Microsoft Surface: does it stand a chance against Android, iOS? [POLL]


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I love Android, but I also love tech in general, and I like to stay open minded. Let me tell you: I haven’t seen this much excitement around a Microsoft product (Microsoft Surface, Windows 8) since, well… ever. Just take a look at the NYC Times Square launch (especially 2:45):

The whole vibe of the night was very Apple-ish. The crowd was immense. The line to get in was HOURS long. People were buying Surfaces like cakes of epic hotness. We even saw a bunch of people make the purchase, hoist their Surface above their heads, scream “Surfaccceeeee!” in a Braveheartesque battle cry moment, and run wildly out the door to an outrageous applause.

You could say, “whatever, it’s Times Square, people be crazy yo,” but when is the last time you’ve seen such an unapologetically excited crowd for an Android or iOS launch (outside of Chris Chavez at Google IO) let alone Microsoft launch? Microsoft has created a new feeling in the air. It almost feels like a new company. To be honest, it reminds me of the buzz surrounding WebOS and the Palm Pre. Only Microsoft has almost unlimited funds and isn’t going anywhere. Except maybe up.

People were even asking the developers of Surface for their autographs. Check out this moment between Mike Angiulo and Panos Panay, two of the head honchos of Microsoft Surface, immediately following the unveiling:

The kicker in this whole thing is that the Surface itself could live up to the hype. I played with it for quite awhile and had several immediate impressions:

  • Wow, this thing is silky smooth
  • Wow, this thing works remarkably well as a laptop
  • Wow, I wish my laptop had a touchscreen like this (found myself using it a lot)
  • This is kind of weird… I wish the start screen looked more like a list of apps rather than live tiles
  • Oh, if you click search it just alphabetically lists your apps. Nice.
  • The wows continued…

The Surface had its fair share of hiccups as well, and of course (as with any new tech) there is a learning curve, but nothing that would throw a red flag or easily patched. The process of setting up your Surface for the first time is a bit cumbersome and has some oddities. There are some other quirks and weird things going on as well, and we had trouble accessing the “Store” with the demo units, but all-in-all the product looks solid. And it’s definitely new, different, and falls inline with Microsoft’s concept and innovative feel for Windows Phone.

But making a good product isn’t enough. Microsoft is competing with two juggernauts in Android and iOS who have a first mover (or first succeeder?) advantage with not only their products, but their app/game markets, and their marketing/branding. The past two years of Android vs iOS discourse has been so ubiquitous that it’s practically subliminal. Now Microsoft is trying to Shamwow shimmy it into a 3-way match. Will they be successful?

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We know the scale it tilted towards Android with our readership, but we also know we’ve got a bright bunch of loyal readers who are able to objectively address other tech. Regardless of what YOU plan on buying, we’re curious how you think Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface positions the company in their battle against Android and iOS.


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  1. They’ve certainly got the potential. Mobile ecosystem needs to improve. I don’t see the desktop environments that’ll come with the Pro configurations being a major factor simply because Microsoft didn’t break much ground before (and they didn’t even have much competition back then). But perhaps the tablet friendly interface of Windows 8 will change things so we’ll see.

    1. The problem is the selling point with windows RT is office, but it hasn’t been optimized for touch screen and you get moved to the desktop environment, there are just to many compromise with windows 8, that I’m starting to move away from windows. So why would you get the surface over an android or iOS tablet?

      1. who cares? Office is just one suite of apps. Who says that is the main selling point? You? Surface and the whole 8 ecosystem is more than just an office suite.

        Asking a person why Surface over android or iOS? Then ask why Android over iOS? Why Samsung over Apple? Why pizza over tacos? Who cares? It’s personal choice. Microsoft has made a compelling eco system. So why? CHOICE.

        1. “Who says that is the main selling point? You?”

          Microsoft and pretty much every news site

          “Asking a person why Surface over android or iOS? Then ask why Android
          over iOS? Why Samsung over Apple? Why pizza over tacos? Who cares?
          It’s personal choice. Microsoft has made a compelling eco system. So
          why? CHOICE.”
          What a load of BS, so I’m not allowed to question a person why he does the way he do.

