Nov 30th, 2012

Google started its Nexus line of devices with phones. That was a sensible starting point at the time because, well, phones were the only things Android was running on. Tablets came along and Google eventually adorned the big slate category with its Nexus branding. Heck, they even tried their hand at a Nexus-branded orb that was supposed to be the most awesome media center ever (which, due to technological shortcomings and lack of supply, ended up becoming a dead dream).

So why couldn’t Google ever make a Nexus TV? They most certainly could if they wanted to, and we’d be highly interested in seeing how such a project would come out. Designer Jonas Dähnert felt the same and took it upon himself to create some concept artwork of what a Nexus TV unit would look like.

The artist decided not to go too in-depth with detailing specs (after all, it’s just a concept — who really cares what it’ll run?) but we do learn of a few goods he’d like to see. Its main feature would be a 3D panel that can be used to do 3D video chat with its dual front-facing cameras. It’d be running a customized version of Android (we’d guess Google TV, of course) and would come with ports galore. HDMI, full-sized USB, SD card slots, ethernet, WiFi, a VGA port and more would all be available for the end-user.

I can imagine LG or Samsung taking such a project on, but the most interesting thing to think about is pricing. It’s quite simple for Google to subsidize a $600 phone in order to sell it to the end-user cheaply, but TVs might be an entirely different beast. Still, it would be quite nice to see something like a 50 inch LED 3D 240Hz Google TV unit for $500.

The artist also had another cool idea regarding Google’s Project Glass. There would be interchangeable lenses, dual front cameras for recording 3D content, and a set of 3D-enabled lenses for viewing the 3D content on that aforementioned TV. It’s all unlikely at this point, of course, but it doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?

Take a look at a couple of photos above and below, and be sure to head to the source link to check out the full slate of renders. Also, don’t forget to vote in the poll below and let us know whether or not you’d buy a Nexus TV (along with Nexus-branded glasses, apparently, to go along with it).

[via t3n]