Jul 18th, 2012 publishUpdated   Aug 16th, 2012, 6:59 pm

Some exciting news has sprung out of the OUYA camp today. The team announced the man behind the scenes of the hardware and software engineering. Muffi Ghadiali is in charge of all those things, and he used to be a big part of the Amazon Kindle Fire’s development as he was previously with Lab126, the team Amazon pegged for development of their hardware projects.

With that announcement came another: the OUYA gaming console will now come with an ethernet port! This is essential for those who haven’t stepped into the new age of WiFi, or for those who just want a more stable connection for their Android-based gaming console.

Let’s hope there are more good surprises to be announced before this thing hits production. The project on Kickstarter has attracted nearly 40,000 backers and has raised over $5 million as of the time of this writing. The funding period is due to end August 9th.

There is still time to get your hands on the awards which will grant you an OUYA console from $99 and up so be sure to pledge your dollars (you won’t be charged until the funding period ends) and stake your claim to fame to one if it’s something you’re excited about. [via Kickstarter]

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