Frankie Frost is Dead Zebra’s Android collectible for the Christmas season


Our friends at Dead Zebra have been busy since releasing Werewolf, the sporty Android collectible that was made available for the holiday season. The team endured hurricane Sandy, thankfully, and went to town on releasing its special Android collectible design for Christmas — Frankie Frost.

Designed by Scott Tolleson, Frankie Frost embodies everything the wintry atmosphere of the Christmas season has to offer. Snow flakes, ice and the bluish tone of cold weather all shine through with this design, and it would look great up against any desk ornaments throughout the holiday season. The only thing that could have made Frankie better is a hook to hang him onto a fresh pine tree.

You can own one for just $10, and the buying period will be split into two: 11am PST on December 6th, then exactly 12 hours later for another round on that same day. These tend to go fast so Dead Zebra is limiting these to two per household — sorry, no hording for eBay, folks.

The collectible will begin shipping December 10th, so it should be in folks’ homes in time for Christmas (though those of you outside the US will want to select faster shipping times as delays could push delivery past December). Be sure to bookmark Dead Zebra’s site and return on the aforementioned day at the aforementioned time to secure yours.

[via DYZPlastic]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Looking forward to it. However the times listed are incorrect. The time are EST not PST

    1. I think Quentyn was trying to throw us off so he’d have it for himself. O_o

  2. Off topic so appologies. A guy on XDA was awaiting his N4 delivery [England] which google are charging £9:99 for shipping and it didn’t arrive so he called the company and they let slip that google had purchased the cheapest delivery deal that the company did – which I think was £3:99 — Sneaky google !!!

      1. Ing – ger – land Aka England :–)

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