Time to level up – Dark Legends gives you extra EXP this weekend


Android gamers know that Spacetime Studios is the developer to go for a good mobile MMORPG. Dark Legends is one of their latest games, with a vampire theme and quests/missions to throw around. If you want to get strong and level up you character, though, this should be about the best time to start.

Dark Legends is currently holding its Bonus EXPWeekend, in which users will be able to get extra experience points for completed missions.


Bonus dungeon XP Weekend!
Maps with a previous iteration reward of 5xp award 10XP!
Maps with a previous iteration reward of 10xp award 15XP!
First time dungeon completions have an extra bonus!

My main character is up to level 25, so I will spend more time doing other things this weekend. You should jump on it if you want to get to my level, though! Hurry up, because this event ends on Monday. And don’t forget to hit us back in the comments section below; are those extra EXP points helping you out? What level are you, and how much have you leveled up this weekend?

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  1. been level 26 for a while. hoping they are tracking exp somehow so when the up the cap, i’ll be close to the next level. some skills require you to be higher than 26

    1. I’m guessing that this is a plan to get as many people as possible to level 26. Increasing the XP returned gives more incentive to grind through over 10,000 so more will do it instead of waiting at 25 for new levels and levelling up at 1400 or so like last time. I’ve had to do the big grinds twice now (been level 26 for weeks) and it irked me slightly when lots of people didn’t have to go through the first big grind.

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