Nexus 4 back in stock at the Google Play Store


The Nexus 4 is back in stock. Ready for purchase. Get your credit cards ready. Not only can you pick up this rare diamond of an Android smartphone right now from the Google Play Store, but the listing says handsets are shipping in one to two weeks. That’s not one to two months, people. That’s seven to fourteen days.

I shouldn’t have to tell you to act quick. Fingers are crossed that this time Google has plenty of back stock to meet the remaining demand, but don’t sleep on clicking the “Add to Cart” button. $299 gets you the 8GB version of the phone right now.

(For our German readers, note that the 8GB and 16GB Nexus 4 are also back in stock for that region. We don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves, but it sounds like Google might finally be prepared to meet global demand for the phone at a much larger scale.)

[via DroidDog]

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  1. Got one! Good-bye wretched Verizon! Good-bye!

    1. Who’d you go with? Thinking of going to a month to month plan myself.

      1. I just switched to StraightTalk last night. It’s awesome with AT&T :)

        1. How does it work? (Straight Talk)

          1. Your SIM comes through Wal-Mart. Give it a google search.
            I’m really considering it when our contract is up later this year through Verizon.

          2. I use the Straight Talk SIM for my Nexus 7 and the T-Mobile $30 plan for my phone. I ordered the Nexus 4 today and will switch SIMs out. My data with both devices moves almost at the speed of thought but AT&T has more towers and I’d rather have reliable phone service. I was 3 days in an area without a T-Mobile signal a few months ago and since I’m planning on being back in that area in a few months, using the Straight Talk SIM was a no brainer for me. Total cost for service for 2 devices, $75.

          3. Yup walmart just go pick it up in hand active that day!

          4. Straight Talk AT&T SIM is out of stock currently but the process is buy the micro SIM (compatible with 850 and 1900 MHz – AT&T frequencies) and once you get it in the mail, go online to activate it (either new number or port you existing number) and done. Auto-refill via credit card is $45+tax per 30 days. Via EBay is about $39 per 30 days.

        2. I have had the same plan for about a week now. I switched from T-mobile prepaid, any time I was in a building my T-mobile connection would drop to Edge. Inside the same places I still have HSPA on AT&T. Only thing is I heard AT&T is strict with the data on StraightTalk.

        3. I really wondered if their speed and coverage were the same as being an actual at&t customer… So please let us know, yeah?

          1. My dad was on at$t and I switched him to the straight talk on his iPhone 3gs and its actually better speeds!

        4. Nexus 4 works on Straight talk?

        5. StraightTalk was cool until they started throttling my data. I get throttled before I hit 2gb using AT&T sim. With no warning at that! This will be last month on them! I’m moving to T-Mobile to experience unlimited bliss!

          1. From what I’ve seen on forums the guys using the T-mobile StraightTalk SIM use a lot of data with no throttling. You just have to trim down the SIM card.

      2. I’m on T-Mobile- they have no data caps, and I got a 2-line plan for $120 a month (unlimited EVERYTHING). With the Nexus 4’s free wifi hotspot, i was able to cancel my internet cable (CenturyLink) and save $840 a year. T-Mobile sucks in rural areas and in the mountains, so if you spend a lot of time in those areas, I’d find some other carrier. I never understood the value of having 4G with a 2gb per month data cap…

        1. 2GB might not work for you but most people don’t use more data then that.

          1. True. But then what’s the point of LTE speeds?

          2. It’s faster, but doesn’t mean you have to use more of it. I’m still going to use the same data but it will just be quicker with LTE then it would be on 3G.

          3. I guess that’s fine if all you do is surf the web and use Facebook. I view a lot of HD video, download books, upload photos,use Google Music to store and play my album collection, download new apps, use the free wifi hotspot when I’m away from home/office. Plus,I love saving $840 on cable internet.

            To me, that’s the value of 4G speeds. That’s also why Verizon and ATT have data caps- you can’t do a LOT of what I just mentioned.

            To each their own! Android covers all people -from casual users to power users. There is a phone for everyone, and that’s why I can’t switch.

          4. Dude! $70 a month for cable internet is crazy expensive. I pay $29.99 from Time Warner for 10Mbps down.

          5. Yeah sometimes internet prices suck. I’ve moved around a lot since I used to be in the military and love to travel. I’ve seen prices and quality all over the place. I just moved to Seattle and the lowest internet I’ve found was clearwire $35 and that’s only 1.5Mbps down. If I want anything decent it’s going to be around $50 a month.

