebates and the such directly through them. Facts of life. Deal.

  2. For some people, it would be better to sell your own phone on eBay. If you’re going from a Galaxy S3, HTC One X, Evo LTE, iPhone 4, 4S, 5, to this phone, Trade in values, from nearly every company offering the opportunity, are ridiculous.

  3. Awaiting a callback from Clover Wireless for an “unofficial” quote for my SPRINT SGS III,curious to see what they offer ………

  4. Soon, all Android phones on Craigslist just went up to $100…

  5. This would be that time to raid the drawer of old ass Android phones.

    “I swear I just updated from the Galaxy S with a broken screen”

    1. Oh, yeah. I totally would send them my MyTouch 3G Slide instead of my Sensation. Sensation becomes the backup. :)

  6. How does it work if I want to buy the phone unlocked without bloatware, I dont want to purchase from ATT or T- Mobile since it will carry bloat and will be carrier dependent on updates, so I was thinking of buying from somewhere else? Anybody?

    1. If you buy it off the streets, the person can legally write you a receipt. They will need a copy and you will get a copy.

      Also, if you use Paypal or mobile payment, that can make a receipt. IDK if HTC will except that, but it is a legal document and can be used as one.

  7. 3 months later, trade in your HTC One & $100 for One+ lmfao…

  8. SON OF A — My Nexus S 4G just bit the dust this week, and I really wanted to cash it in for a discount on my next phone (this phone). Now I’m using my old HTC Hero until the One is released. Funny how the Hero is still going strong after having been used by four different people.

    Compare that to my 1-owner and gently used Samsung Nexus S, which literally burned up because I simply let the battery drain to empty. After that, it went into a boot loop, and when I got it out a few days later it boot looped a few more times and then stopped turning on or even charging. I took it to a Sprint store thinking it was just a bad battery, but unfortunately they said the phone was toast.

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