Samsung pulls out weapons, asks Apple for $421.8 million for patent infringement


The spotlight is on Motorola right now, as the Google owned company goes on the offensive trying to ban Apple imports. Samsung is pulling out its weapons too, though, and may be getting $421.8 million if Apple is proven guilty.

Sammy has brought three non-major patents to the table, related to e-mail, photo browsing and music playback. As Samsung is not losing sales due to said infringement, Apple would only have to pay for royalties. This means that it will be the same as if they had signed an agreement from the start, adding to $22.8 million in total.

Things get a bit rough once we look at Samsung’s standard-essential patents, which are not cheap to take care of. These patents would account for about 2%-2.75% of net profits, or between $290 and $399 million.

This war is far from being over, so both companies will want to juice each other out as much as they can. There is a possibility Motorola may be discriminating Apple due to their history of rivalry. Apple believes that Motorola should be more reasonable about standard essential patents and offer a sweeter deal. Plus, Cupertino doubts Motorola is charging other companies as much.

But then again, Apple’s demand of over $2.5 billion is also claimed to be an over-estimated figure. So both companies are to be blamed of getting dramatic. We should be seeing a conclusion soon(ish), so be sure that we will be here to let you know what happens.

[Via: The Verge]

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  1. This is just getting out of control.

    1. I agree

  2. There should be a typo. Did you mean Samsung was asking for $421.8 BILLIONs or may be trillions (instead of millions?). By the scale of this law suite, million is pocket money for kids. If I was among the jury. I won’t even bother to wake up if I don’t hear an amount starting from billion.

    1. I am thinking yes… and now we wait for clarification cause this would much more fun if yes.

    2. why make billions when we could make millions =)”€

    3. Trillions? lol calm down buddy.

  3. That’s good for Apple. I hate to sound biased but I feel like if they just decided to innovate instead of being bullies we wouldn’t be here commenting on this crap. Enough said, I’m done.

  4. I know this is getting annoying but this will be a benchmark (every pun intended) trial which will change any future suits unfortunately for apple motorola is ready to strike win or lose and with google behind them…. apple, you dun goofed.

  5. In politics it’s called political reciprocity… So it’s only natural that you get what you seed…

  6. The problem here is a failure of the patent systems as a whole. Also the laws of FRAND are a hipocrosy to an idea of a patent system.

  7. “Apple believes that Motorola should be more reasonable about standard essential patents and offer a sweeter deal.”

    LOL! So they think everyone should oft then sweet licensing deals, but nobody else can make a phone in the shape of a black rectangle with rounded corners?!

  8. Apple believes Moto should be more reasonable about licensing when Apple outright refuses to license at all. GTF Outa here! What sort of ass backwards legal bullshit reasoning is that?!

    1. he’s gotta point.

    2. America…..Fuck Yeah!

      1. How come he doesn’t get edited for dropping an f-bomb but I always do? :-P

        1. Got lucky i guess…. but i’m pushing my luck

  9. I hate to be a troll, but I really hate it when you guys say “sammy”. Just say samsung, please. Its not like your saving a whole lot of characters. As if I’m gonna change you guys though… probably not even worth saying.

  10. Apple goes and sues you for 2.5 Billion dollars and You only counter sue for $421 Million WTH Samsung?? Apple will make that back in like 2 months.Hit those pocket books hard! its the only way Samsung

    1. Samsung is also seeking Apple patent invalidation due to prior art which would reduce or eliminate damages owed to Apple. In addition further arguments may prove that the 2.5 billion figure may be overstated as it is questionable whether Apple lost sales due to customers ‘accidentally’ buying what amounts to 1 million-plus Apple iPhones/iPads (and then not returning them). Meanwhile Samsung’s figure stands on merit.

  11. “There is a possibility Motorola may be discriminating Apple due to their history of rivalry. Apple believes that Motorola should be more reasonable about standard essential patents and offer a sweeter deal. Plus, Cupertino doubts Motorola is charging other companies as much.”

    I think you mean Samsung instead of Motorola..

    Christ, the butchering / dumbed down versions of articles used as the source is getting pretty old. I’ve gotten use to going straight to the source link and reading the source’s article rather than its paraphrased version here simply because this site has seemed to keep some pretty poor journalists.

  12. Years from now some people will look back at these moments and tell their children with a smile on their face: “I remember the good old days, where company sued company for the littlest of reasons. Good times indeed. You should be proud of your mom/dad for becoming a lawyer. With the money Apple/Samsung/Moto paid us we can now easily afford their competitors products for the rest of our lives”

  13. And you see that number there? Their not GREEDY LIKE THE BIG DUMB FRUIT which their asking for billion of dollars in damages. and to let all Ifans know that SAMSUNG built some parts in the iPhone and they copy our PINCH TO ZOOM 7 home screen not to mention our NOTIFICATION BAR.

  14. How can they say that Samsung is not losing sales for these non standard patents but appless loses sales because of bounceback and pinch to zoom? Last I checked if apple didn’t use Samsung’s patented tech, there wouldn’t really be an iPhone.

  15. Now that some closely held information is going public, there are a lot observers of this circus that are drafting their own suits against Apple. In going after Samsung and ultimately being forced to expose sensitive information as a result, Apple may be opening the floodgates to a torrent of suits against themselves. There are currently multiple suits against Apple’s infringement of other parties patents involving documented meetings where patented IP was demonstrated to Apple, only to mysteriously show up in their products later without consent. Meanwhile after watching this freakshow over rounded corners, rectangles and “grids of colorful icons”, I truly hope that Apple dies the “Death by 1000 Cuts”.

  16. I’m going to call the winner here…. wait for it… the lawyers. They win every time in these shenanigans. It’s almost like the game is rigged in their favor, go figure.

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