          6. Are you paying all the crap fees for equipment rental too? I’m on the same plan but 8 dollars for the stupid wifi modem

          7. Value of 4g speeds isnt just for those who spend 8 hours a day out in the wild. Those who who might work in an office and only spend an hour or so off of wifi on the average work day but prefer to use that time for streaming youtube or hbogo or downloading videos from their dropbox to their phone instead of buffering during their entire break appreciate good speeds as much as anyone.

          8. question, how’s it that you have free hotspot? I was going that and then TMO cut it off and texted me about adding it to my plan.

          9. Right when I’m at Starbucks and we go to stream a YouTube I click to lte and then everyone is like how do you get that with no pauses. Haha
            Starbucks really throttles their wifi. …but hey these guys with 3G can use tubeGod and download the video then watch it with no buffering. ツ

        2. I go with Verizon unlimited w/ 8GB. Super smooth & fast. Team up and get a family plan helps the cost some and the new plans include mobile hotspot. I pay around $90

      3. I’m going to go with Straight Talk on AT&Ts network, and if that doesn’t work out, then I may just head on to AT&T without a contract.

    2. I hope that Verizon sees a STEEP decline in customers with the continued availability of this phone. Myself included : )

      1. As do I. Especially given the way they botched up the Galaxy Nexus.

  2. Not showing up in the UK :(

  3. and it’s gone!

    1. No it’s not. At least not on Google Play US.

  4. Got one!! wow that’s crazy :D

  5. Get one- you won’t be disappointed. Android 4.2.1, free wifi hotspot, fastest updates in the industry, no bloatware, super premium build quality,buttery smooth UI, awesome gaming performance, fast HSPA+ 42 speeds, and if you’re on T-Mobile you’ll be able to activate LTE once they launch.

    Just make sure you get a case. Or be EXTRA, EXTRA careful with it. Glass breaks.

    1. Wait, why do you have to be “EXTRA, EXTRA careful” with something that is made with “super premium build quality”?

      1. Premium materials, but they’re extremely fragile?

        1. Crystal wine glass vs. plastic cups.

          Which one has the premium materials? Which one is extremely fragile?
          Drop each on concrete and see the results.

          1. There’s a difference between “premium build quality” and “built with premium materials”.

        2. Premium materials doesn’t mean durable. I think the premium refers to the guts.

      2. premium build quality =/= indestructible. Plastic is more durable than glass. If you want an elegant phone, get a Nexus 4. If you want a rugged phone, get the Kyocera Torque. That’s the beauty of Android. It’s about choice, and everyone can have what they like!

    2. Purchased a case before I purchased the phone :) I got a clear acrylic one since it seems shameful to cover up that beautiful back. I’ll see ho looks when it is here in my hot little hand

  6. Meet GLOBAL demand… Nice joke
    2 or 3 countries Global. They are missing the other 190 countries…

    1. In the article he said they might finally be prepared to meet global demand, Sounds like he was talking about the near future and not right now.

    2. “The phone was made available for purchase on the Google Play online store in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, and Australia.”

      While only 7 countries, granted big ones, it still sounds pretty global to me…

  7. So torn. Not sure what I should do….

    1. Just follow your heart!

    2. You could write another scathing article about the Nexus 4. You’ve taken every jab possible at the Nexus 4 and now you are considering buying one?

      1. EXACTLY!

    3. Buy Nexus 4
      Root it and install the touch sensitivity fix and Faux123’s color fix (COMPLETELY fixes the yellow screen if you put it on LG Presets)

  8. Available in Canada since 1 pm EST. Still just 1-2 weeks for Nexus 4 8GB, 16GB, and bumper. They finally have some serious supply!

  9. Say goodbye to T-Mobile’s usurious contract/off-contract sales of this device….

  10. I ordered 2 16GB ones today… Says shipping 1-2 weeks, but they have already charged my account… that tells me I should see mine in two days!

    1. The charge will be pending until it ships, then they will run it through. Just like when you rent a car, they run a phantom charge in the event you steal or damage it. Then they cancel it when you return the car.

    2. Nah, they charge it quick just to make sure you have the funds. It’s possible that it’ll get backed off, but I hope for your sake that it doesn’t.

  11. I feel like the Nexus 4 was a flop.

    1. Why is that?

      1. Well, first off I have no idea what carrier it is on. It doesn’t have LTE. You can only buy it through Google, I havent seen one advertisement for it. And phones coming out already out-spec it.

        1. ??? It’s a pentaband phone. As long as you’re on GSM, it’s on EVERY carrier worldwide.

          You can buy it at T-Mobile and Best Buy and various other stores worldwide. But if you judge a phone by where it is sold, you will always think it’s a “flop.” No matter how strong the global demand or how high the ratings. The whole PURPOSE of the Nexus line of phones is free buyers from stores and carrier lock-in.