        2. Office compatibility combined with the ever-present keyboard are the only features of Surface that interest me, and it seems this is true of many others.

          If google and Apple can get their office compatibility sorted, and if we can get some excellent keyboard/mouse choices, then I’ll have almost no reason to go with RT (why couldn’t they come up with a better name?), and we will have much less reason to go with (an expensive) Surface Pro (limited to the few apps that run only on Windows or MacOS).

          I think the keyboard/mouse issue is going to work itself out. Having a really good office suite available for android and iOS would ensure this.

          But if I may ask everyone, what do you foresee with office on android and iOS? Is google going to be able to release an easier to use office suite anytime soon? Navigating around documents is still a problem, even on jelly bean. And is Apple doing any better in this regard?

  2. I have not played with the Surface yet, and really was not interested in it at all, but after running Windows 8 Pro in bootcamp for the last few days I am really liking it, great innovation, novel, and pleasure to use. Never thought I’d say it, but I may consider the Surface Pro version when it comes out. Maybe.

    1. The Surface Pro might be an option for me as well, (unless another manufacturer makes better hardware for cheaper) but it would be solely to use it as a laptop. I’d still have an android tablet and android phone.

      1. Yup… I echo these sentiments. I’m all Android for phone/tablet/tv without a shadow of a doubt. But Surface Pro might really get me. I’ve got a Macbook Air right now and LOVE the hardware but just feel detached from the software.

        The Acer Aspire S7 is looking mighty nice… anyone want to buy a 1 year old Macbook Air? LOL.

  3. That win8/surface video was uncomfortable to watch… especially the jumping up and down part. I can believe that Apple koolaid-drinking employees are excited at launches, but not MS drones (and I actually used to work at MS (as a QA drone, over a decade ago)).

    1. Yes, being excited for finally launching the Surface is understandable – but the staged hysteria is making the this event really embarrassing… Microsoft: Please don’t try to be fake as Apple – just be real!

  4. It’s no way that it’s gonna all play out the way they want it to. The devices cost way to much for them not to have “apple” printed on them.

    1. they cost the same as competitors devices. Why the whine?

  5. I love Android with all my heart – but from a tablet perspective, I can’t justify it. I’ve owned the Acer A500, Transformer, Transformer prime, and iPad 2. The tablet I kept the longest is the iPad 2 only because I use it strictly as a mobile recording studio. My Surface should be arriving any minute now – and I believe it will do what I needed these tablets to do all along – be a productivity device. While you can get some nice apps for that on Android and iOS, but it just doesn’t feel as right as using office and windows. Plus, it’s a good companion for my Galaxy Nexus because a lot of the apps are available for Android to sync between devices like one note and Skydrive.

  6. I personally welcome the Surface tablets as well as WP8 and Windows 8 They look promising, to be honest. I hope they are successful because that kind of thing really does, in the long run, benefit all of us.

    I don’t know if they will actually catch up to Android or Apple, but they could definitely change the playing field.

    But…I’ll personally be sticking with Andy, thank you very much. :-)

  7. I’d get rid of my iPad 3 and get a Surface to go with my Nexus 7, except all I use my iPad 3 for anymore is DirecTV, HBO Go, and viewing images. Neither of the first two apps exist on Windows 8 RT yet, and so until they do I’ll have to stick with the iPad. The moment those apps (and a few others, including DropBox syncing) are available for Win 8 RT, however, I’ll be getting a Surface.

  8. I have used an asus transformer eee pad tf101, blackberry playbook and an iPad 2. The asus was superior where it mattered. It was better at videos, it lasted all day (the iPad did aswell), better on school work, better UI and the size was ggod (a tad too small). I will buy the Surface RT because of office, the design, because I want to experience windows RT firsthand, I have a laptop, but I hate using it (lack of touchscreen = not something I like using) and I need a product that most people don’t have. There are too many people in this world who buys the iPad.

