With S-Beam, you can share “special” videos with your partner [VIDEO]


In the world of advertising it becomes increasingly difficult to deliver a message in a way that will captivate an audience. Either it’s already been done, it’s too racy, or it’s just flat out not a good idea. This latest ad from Samsung for the Galaxy S3, the Korean company attempts to straddle the line between the latter two.

In the ad, a father is about to head out for a business trip when his two daughters tell him they’ve made a video for him to watch so that he can see his bundles of joy while on the plane.

They S Beam him the video no problem, but in comes the wife — she has a video for him too. The problem is that her video probably is not safe to watch in the plane… or any public place for that matter.

It would appear she’s made a solo sex video for her husband to enjoy, though that can only be an assumption on our part. But does anyone really think it’s anything else? I mean, now that I think about it S Beam/Android Beam is perfect for such a scenario — this would probably be the most secure way to send such a video to your other half with little chance of someone else finding it on the fierce waves of WiFi.

I guess I’m just surprised Samsung would make the notion no matter how subtle it is. I personally see no issue with it — I thought it was rather humorous, in fact. But with how “PC” our society has gotten (some people still get upset over PDA and kissing on television, for goodness’ sake) it’s refreshing to see that a company like Samsung is not above being edgy.

On another note, please tell me I’m not the only one who thought it was absolutely hilarious that the phone “bumps” sort of act like kisses in these scenes. Perhaps we’ve finally let technology take over our need for true physical affection… one can only dream. Be sure to watch the video for yourself above!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I saw this the other night on TV, loved it. Cute.

  2. Note to self : Don’t S Beam the video you made w/ your girlfriend to your wife. ;)

    1. xD oops

    2. His wife is his girlfriend. As it should be.

  3. top youtube comment on this vid from yesterday:

    “its a video of her sh*tting on the table”

    1. I thought that video looked like it was shot in Cleveland.

      1. hahaha

    2. That’s hawwwt. Steaming hawt.

      1. Streaming hawt…

  4. Too bad he would have to sit there are wait for the videos to actually transfer before leaving and probably miss his flight :)

    1. S Beam uses a WiFi Direct connection to transfer files. It wouldn’t have taken much longer than a few seconds depending on the size of the video

      1. Assuming both phones use wireless N, they would still have to kiss and be in close proximity for dozens of seconds in order to finish transfering a short-ish 60-second 1080p sexytime video @ the ~2MB/s max avg I see. Though… she probably shot the video with the front-facing cam, so it’s only 720p

        1. LMAO….HAHAH…… front facing camera…lol….too good man… love the analysis…

    2. Yeah, so far my experience with tap to share has been painfully sloooooow.

      1. Then you need to do a factory reset Chimp. S-Beam works great on my S3. My g/f and I share photos & files all the time and it’s lightning fast.

    3. …..worth it….

    4. My wife and I share video clips often and it’s actually quite quick. So, not really sure what you are referring to.

  5. She could share her videos with me.

  6. mmm that really hit the S-spot.

    1. You, sir, win 4 internets.

    2. I don’t think that’s the letter she had in mind…

  7. I think it works as an advert. Get people’s attention and people are talking about it. Pretty funny too.

    Ok now I have your attention. Sorry to go Caps Lock on you.
    Why are there posts that contain video not playable on mobile. I don’t mean non smart phones. I mean literally on the Phandroid App. I run ICS and should have no issues. I’ve asked other friends running your app on their ICS phones and same problem.
    Am I missing a setting? Is someone making a mistake on the post side?

    1. My Galaxy Nexus plays them just fine. It opens it through the Youtube app. o.O

      1. So does my Galaxy S

        1. So does my Intuition, Optimus G, and Galaxy S3. O.o

          1. Chris, u have Galaxy S3 too?? When is ur Note 2 coming!!!

    2. my GS3 doesnt show it…i just get a black screen…but I’m guessing this is probably due to my custom rom or something i dont know..or ad blocking software..

      1. I would try resetting your Phandroid and Video Player defaults.

        1. so I uninstalled Phandroid and installed Phandroid News edition. Using this it works just fine.

  9. Don’t over think it. It’s a quick funny little commercial. Lots of commercials have innuendo, which could be taken to some extreme. In this case most people would think, “oh, she made a naughty video for her husband”, and stop right there. Few are going to dwell on it and think about the details of what could be in the video. If it makes you feel better, she just filmed herself in some lingerie with maybe a little strip tease. Why does your mind go straight to a video of her self-pleasuring?

    1. If those Live Jasmin pop ups are of any relevance…

    2. bcos we’re MEN :-D

    3. Actually she did NOTHING. No video at all. Her, the girls, her hubby and even the cab driver are all actors.. Really!. The rest.. well, it’s just your naughty imagination folks.

  10. And his next big thing will be coming soon…

  11. i see what you did there. “straddle the line”

  12. … one can only dream- forever alone

  13. Fantastic commercial.


  15. I REALLY want to see that video! I want it NAO!

  16. Apple would never make an ad like this.

  17. I am with Mr Jackal. Just a black screen. ICS and flash running properly. Stock OS

    1. I uninstalled Phandroid app and installed Phandroid News edition and it works fine…only draw back is I have to use the DISQS account and not my gmail account to post…

  18. For clarity. Blaze 4g and S3

  19. Whoever asked about video not playing … There are two phandroid apps. Neither one is perfect,.and I prefer old one if it actually would play videos

  20. That dude better upload that to xhamster!

  21. Yes, his wife is his girlfriend.

  22. Sure wish all those videos made it to TV. Them the videos that need to be seen instead of those Apple mocking videos.

  23. I love that commercial even though I’m rockin the HTC One X…I’ll have to get my woman to share videos with me…lol

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