          As far as specs go, it came out in November. Hardware continues to march on, but no other phone runs Android 4.2.1 with all of it’s new features, and any other phone you buy will always be behind the N4 in software.

          1. Wrong, slightly. My GSM Galaxy Nexus is running stock Android 4.2.1 too.

        2. Every phone gets outspec’d 2 months after its been launched, that’s how tech industry goes.

          As for carrier, you get it unlocked or you can buy it from T-Mobile. It works on GSM networks so in the US, that’s T-Mobile, AT&T, StraightTalk, and any other pay as you go networks.

          It doesn’t have LTE because you can’t have an unlocked carrier unrestricted phone with LTE. Verizon, Sprint and AT&T all have a completely different kind of LTE that is in no way cross-compatible. Google made the phone for the world, not those 3 US only carriers.

          1. So can this phone work with say like, MetroPcs or Cricket?

          2. It won’t work with MetroPCS or Cricket, no, but it will work with AT&T or T-Mobile and ANY of their MVNOs:


        3. You sound like the type of person who should just walk into one of the Verizon/AT&T/T-mobile stores and just buy whatever phone and plan they tell you to.

          1. Haha. Oh you couldn’t be more wrong. And yes I’ve have not held one yet. But I do weeks of research on phones before I buy one.

        4. It’s an unlocked GSM device. In the US, that means T-Mobile or AT&T. LTE isn’t the end all be all. I would actually prefer HSPA+ 42. I will agree that there have been no ads for it, but at the same time – the phone really only appeals to power users. Specs wise, what phone(s) coming out are better? The only downside is lack of sufficient storage size.

      2. Cause it was

        1. Buy another device then. Simple enough.

    2. Clearly has never held one

    3. Why? Becsuse it wasn’t heavily available? Well it wasn’t a flop but it left quite a feel people frustrated and going to other android devices. Then you have the Anti LG clique.

  12. Ill take a guess….and its gone?

    1. Still in stock, ships in 1-2 weeks.

  13. Got mine. 16gb and already charged.

  14. damn, i can afford to buy it in the beggining of february. Damn hope its in stock then, i literally need a phone. Havent had a stable phone for 1 year now

  15. My Samsung Galaxy S3 (ATT) is acting up. Can I just plop that sim in the Nexus 4 and carry on?

    1. If it’s a micro sim, yes. If not, just go to the AT+T store and have them swap you out.

  16. The Nexus 4 doesn’t work with headphones! See this issue: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=41034

    1. Ebay sells headphones for $0.99 with free shipping if you don’t already have some.

      I’ve never had this issue with my audio volumes EXCEPT for when I had a 3rd party app automatically messing with the volume levels for when I plug in devices. Such as in this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.launcher.plugin&feature=nav_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDMsImNvbS5sYXVuY2hlci5wbHVnaW4iXQ..

    2. I own one and I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    3. That says the volume is low using headphones on the N4, doesn’t say headphones don’t work.
      I don’t regularly use headphones but I just tested some out on my N4. The max volume was loud, but yes usually volume can get loud enough to hurt my ears so I guess if you have hearing damage then the volume won’t go high enough.

      1. It’s not loud enough, I cant use mine in traffic to get gps directions for example.

        1. Seriously? When I tried them they got loud enough to where it would hurt my ears if I listened to it for a while. But again, I don’t normally listen to headphones and I know when I was younger I would blast them and get used to things really loud.

  17. Hey! The 16GB one is available too

  18. Bumpers are also available! They save me twice from two big falls from my hands.No scratches on the phone!

  19. hey everyone make sure you put the CORRECT shipping address! I made a mistake with the shipping address info and am having to go through HOOPS just to get it changed to my correct address. Google’s “customer support” is absolutely horrible!!!!!!!!!!! I now have to wait until the package ships and receive a tracking number and then contact UPS to change the shipping address. I know it was my mistake but Google is no help at all. if only I could show you their e-mail and play you all the phone calls… can’t wait for my N4 though :) haha


    Hey guys!

    First of all, sorry for upper case title…
    I want to buy this
    phone as a gift to my girlfriend and I want to know if Google includes
    an invoice or anything that has the price in the shipping package.

    I don’t want her to know that this phone was so expensive.

    I would like a response from someone that have received it already.

    Thank you very much!!

    1. Mine came with an invoice but it doesn’t list the price.

    2. You get the invoice through your email and within the Google PlayStore. Nothing in the shipping denotes that price you paid.

  21. Ordered mine earlier today! My Nexus S is on life support. :-

    1. I know the feeling! My power button on my nexus s just recently stopped working (thank god for CM 10.1 i was able to set my volume rocker to wake the device) I’m really tempted to take the plunge, but i want to get my hands on a Sony Xperia Z before i make a final decision :(

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