  9. Surface is going to do well because it can easily be a desktop replacement for many people.
    I got my old man to replace his desktop with a transformer going on for a year ago or something (really not sure when, you know what it’s like trying to remember things in that kind of time frame) and he’s been really happy.

    With Surface 8 (less so RT), people can do their bit of excel and word they’ve gotten used to, where Android/iOS are seriously lacking on their table, then pick it up and sit on the sofa browsing their FBs, Ebays and G+s as they usually do, but can also do some of the weirder stuff with the specific apss they’ve gotten used to over the years.

    I think they’re onto a winner, unless Android can sort their office suite problem (I can’t see office on Android being any good), but they need to take the Transformer/surface design seriously.

    I wouldn’t buy a tablet that wasn’t a transformer or Vivo at the moment, I want a proper keyboard.

    I think the thing that will really be M$s jewel will be Haswell and Windows 8, it will be a very serious contender at that point.

    1. I agree… the laptop/desktop replacement is key here. It really takes an extra step towards that tablet/laptop middleground with RT. Windows 8 Pro on a Surface could be pretty amazing.

  10. i love android BUT, i been waiting for this surface for a long time.

  11. In my opinion, Microsoft missed the train and are just playing Catch up.

    People liked previous versions of Windows because it was familiar to them, now that it is no longer familiar, some wont see a reason to upgrade or change. Windows RT will be a flop as Microsoft is telling customers to throw away their Legacy set of applications (that they most likely paid for).

    1. The thing with that reasoning is that people have said the exact same thing about every version of windows with the exception of win 7 because of vista’s bad PR. People said they would never leave dos for windows but yet they did. They said win 95 was too buggy but they upgraded. They said companies will never go XP while windows 2000 works so well but now if you ask a whole lot of people will say XP was the greatest version of windows.

      Its people’s nature to hate change. But android should realize their battle was never with apple, its with MS. I love my galaxy nexus and N7 but I have no trouble loving a surface pro as well. MS doing well will be at the cost of android rather than apple unfortunately.

    2. yeah… MIcrosoft came late to the game with Xbox and they surpassed both competitors. Claiming people won’t like the new Windows is like saying people wouldn’t like or understand iOS coming from a Mac. Also, with iOS, Apple isn’t telling you to throw away your legacy set of applications… use NEW ones.. People are thinking about this like 90 year olds telling people to get off their lawn. If you still think that way, then technology is not for you. Windows is not for you. Tablets are not for you.

  12. i would say second option in my book. ill give my money to Microsoft before Apple any day.

  13. I will never and ever purchase or take in my hand a windows tablet! I’m already feeling dirty using this bloody windows!

    Microsoft and evil Apple should burn in hell!

    1. Why? because they build compelling devices people want to use? I hate Apple and I’d dig up JObs just to punch him in the face, but their crap is popular and you have to give them at least an ounce of respect, even as used car salesmen hocking old hardware on an aging platform.

  14. I’ve said this before, the Surface is an instant win for businesses and other people who constantly carry a Windows laptop.. It’s powerful, thin, and has the capabilities of every other Windows laptop (apart from gaming).. Android might not be interested in this market, but if they do, then they have to implement features that would appeal to the business world and others that would replace a Windows laptop.

    1. Correction: the gaming of Surface may not be on par with laptop (ugghh) or desktop gaming, but it will be superior to that of Android and iPad gaming since big game studies can use a lot of the same C++/DirectX code in their Windows RT games.

      This is still a media consumption device like every other tablet we have today except it also contains the productivity that could not be possible before. Since the media consumption aspect is the norm, Microsoft played up the latter but did not forget about the former.

