Could Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.0 launch before MWC?


We’re fairly certain HTC plans to unveil their M7 flagship not at Mobile World Congress, but rather at a February 19th press event in New York City. Could Samsung not only follow suit, but actually have their Galaxy Note 8.0 available for purchase in advance of the year’s biggest mobile trade show?

According to German site MobileGeeks, several European retailers not only have the Note 8.0 listed (complete with specs) but also have the device availability listed as February 19th. It would seem odd for Samsung to simply launch the device for sale without some sort of press event (though not unprecedented), but the odd timing could work out if the device ships within the week of Mobile World Congress, which directly follows.

The date could also merely be a placeholder, but we can’t be sure either way. What we can be fairly sure of are the specs that the listing has confirmed. The Galaxy Note 8.0 is listed with an 8-inch display with a 1280×800 resolution, 5MP camera, and 16GB and 32GB storage options. The slate, which carries model number GT-N5100, will retail for 450-550 euro depending on storage capacity.

While we expect to see that exact tablet at MWC, we have our doubts about availability prior to the event. Either way, expect to learn a lot more about the tablet come the end of February.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. The fact that it doesn’t have a 1080P puts it behind competitors. Plus there’s that rumor that ASUS will have a 1080P Nexus 7 successor? This thing is D.O.A.

    1. But Asus is crap as I type this on my nexus 7 with a stylus I got at Walmart I would love a note tablet but I can’t swing 499 for the 10 inch if it sells for 349-399 I will want plus I can just pass my n7 on as a gift

      1. I agree, that’s some hefty price for 8inchet. And nothing beats the functionality of the Note line.

      2. Right, there is no better tablet with stylus than Note series now. And on 7~8″ screen, 800p vs 1080p is not big deal to me.

    2. yeah because 1080p on that size of a screen is worth what? About the same as your comment… NOTHING. As usual, failscout13.

      1. Ok Fanboi. You forget that we live in a society that gauges progress and innovation with specs.

  2. DOA especially at that price!

  3. all companies should. As Apple has shown, and prior to them, gaming companies, don’t use trade shows to announce things. The message gets muddled in the whole mess of other announcements happening at the same trade show. Holding your own press conference affords you the opportunity to set the stage and showcase your own product, your own way and on your own time.

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