HTC likely unveiling M7 at February 19th event


Last week’s rumors suggested you should save the date of February 19th and those rumors are now confirmed: HTC has sent out invitations to press events in both London and New York City for that date, suggesting they’ll show off “what’s next”. All indications point to an official unveiling of the HTC M7, the company’s rumored flagship phone of 2013, but that’s a final detail we’ll have to wait a few weeks to confirm.

The event comes a week before Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which we’re expecting to be pretty big in terms of device announcements. CES 2013 didn’t have much in the way of mobile, save for a few gems like the NVIDIA Shield, as most of the attention seemed directed towards 4K TVs. Manufacturers were said to have been holding off on announcements for MWC, so we’re eagerly waiting for late February to approach.

Said to incorporate a 5-inch 1080p display and a 13 MP camera, all enclosed in an aluminum unibody chasis, we’re eager to get our hands on the M7. We’ll do our best to get our tails to the February 19th event, but you can bet we’ll be at MWC in full force.

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  1. There was just a leak like 2 days ago of parts that were reported to be the M7 and it was a plastic/rubber body with about a 4.7 inch screen.

    1. yeah.. they are called leaks for a reason.

      1. If I had said “rumors” your smug comment would have made sense.

  2. “[anemic battery & small 16GB SD] enclosed in an aluminum unibody chasis”?

    Or maybe HTC is now listening to its customers.

    1. I agree and don’t understand why people vote this down.
      Its backwards technology. Plastic, removable batteries, SD cards. & monster mAh
      Such mindless drones to fall for HTC leaving this out
      Aluminum? Pffft

  3. I’m in the market for a new phone and currently eyeing the Droid DNA but if this one comes out soon it might be a better choice. I wonder how long after announcement before Verizon has it available?

    1. I’d be hard pressed to buy another HTC phone knowing how piss-poor they were for updating their old phones to even ICS. No, people shouldn’t have to root phones even just to get security updates. tbolt and rezound were our last 2 htcs.

      1. Well I’m coming from a Samsung Charge and it was the same way…few to no updates, only minor ones at that.

    2. Verizon will not get it. They have the DNA. Why would they want another phone so similar?

  4. Oh how nice. HTC has made me weary about development on their devices. Stock wise there device would be nice, but I like to tinker and I don’t like having to do back-upper-roundhouse flips in order to unlock my device. Remember, this is just to UNLOCK the device, not have it rooted and ready to roll.

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