      1. Surface Pro can run a demanding game such as Civ 5…and has a USB port for controller hookup if you are into those…or for a mouse. I beg to differ on the assumption that it will not run games like a laptop or desk top. Maybe not Crysis, but it will perform very well for most games

        1. Yeah that’s why I said ‘may.’ All I was saying is that the Surface despite its enterprise stigma is actually very much the media device to beat. Outside of Office it’s going to do a lot of the same stuff people are already accustomed to on Windows. I fully expect gaming to be way more in-depth on the Surface solely because of the use of DirectX. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy open standards as much as the next guy, but DX beats the crap out of OpenGL for ease of development purposes and so many games can be easily ported to the Surface from the PC.

          Because of the Surface we may even see a resurgence in PC gaming because of the similar codebase and possibility of code reuse.

  15. I would probably get one of these (or whatever it evolves to) when my laptop dies, because this is a legitimate laptop replacement.

    If I wanted a tablet, I’d get a Nexus 7 (or 10, or whatever it evolves to). The Surface is not a serious tablet competitor to me.

  16. This is the tablet to beat:

    1) Pseudo-desktop experience

    The Surface grants you the portability of the typical tablet but the power and productivity of a desktop/laptop. Furthermore you have ports for USB, video out (HDMI I believe), and even a microSD card slot all of which not only allow you to sync up your handheld devices (phones, cameras) with the Surface ‘base station’ but in turn let you connect the Surface to another machine (desktop, printer/copier, etc) as you would any other handheld device.

    The thing that pissed me off about the first iPad was that it did not have the means to sync your phone to it, forcing you to have to buy a laptop or desktop to add to your arsenal. The Surface however is the tablet we’ve needed all these years to help bridge the gap and potentially render a 2-to-3-decade form factor obsolete. I still won’t be programming on the Surface but when tablet performance and keyboards are up to par with a MacBook Air I will never own another laptop again.

    2) Windows developers can seamlessly develop for Windows 8/RT

    A lot of the code they already use in Windows apps can be reused in Windows Store apps. No, you probably won’t see 15 GB Mass Effect 3 installs on a Surface any time soon but don’t be surprised if games at the level of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (~1.5GB) are made available within the next year or two on Windows RT with touch-friendly controls (RPGs are among the best candidate for touch controls as well).

    Office? Yeah you can bet the apps are very similar for RT and 8 because of the same C# codebase. Maybe the RT version has different front-end code but the core logic-handling libraries will be exactly the same.

    The guys at Netflix can translate their Silverlight code from the browser into an easily packaged Windows Store app (I think they already have). Remember having to wait a few years for Netflix to be available on iOS or Android? Here we have it ready day 1 because it’s the same code they’ve already developed.

    The apps may be few today but in the next year everyone will publish their already-developed Windows apps to the Microsoft Windows Store (with Metro-friendly modifications) and the app ecosystem discrepancy concerns will disappear.

  17. MS8==buggy os

    1. “Microsoft 8”??? What are you talking about?

    2. I think to some degree people expect that… it’s the whole early adopter thing and in this case it’s the VERY first iteration. People buying should probably remind themselves that this when buying, they should imagine the word “beta” slapped on there.

    3. so are jelly bean and ios6. There is no such thing as a bug-less OS. All new os has a ton of bugs.

    4. It’s actually not that buggy. I’ve been running it in various iterations for quite some time. Apple fans don’t really have much to say, do they?

  18. I believe Windows 8 has a chance, Surface – not so much. Next year when W8 is on tablets it will be compelling to me.

  19. There ARE other applications than Excel and Word that can’t run on Chrome OS, Android, or iOS… For that purpose there’s Surface.

  20. It is too early to say.
    The Problem is that the Win 8 Pro Tablets are insanely expensive and that Win 8 RT is not compatible with Win32 x86 programs.
    This thing has the Potential to beat iOS and Android when it is done right – Good, fluid touch oriented UI with the compatibility Windows was always recognized for.

    It has the potential to be much more productive that iOS and Android but MS would have to close the compatibility gap between Win8 pro and Win8 RT ASAP.

