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A new Google Music update has hit the Google Play Store that brings some pretty major changes to the UI. While a complete overhaul wasn’t in order Google’s introduced a refreshed user interface for app navigation, bigger album art on the “Recent” view, a new “Now Playing” queue for serving up songs from different playlists, and a whole lot more. You can find the rest of the details under the “What’s New” section at the Google Play Store. Let us know what you think.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Is this the same Music UI that came with Jellybean?

    1. To answer my own question, yes.

    2. I Updated It (I’m Already On Jelly Bean) And I’m Looking Around And I’m Like Uhh What UI Refresh?

      1. Ha, me too. I was hoping the ringtone editor would show but not yet :(

  2. I like the new UI, the album covers seem larger, and are more accentuated.

  3. I was just listening to my google music, stopped and did the update, and now when i press the volume down button to decrease the sound the toggle moves but the audio stays at Max. Other then that I love the new UI. Doing some troubleshooting right now to see whats going on.

  4. what they need to refresh it the ugly gold icon…..
    dont know why they changed it to begin with

    1. they cant, apple will sue them for something

    2. I agree, the previous icon looked so much better. The gold looks ugly and unrealistic.

      1. Oh, you mean YOU don’t have gold plated headphones? Guess I’m the only one.. O_o

        1. You mean these? I wear them when i ride B.A.R.T.

          1. hahaha. if that what Chris listens with…. i feel bad for his ears. :P

      2. I could not agree more. Love the old one, seething hate for the new one. Still a great app, though.

      3. I like this one better, too.

    3. The color of the icon matches the color of the Play Store’s content section.
      Red for movies.
      Blue for books.
      Orange (you say gold) for music.

      1. The old icon had “orange” in it, see above post ^

        1. Oh yeah, it’s blinding me. ^^
          Seriously, I did read your post before replying to Aslan, I already knew about this icon and yes, it looked a little better.
          I don’t mind that change though, as it sounded like Aslan really didn’t know I just gave the reason why they did it, orange wasn’t the predominant color, and that’s what they wanted as part of the UI overhaul.

          1. What’s the green for then? see it there in the top middle? just curious

          2. Green is for apps, but there’s no dedicated application for it.

          3. oh, i kow it’s supposed to be orange in correspondence to the redesign, but it still looks gold to me so i call it gold. =)

    4. yeah because an icon you tap on once is so much more important than a UI/UX redesign. derpz0rz.

    5. Agreed, that’s the first thing I thought of when I heard they updated it. Of course, I wouldn’t know because my 1 year old phone is stuck on a 2 year old version of Android.

    6. Yeah, used to have it displayed on my homescreen but now it’s hidden in a folder.

  5. Nice update. It was needed.

  6. i don’t care about anything google music related until they add apple lossless audio support in the damn app. it’s open source for gods sake

    1. Is it really that much better? I see your point about if it’s possible do it but is it really that big of deal. I would much rather have my music not in iTunes than have to have lossless audio.

  7. Love it… google never disappoints

  8. [Final comment: I don’t think Google has envisioned my use case. I’ve been living with music stored on my device and a player that does cater to my use case, so I’ll continue with that. Although the GPM cloud stored paradigm would be nice. A little frustrating.]

    [EDIT 2: Not entirely crap, or I’m missing something. I can’t see what queuing means in this app. I can’t find a way to see or edit or delete or even play the queue. So being able to add a song to an object that can’t be referenced doesn’t seem to supply any useful function. Please show me what I’m missing.]

    [EDIT: This is entirely crap. I didn’t test the new version. Looked at the old one. Oy. Sorry. The new one addresses my complaint at least to a large degree. I’m happy-ish.]

    Still not usable. I don’t make playlists because I never want to hear the same things in the same order more than once. My music player use case is simple: Start the player and add a bunch of tracks to the play queue. Play the queue. That’s all I ever do. Google Play doesn’t have a simple queue. I have to go through all the add-to-playlist nonsense every time I want to hear a few tracks. So I use another player.

    1. Recommendations for a simple queue player???

      1. 3 dots, shuffle all

      2. Emily Litella here. I just realized that I tested the OLD version! The new GPM has what I want. So, “never mind”.

        Though I can’t find a way to view the current queue. Anyone see that?

    2. It’s still better than Apple’s random generator for music. On my iTouch 2G, when I play music in random, it’s a random generated list that stays the same. So if the songs were 1,3,2,4, it would play that order all the way through and then start back over. You might as well just play the songs in alpha.

      I don’t really mind too much the same song playing. IDK if you’ve noticed, but Google Music seems to “know” what I want to hear. Sometimes I WANT to listen to the same song again, and it plays. Other times I want a certain song to play and it plays next. More often than not. IDK… o_O

    3. 3 dots – shuffle all. Done.

      1. Either I don’t understand what you’re suggesting or you don’t understand what I’m complaining about.

        1. So you just want to add some songs to a playlist and play it? o_O

          1. No.

          2. hit the corner button “add to queue”, go to the player and you have it in the queue to play, no playlisting.

          3. Yes, I was pleased to see the addition of the “add to queue” menu item. But see above (EDIT 2). There is no way to refer to the queue (that I can find). So I can’t control playing it, editing it, deleting its contents, etc. They haven’t really thought this out at all.

          4. press on the music at the bottom of the screen, you get album art – the press on the 3 lines to access the queue, can re-order from there, and delete, hit the album art at the top that replaced the 3 lines and go back to the main play screen and you have shuffle controls.

            It’s all there, just not obviously highlighted.

          5. Thanks! I’ll check that out right now — going out to lunch which is where I need it.

          6. I tried it. I don’t understand what the mysterious name and thumbnail at the top of the queue list is supposed to indicate. The queue already has a name: the queue. Also had trouble with actual player functioning, but that could be anything (I’m on the bleeding edge of CM nightly roms). I appreciate your help on this, but I think I’ll stick with a player that seems to be more closely aimed at my use pattern. Hate to have to pass on all the stuff I uploaded to the Google music cloud, but it won’t kill me to dump a bunch of stuff to my sdcard. (Except that the necessity of having to do that is an unwelcome argument against a Nexus 7 and GNex. Ugh, always painful tradeoffs with Google.)

  9. And yet we still can’t get an “All Music” listing when searching for an artist.

  10. Since Google has added those bars on the near top right, I can easily go back to my song list holding one hand. Since my E4GT is so large. LoL!! Oh my gosh, it was lyk impossible to do anything while driving. LoL!!

    And I absolutely LOVE how the Playlist is right next to Recent, since almost every time I open up Google Music it starts on Recent and I have to scroll for hours just to reach Playlist. And sometimes it wouldn’t even scroll. Just slide. -_-

  11. Now if they would sync the mobile app with the web app. For example, I am listening to something in my office on the web and when I leave the office for the day I can pick up right where I left off on my phone. It will sync my recently listened to from the web and also currently playing.

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