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Google started its Nexus line of devices with phones. That was a sensible starting point at the time because, well, phones were the only things Android was running on. Tablets came along and Google eventually adorned the big slate category with its Nexus branding. Heck, they even tried their hand at a Nexus-branded orb that was supposed to be the most awesome media center ever (which, due to technological shortcomings and lack of supply, ended up becoming a dead dream).

So why couldn’t Google ever make a Nexus TV? They most certainly could if they wanted to, and we’d be highly interested in seeing how such a project would come out. Designer Jonas Dähnert felt the same and took it upon himself to create some concept artwork of what a Nexus TV unit would look like.

The artist decided not to go too in-depth with detailing specs (after all, it’s just a concept — who really cares what it’ll run?) but we do learn of a few goods he’d like to see. Its main feature would be a 3D panel that can be used to do 3D video chat with its dual front-facing cameras. It’d be running a customized version of Android (we’d guess Google TV, of course) and would come with ports galore. HDMI, full-sized USB, SD card slots, ethernet, WiFi, a VGA port and more would all be available for the end-user.

I can imagine LG or Samsung taking such a project on, but the most interesting thing to think about is pricing. It’s quite simple for Google to subsidize a $600 phone in order to sell it to the end-user cheaply, but TVs might be an entirely different beast. Still, it would be quite nice to see something like a 50 inch LED 3D 240Hz Google TV unit for $500.

The artist also had another cool idea regarding Google’s Project Glass. There would be interchangeable lenses, dual front cameras for recording 3D content, and a set of 3D-enabled lenses for viewing the 3D content on that aforementioned TV. It’s all unlikely at this point, of course, but it doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?

Take a look at a couple of photos above and below, and be sure to head to the source link to check out the full slate of renders. Also, don’t forget to vote in the poll below and let us know whether or not you’d buy a Nexus TV (along with Nexus-branded glasses, apparently, to go along with it).

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[via t3n]

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  1. So is this relevant stuff or just a bunch of what-ifs regarding the imagination of some dude in his basement with no tangible connection to Google?

    1. It was an interesting tidbit, imo. This isn’t just a news site, and I don’t think any tech blog should be.

    2. There has been concept art that has been taken into consideration by larger companies. Just saying…

  2. Something more realistic I’d like to see is a damn decent Google TV box.

    1. I agree, I don’t think I’d buy a Google TV, unless I can get it for the cheap.
      The Nexus Q should have been a Google TV box… I would have bought it so quickly if that were the case.

    2. But firstly integrate Sage TV perfectly!
      And the TV should have tuners

  3. Odd, I thought I kind of did when I bought the original Sony Google TV. And look how that went.

  4. It’d probly be outta stock. ;-)

  5. I already own a Sony Google TV so I’m not averse to the idea. However, I’m not sure how a Nexus TV would be much different. They’d still use an OEM like Sony, LG, or Toshiba to make it. And it’d probably run Android. How’s about Google properly support my Google TV first?

    1. You said it yourself. Your SONY. Sony controls your software there bud. Google only directly controls Nexus devices. No bloat whatsoever, just Google TV how Google imagined it. Updates from Google. Only thing they wouldn’t do is the hardware.

      1. Google control’s google TV. OEM’s just skin the UI. My vizio co-star sucks too. Software runs like crap. Barely any support in terms of apps in the play store. It’s just a poor effort all around.

  6. The designer made the UI look like iOS

  7. He’s apparently never heard of the 10-foot UI. Nobody wants to sit in a chair 18 inches away from the screen to watch TV. This is a terrible idea from start to finish.

  8. Looks awesome. I like dumb TVs though. The cost is minimal to upgrade smart hardware.

    I’d be happier with a Nexus Google TV box with JB 4.2.

  9. ” a 50 inch LED 3D 240Hz Google TV unit for $500 ”
    Oh. My. God. Who do I have to kill for that?

    1. As long as you have $500, no one.

      1. Are you sure? Cuz Im open…

        1. lol there you go right frame of mind jk…maybe not..oh well, its Friday time to start my booze run

    2. I would buy it even for 1000

    3. Saying God, and kill in the same posts. Watch for Lightning strikes

  10. Throw NHK’s 8k resoultion tech in it and release it at nexus prices and you got another customer.

    1. Wait….8k? What? O.o

      1. Yep, he’s right 8k or UHD [ULTRA HD] it is however 7yrs away from retail so 4k will have to do for now :–)

        1. I thought 4k was the latest high def hd…how the hell did I miss that?

          1. I think its only up and running in Japan atm, but I saw a report from a tech event earlier this year on a special news ‘technology report’ live from the event itself on a Satellite TV show we have in England.

            There is a new report that I just saw on the BBC tonight – surreal – here is the link to ‘Click’ http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click_online/default.stm

  11. Honestly it would be great for it to tie into your relevant play store content such as movies and TV. By extension if it detected that it was connected to an external amp it would also run Google music. What would be tops for this is it to integrate with a thoughtfully designed remote app that runs on your phone/tab. If they do it and get that all right then what I would love to see is a bluetooth or somesuch game controller to play games on the TV.

  12. After buying a Nexus 7 and a Nexus 4, the only way I would buy it is if the Play Store wasn’t the one selling it….smh

  13. I would buy this. Ooo!! And this would replace the Ouya. LoL!!

  14. Put miracast in it. Make miracast standard in the next line of Nexus devices (tablets included). It would be a real contender.