    If they don’t Ubuntu for Android could strike in that gap once it gets on some Tablets properly. Canonical recently showed a running full Ubuntu on a Nexus 7. And Ubuntu has FULL compatibility with all Linux (Debian) Programs on the ARM Architecture – unlike Windows 8 RT.

    iOS has nothing in the sleeve in the productivity department – if they do not act, they will be left behind in the dust.

  21. I had people coming in to my store asking my thoughts on the Surface tablet the last month and I told them I actually hope it does well. I’m glad to see that the hype is pretty big for it. Way to go Microsoft! Competition it’s always good!

  22. I would buy this tomorrow however, after reading reviews I’ve discovered that downloads can only be done via the app store. This is a big a disappointment, I need to be able to download to my desktop. If a work around comes out or an update to allow this I’d buy it.

    1. yeah because other mobile devices don’t have app stores. Really people.. what is the thought process?

  23. Why Microsoft’s Windows RT has a chance: it was built from the ground up so you can watch Netflix and surf the web at the same time. To get this kind of multi-tasking being available to all apps instead of tacked on and limited (Android) or not available at all (iOS) makes me think it will be a serious threat once the size of app store becomes substantial.

  24. The way I view tablets and how I use it is:
    1. N7 is my default given unknown situation
    2. N7 whenever I travel for leisure because of N7’s awesome ability for reading books, magazines, movies, maps on the go and everything else in a very travel friendly package
    3. If I have to travel for business, it will be a surface
    4. If I think I have to do anything related to work it will be surface
    5. If I need to replace my ultra portable laptop it will be surface
    6. Still giving apple the finger across the board though.

  25. It looks promising will pass judgement after actually being in front of it and messing with it. The live cubes are convenient based on windows phone. It also seems to run smooth. However, i straight forward do not want a Windows Product because i am just not inteterested after years if using it and having issues galore. Not to say that therw mobile products are like their pc’s in reliability, but so far messing around with windows phone though nice to work with, just the least interesting to use. I will say though that it has an upper hand over android on reliability.

  26. I still make the argument that ARM is too limited in what it is capable of — the result of an overemphasis on battery life and not processing power. ARM tablets were born out of a void in the market for large format touch screens regardless of the functionality. They really are redundant when compared to the smartphones they were born from and this is true for Apple, Android and Microsoft. I guess you could say ARM tablets are becoming more and more robust with office suites and keyboard accessories, but they still have serious CPU, RAM, networking, accessory deficiencies that hold them back. I will never buy the hype that tells me a larger touch screen offers any exceptional level of functionality that I don’t already get out of my Galaxy S3 in an ARM computing environment. I can use my Windows7 x86 hardware for everything else.

    As such, the Surface Pro is right up my alley. For starters, it has a REAL operating system good for running more than just an office suite and/or single purpose applications that could/should be integrated into the OS. Windows8 is the most robust operating system you can invest in today — it support an endless list of hardware and software. Win8 with core-i5 and HD-4000 will be able to install and run all of my professional work applications and run them with decent performance. I also see some opportunities to use the stylus for the first time to make myself more productive when reviewing design documents. But then I can also use it as a couch farting touch tablet, home theater pc, and travel companion when I’m not on the clock. There are just too many CPU and GPU intensive x86 programs that professionals like myself have invested serious dollars into. I have waiting a long time for the opportunity to wrap my professional applications up into a portable, touch friendly package that I can take anywhere with me. There’s no doubt Microsoft has a winner here. How many people like myself are sitting on their money waiting for the Surface Pro or something similar to launch?

    1. this is exactly why i havent bought the nexus 7 yet. i caught news of the surface pro and im waiting to play with one in person and then ill make the decision. i currently want to replace my current netbook with something like this.

  27. ive always wanted a tablet that could be a tablet when tinkering around, however have FULL office suite installed on it so i can double it up as a netbook for classes and word processing. this might be the key to it all. im waiting for the surface pro version and depending on its price i would buy it instead of the zenbook prime gen 2 or MBA running windows 7

  28. I’m on the fence,i still haven’t found a compelling reason to buy a tablet yet, if i need mobile computing,i have my phone, if i need desktop computing i have my pc…. i might consider Windows 8 pro, but the r/t version doesn’t entice me at all.. i guess android has an advantage with dalvik vm.. fragmentation between x86 and ARM is a big problem for me.

