Foursquare update adds new check-in screen


Foursquare for Android has come along nicely since its first release in the Google Play Store, and it’s getting even better today. A new upgrade has been pushed to the Play Store that includes a brand new check-in screen. While it’s not the most ground-breaking change ever it does make it a bit easier to let your stalker friends know where exactly you are at any given time.

The upgrade also adds easier ways for you to share your check-ins to your friends on Facebook and Twitter. A much needed update now makes it much easier to mention your Foursquare friends in a check-in. Believe me, with how much of a pain it was before you’ll want the update for that reason alone.

Foursquare also mentions “a bunch” of design tweaks and improvements, though most of this seems to be subtle or under the hood. Finally, the usual performance enhancements and bug fixes seem to have crept their way inside this one. If you’ve got 6.2MB of bandwidth to spare then make sure to get Foursquare from the Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
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