Nov 30th, 2012

Good news for all you texting and status updating junkies out there, SwiftKey Flow is finally nearing an official public release. Yeah, I got pretty excited too. Evan Tapper, SwiftKey’s community manager, sent out an email today to those who signed up for early access to the upcoming SwiftKey Flow update, know that beta testing is set to begin. Here’s the email going out to testers:


Thank you for registering your interest in SwiftKey Flow. We’re very pleased that so many of you are eager to help us test it out.

SwiftKey Flow is very nearly ready for beta testing. When it is, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download it and how to leave us feedback. Your comments are very important to us – you’ll be a vital part of making sure that the public release of SwiftKey with SwiftKey Flow is our best keyboard yet.

To make sure that you receive the SwiftKey Flow testing email and it doesn’t end up in your spam folder, please add to your list of contacts.

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All the best,

Evan Tapper,
SwiftKey Community Manager

While an expected launch date wasn’t given, typically an official release in the Play Store follows pretty quickly after beta testing begins. Oh, and for those wondering, SwiftKey Flow will not be a separate download for those that have already purchased SwiftKey in the past  (3, 2, or 1), and will be an update to the existing SwiftKey 3 already found in the Play Store. Great news.