  29. Surface RT? No
    Surface Pro? Finally a replacement to my ancient HP and motion tablets. F-ing took long enough good gawd….

    It depends on what people are looking for. I see the MS Surface RT as nothing special compared to an iPad or Android tablet. The Surface Pro on the other hand can actually be a full on laptop/desktop replacement.

  30. It’d be perfect for my needs it’s a good quality build. Although the rumor of nexus 10 with such good specs has me on the fence now. Goes down to battery life, if the nexus will get a keyboard that attaches and how much productivity i can get out of it.the surface has an upper hand on that with Microsoft office, but some of the apps available on android do well enough. Gonna be a tough one to choose on.

  31. I could see something like Surface replacing my laptop, but not with Windows RT on it. What’s the point of this if it can’t run x86 windows programs?? How does it make it better than Android or even iOS tablets for that matter? If Surface came with an Intel version that ran regular Windows 8 then I would certainly be very interested. Win RT seems to make it pointless. What can I do with a Win RT tablet that I can’t already do with my N7?

  32. I played around with a Surface today and I have to say, while it doesn’t have the highest res screen, the overall experience was pretty impressive. For one it is very quick when moving around the UI and launching apps, probably the quickest tablet I’ve seen so far (yes quicker than the iPad). The screen clarity was amazing as well – something to see for oneself.

    Secondly, it booted up really quickly, hardly any wait. Microsoft really did some magic to the code.

    Last but not least, the hardware seemed solid. I messed with the keyboard and it was not something I feel I could break easily even if I tried. The tablet with solid as well. I’m a Fandroid inside out and would love a Nexus 10 but…………I’m going to have to check the Surface(s) as well.

  33. If I hadn’t gotten a tablet already, this would be my choice. I am one of a very few of my friends that actually likes Windows 8. I will, however, buy a Pro when it comes out…XBLA on my tablet…hell yeah…

  34. i think windows 8 is the third option but only a few is going to use it. it’s going to be the “hipster/indie/underground” OS where hipsters and trend setters is going to start using or flock to because they tend to want to be different and away from the masses (actually that’s a really good marketing strategy to market as). then over time more and more ppl will start using it like what happened to facebook or instagram (it’s backed by microsoft it’s not going to die out any time soon). i’m sure it’s not going to beat out android or iOS though.

  35. That video was embarrassing. My job is getting me one though.

  36. I think google need to come up with a viable desktop os. (please don’t bother to suggest chrome) people buy into eco systems. Apple and Microsoft have the lot, home comp, portable, phone. Over the next year or two as productivity over takes entertainment for portable devices, this could be a problem for android. Don’t get me wrong. I have android phone and transformer prime and enjoy them both. I’d never go apple I don’t think as I like to be able to think more for myself but I have to admit, that depending upon how Microsoft integrate all devices over the coming years, and unless google offer me a serious contender to windows (and office et al) , I might have to look at what’s going on with Microsoft phones/tablets.

  37. So i’m a died in the wool android fan, had the first g1 from tmobile the day they launched, and I’ve also got the first transformer from asus (what a beautiful piece of hardware from a world class Asus).

    That said, I’m writing this from my new surface tablet that I bought yesterday morning at the opening of the Microsoft store in Valley Fair (silicon valley). I’ve been beta testing win8 on my Samsung series 7 slate and I absolutely love the software and when coupled with a tablet it’s that much sweeter. after an initial learning curve, it’s actually intuitive and faster and does not require a mouse.

    Living in a Microsoft/outlook centric world where most of the applications are designed for or work better with a MS OS, I find myself coming back to MS. Don’t read anything into this because I love my Asus Transformer, it’s just that more software designers make software to work with Windows. That tide is changing, and many developers are now writring for apple and android, but now with win 8 and these buttery smooth, intuitive tablets from MS and other vendors, that tide will shift again forcing developers to likely write for all 3 platforms (mac/android/windows).

