SwiftKey Flow nears public release, beta testing starts soon


Good news for all you texting and status updating junkies out there, SwiftKey Flow is finally nearing an official public release. Yeah, I got pretty excited too. Evan Tapper, SwiftKey’s community manager, sent out an email today to those who signed up for early access to the upcoming SwiftKey Flow update, know that beta testing is set to begin. Here’s the email going out to testers:


Thank you for registering your interest in SwiftKey Flow. We’re very pleased that so many of you are eager to help us test it out.

SwiftKey Flow is very nearly ready for beta testing. When it is, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download it and how to leave us feedback. Your comments are very important to us – you’ll be a vital part of making sure that the public release of SwiftKey with SwiftKey Flow is our best keyboard yet.

To make sure that you receive the SwiftKey Flow testing email and it doesn’t end up in your spam folder, please add [email protected] to your list of contacts.

In the meantime, why not nominate SwiftKey in the TechCrunch 2012 Crunchies? We’d love it if you could nominate us here and let your friends know.

All the best,

Evan Tapper,
SwiftKey Community Manager

While an expected launch date wasn’t given, typically an official release in the Play Store follows pretty quickly after beta testing begins. Oh, and for those wondering, SwiftKey Flow will not be a separate download for those that have already purchased SwiftKey in the past  (3, 2, or 1), and will be an update to the existing SwiftKey 3 already found in the Play Store. Great news.

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  1. Nice to see it as an update. They could have very easily made it a separate app and I still would buy it.

    1. Indeed. I think it’s stilly to expect developers to keep releasing huge updates like this for free just because you bought it 3 years ago. *shrug*

      1. Wrong. Developers who wants to stay relevant and competitive must issue such updates, otherwise their 3 year old apps go into trash and get replaced with something newer and better. Do you still play games you bought 3 years ago and never received a single new level??
        That’s what happened with things like Robo Defense, which I enjoyed plenty. But look how many tower defense games are there now? Do you think RD devs will ever attract any new buyer, when there are Fieldrunners, Jelly Defense, and others around?

        1. Wrong, why would any dev support a 1 or two dollar app for three years instead of working on a new one? That makes no sense.

    2. Absolutely. I’ve already purchased SWIFTKEY for both my tablet & phone. I was expecting this to be a stand-alone app or add-on to the existing one. Even though I’m not a fan of SWYPE-STYLE keyboards, I would have purchased this one since the OG SWIFTKEY is such a great keyboard.

    3. It’s good that it’s going to be an update, because I wouldn’t. I already use both Swype and SK side by side, why would I bother with paying for something that gives me exactly the same configuration?

  2. I kind of wish it was a separate product so I could support them. Awesome products.

    1. All you would have to do is buy SWIFTKEY FLOW when it’s released. What would stop you from doing that?

      1. Probably the fact that you won’t be able to buy it. since if will just be a update not a separate app.

        1. That’s what I’m saying. Just buy SWIFTKEY & you’ll get the update.
          Or, am I missing something?

          You’ll have the option to switch between standard typing & swiping.

          1. I think he has already bought it but wants to be able to give them more money to support them.

          2. Buy the same thing on AMAZON’s APPSTORE.

          3. Never thought of that..

      2. create another google account and buy it without ever installing it. Or send them a blank check. :)

  3. I think they should have made it it’s own app, I’ve just been planning on buying it… I don’t see how they make enough money like this.

  4. THIS has to be the first time I’ve read comments where people are actually disappointed that a company is not charging them money for a new feature/addition to an already existing product!

    Don’t know if it is just b.s. or not, but if you really insist on still paying them and helping them make a profit, then feel free to send them a donation. Put your money where your mouth is.

    1. No BS here, I have SWIFTKEY for tablets, & the standard version,although either one works on both platforms.

    2. I don’t believe they have the facility to accept donations.

    3. Definitely no BS, Swiftkey has been on every device I’ve ever had, and will be on my Nexus 7 under the Christmas tree.

  5. I love Swype just a LITTLE bit more than swiftkey, so I jumped all over the chance to sign up for the beta, and todays email was like an early Christmas present.

    I would gladly pay again if this were to be launched as a separate app…and I’m a cheap bastard, so that’s saying something. ;-P

    1. I’m with you on liking swype just a tad bit more than swiftkey, my main reason however is because of the Dragon speech recognition on Swype.

  6. If SwiftKey Flow is as good at swiping as SwiftKey is at tapping, I’ll find a way to donate more cash to them.

  7. They should of launched it before jellybean swipe arrived. I’m hooked.

    1. JB swipe still not as good as Swipe or SK

      1. I’d have to agree. The swyping in the stock keyboard is just nowhere near as accurate.

  8. is flow going to be available in the free version of swiftkey?


      lol jk :p

  9. Has anyone here used “Slide-IT? I have tried many keyboards but keep going back to it. And the voice recognition has worked very well for me.

  10. Thank you, I learned a lot from your article. It is really interesting and informative. Hope, you will give us more information concerning this issue.

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