A better view of the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G (Official Images)


The device has received a whole new name and official documents have been leaked, but we haven’t really raken a good look at the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G. Some of the images we have are… alright. But if you want some high-def, official shots of the Relay 4G, we now have them for you.

A TmoNews reader has managed to get a hold of an official link from Samsung. In this support site, the device is shown from multiple angles and its components are labeled. Always a good day for some juicy details, so lets take a look!

Most specifications and features continue to be a mystery, but rumors indicate that this device will be no small contender. It is said to carry a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, a 4-inch 720p display, 1 GB of RAM and Android 4.0.

Regardless, we know the phone is coming, and probably soon, so stay tuned to see when you can pick this baby up! Are any of you eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G for T-Mobile?

[Source: Samsung]

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  1. Yeah!! I want this phone!!! I will miss HTC G2 :(

  2. I don’t know why they post information about phones that suck lol

    1. 720p 4 inch screen? S4 Processor? Icecream Sandwich and a Physical Keyboard? How does that suck?

    2. Ummm….. This is a pretty good phone, bro.

  3. Basically an american GS3 with a keyboard. not bad for a slider.

    1. minus 1gb of ram oops

  4. @james I be feeling the same way. but it’s always somebody who do care for these phones. Plus it not a bad phone

  5. not a nexus device

  6. Relay 4G?… it’s look like “relay” from SG3 specs (S4, 1.5Ghz, 1gb, etc.) ..and add to slider physical keyboard..

  7. I think the 720p screen is wrong Samsung don’t make amoled screen that small with that high pixel

  8. Since this would be TMo’s only keyboard phone, yes, I’m keeping an eye on it. It looks like it’s not stock Android 4, though, but more Samsung overlay crap. Any news on if one of the 3 remaining Nexus devices due this year will be a keyboard phone? Please? (Hey, a guy can hope…)

    1. The mytouch 4g slide, the LG mytouch q, and the huawei mytouch q are on T-Mo and they all have keyboards.

      1. All of those are 4-row keyboards. This and the SK4G and the G1 and the Danger devices before them are 5-row keyboards.

  9. like my galaxy nexus better cool looking phone though not bad specs

  10. Jeremie, its basically half of an American GS3 plus a keyboard

  11. And James, not everyone buys the top of the line phones. It’s good practice to report on all phones and service.

  12. This would be so much better with onscreen buttons like the new Photon Q.

  13. For any one who still has the HTC G2, this would be the best upgrade option in T-Mobile future lineup. So far specs are decent but we don’t have official confirmation from both Samsung and T-mo. I am rooting for these specs and super smiled would be nice, but I guess we have to play the good old fashion waiting game to know for sure. I get the feeling they are posting these rumors to gauge our reaction to this phone before launch.

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