    This surface with the keypad cover is amazing and even more efficient than my asus transformer, but what I like the most is the convertibility factor. When I want it to be a tablet, it’s a buttery smooth tablet perfect for email, browsing and more…..when I want a work pc, I hover the tablet over the edge of the keyboard and the magnets engage the base of the tablet and I have instant pc.

    Microsoft got it right and the Windows ecosystem will not only likely maintain, but I see them taking market share back away from android and mac….my 2 cents…

    1. It’s “dyed in the wool”. “Died in the wool” makes it sound like you are an apple sheep, or you “like like” sheep.

      1. You can make a point without being insulting.

  38. To be honest i would buy Microsoft before i even think of putting my hand on a apple product, apple is just a bad company and cant support their ideals. Microsoft in the other hand, i love their pc OS and willing to give a chance.

  39. Vote here is YES for Windows 8. I bot the Samsung slate last year & am glad I didn’t wait for the Surface. But if I didn’t already own my little Samsung, I would definitely buy a Surface – but only after the PC version is released.

  40. Surface 8 pro is going to kill the laptop market… there’s no two ways about it. If you aren’t running a full hyperv hypervisor on your laptop then the surface will have all horsepower you need with a tablet footprint.

  41. People are smart. If this product is any good, news will travel and they can catch up. If they plan to milk the consumer for every feature they’ll go down in flames.

  42. wich surface, RT or PRO? the PRO is pretty badass but the RT version…. well, best of luck to the RT version competition is always good for the consumers.

  43. never heard of it, but i’d be interested in checking it out. it would be nice if at least two companies could advance with a combination of cooperation and competition, starting out by not looking for every opportunity to stifle the competition by suing the crap out of them constantly. better yet, though i know this wouldn’t happen, would be if companies like microsoft and google collaborated to improve the technology, making their devices less proprietary and more connectable and then competed with presentation and brand preference.

  44. I too am a big Android fan. I have pointed many folks to the devices, and push folks at our work to go to them as well. I have owned to many android tablets to list, while currently owning a Nexus 7. I have a Galaxy Nexus and an LG Google TV. My ties are deep into Android. All that to say, the surface is going to shake up the industry. I had mine delivered on Friday and played with it all weekend long. I finally have a device where I can do work and play. The multitasking, switching between apps, search, is all just so easy. Being able to have two apps up at the same time is super useful. Having a full keyboard while using RDP is really nice again. The metro designed apps are some of the most beautiful I have seen in some time. After only a few short days, I am loving this device, and this is only the RT model. With the Pro model there will be no limitations as to what I can do. Right now, my only issue with RT is setting up VPN. I haven’t figured it out quite yet, but haven’t spent a ton of time on it either.

    And finally… Avengers and The Hunger Games are for rent for $0.99!

  45. I have MAJOR issues with the Android OS. Its SLOW for typing and is not very responsive.
    I have SEVERAL Android based phones and tablets. The ASUS 300TF with keyboard could have been a killer, but its NOT. Trying to use it for more than surfing the web or watching a movie is difficult at best. The mouse is not very responsive, the document and web email apps are not very good, the keyboard and moue pad placement is awful. FLASH support which is a KEY factor for me is terrible. In short the tablets I own have been a waste of money. If MS would release a version of 8 that I could load on this tablet I would give it a shot BUT to pay an extreme premium to ASUS for a tegra 3 CPU tablet that has 8 on it for another round of test the app, is not going to happen. I guess it will be another two years minimum before the marketing wings of the technology houses decide to deliver something remotely useful for a decent price.

    For now my OLD 2.2 Ghz Pentium laptop, which you can buy used for about $100, with XP can do MUCH better than ANY tablet. :(

  46. Having an ASUS tablet right next to me I have several questions. Does anyone know if the WiFi is any better? Is FLASH supported correctly. Is the mouse keyboard better?

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