  15. Google TV sucks. Google put’s no effort into it. It’s pretty much abandoned.

  16. I think of TVs as components. They should display a good, large image and that’s all. In a perfect world, no sound, no net, just image. Best price possible for the quality level. I doubt the Nexus TV designers would have that in mind.

  17. They could not afford to make an affordable, quality set. Not possible without selling it for a huge loss.

  18. no need for this if the TV if you can buy a full miracast (100% mirroring) dongle/adapter.

  19. Not if it’s offered by Verizon lol

  20. I guess I am jaded because the Revue was pretty terrible and crashed frequently and I have had 2 units that are about a year old completely die. I am glad I only paid $99 for them. A friend has the Costar and its cool but he complains alot about the same problems with the revue with it crashing fairly often and after a week or so he has to turn the unit off and back on again because it gets super slow. He doesnt even have any apps installed on it. I never had any apps installed on the revue units also. The goolge TV would have to be hella cheap, as in cheaper than a vizio and have a better screen than a vizio before I would cosider buying a google TV

  21. But Samsung SmartTV is so nice :)

  22. If the price was right I would, but I wouldn’t pay extra for it. I think it would be much better to make a google tv box which can be mounted to the back of a tv on the vesa mount or something light enough to be stuck on the back of a tv comfortably.

    1. Something like Android on a Stick that can be plugged into an HDMI port?

  23. I would if the price is right

  24. I’d buy one.

  25. it better be 4k standard lol at a price reflecting nexus value.

  26. If they integrated an accurate, comprehensive, searchable listing service that integrated with your provider, it would dramatically increase the utility of these systems.

  27. Uh… if it’s a Nexus, it WILL NOT have an SD card……

    1. Just what I was going to say

  28. Meet these conditions:
    Active 3D (Passive sucks!)
    OLED screen
    Gorilla Glass
    4K resolution

    1. i wouldnt think gg on a tv would even matter o_0

      1. It does when you have kids… My kids already destroyed 1 plasma TV. And scratched 2 LCD TV’s.

        1. Or a housekeeper that doesn’t understand that Windex and the wrong cloth is so very dangerous!

          1. House Keeping? ¿o_o?

          2. #firstworldproblems

  29. I would much rather just save my money and get a regular TV instead, because the Xbox is quickly becoming a smart TV device in addition to it being a gaming console.

    It currently isn’t great, but the other smart TV options are also not really great at the moment. I think using the Xbox as a smart TV device is a great option if you’re already a gamer because it’s very hard in my opinion to justify buying a Google TV or an Apple TV.

  30. It won’t be long until the OEM manufacturers stirke back. If google heads toward monopolization of all its software based devices

  31. You had me at ‘Nexus’.

  32. They need to merge GoogleTV and Android closer together for me to get another GoogleTV honestly. Needs A LOT of focus.

  33. Oh hell yeah. I would so do it. Right now I’m debating getting Apple TV, since I can redeem it on Viggle, or Google TV. But a Nexus television set would be AWESOME.

  34. Vermillion hells yes!
    It seems very logical to me.

  35. Would buy a nexus toothbrush if they made them but apple would get jealous and sew saying they made the first vibrator….

  36. Is that a stupid question? U HAVE TO ASK? It would be better than the rumor expensive Apple TV. I’d say VIZIO should make THE NEXUS TV

  37. Not until they improve the app store further. I got Google TV recently and the apps really need improvement and I think Google should take the lead on it. and I think jumping into the tv segment half assed would just turn people away in the long run.

  38. This is a similar approach to past technologies being injected into televisions. Started with VCRs then DVDs and now Google. I want my TV to be my display and not much more. Let me rely on external equipment to deliver my media. I don’t want to come to find 5 years down the road that the technology inside my television is not supported for the latest updates. This is the same reason I passed up the deal on the toaster bath tub combo last week.

  39. I wouldn’t touch a Nexus TV with a ten foot pole. I’ve got a Logitech Review, and it’s completely half assed. I can’t watch video from news sites because it doesn’t have Silverlight, or some TV sites because it doesn’t have DIVX, sites like Justin.TV and Ustream lock the device up or cause it to crash with disconcerting frequency because its Flash support is non-committal.

    If I want to watch video from web sites reliably, the only way to do it is with my Windows 7 laptop. So if Microsoft puts a version of Windows on a TV that plays all those codecs as well as my laptop, that will be what I get. Also, Google’s history of support and development for Google TV (that is to say non-existent to almost none) should be enough to ward anyone away from any Google TV device. Even a Nexus one.

  40. Definitely. But it should have a cutting edge SoC, too.

  41. If they made straight USB video out available I would definitely buy.. Do not want HDMI.

  42. If they would transparently start supporting google tv and get behind it as a product then I would. Why when it comes to phones we scour through specs to see what great hardware they’re using but with GTV nobody is really looking or advertising. Let’s see a supported device that will be updated 2 times a year for 2+ years and now I’m totally in. Why should we commit to products Google isn’t obviously committed to.

  43. If they did a Nexus TV, would they be able to ship them without their website falling over or running out of stock?

  44. The ports in the back wont allow a flush mounting they should be on the sides.

  45. buy a nexus tv, and do what with my existing 65 inch? what needs to happen is google merge the nexus Q with Google TV, and have that be one single product available for sale in some type of box form.

  46. A Nexus tv might be what it would take to get Sony in the game again.

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