Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-orders arriving today


Before the 4th of July holiday came word that Verizon subscribers awaiting their Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-order would receive shipment of the device as early as today, and sure enough reports are rolling in from our very own Android Forums of just that. Several users were greeted with a Galaxy S3 handset this morning, with both the Pebble Blue and Marble White color variants accounted for. Verizon officially announced that the device would be available for all starting July 10th, but those with pre-order will want to check their tracking info now to see when to expect a visit from the delivery man.

[via AndroidForums]

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  1. I pre-ordered day 1, last night got the shipping email and a fedex tracking # BUT :( —> Estimated delivery Jul 9, 2012 by 7:00 PM –> whateve

    1. Same boat

    2. Double screwed! Verizon sent mine 2 day fedex (thought it was always overnight >( and no sat delivery confirming a Monday the 9th delivery.. lammmmme!!!

  2. Still waiting on my sorry a** at&t to get mine. Well its safe to say that at&t dropped the ball on this one. 2 thumbs up for at&t way to go you dumbass’s

    1. When doesn’t att drop the ball.

  3. Mine is en route, but since i live in California, I won’t get it till Monday! FML!

    1. Same here!

      1. I’m in Denver and in the same boat. Some are getting overnight shipping. Apparently, you can call Verizon and get a manager to switch your to overnight. Better do it quick though.

  4. I can’t stand the glossy back piece they used.

    1. Put a case on it.

      1. That should be and option not a requirement like with the iPhone and it’s glass back.

        1. Yea and that glass back shatters terribly with the slightest drop.

          1. Yep.

        2. Why would you spend 600+ dollars on a smartphone and not protect it with a case? Doh!

          1. Why should I have to? I was just talking about how the back is a fingerprint magnet on the S3 just like the Nexus S. The only reason I talked about the iPhone is because you 100% have to protect it because it’s fragile glass and a scratch/fingerprint magnet. I wished they would have use a similar back like the Gnex, I don’t ever worry about small stuff like that with this phone.

  5. I have a 32GB Blue version “On FedEX vehicle for delivery” – ordered at 6:10am EST on June 6th. Can not wait to dump Sprint and enjoy real and actual LTE on a monster phone.

    1. I can promise you one thing…..you’re going to LOVE Verizons LTE!! It’s crazy fast!
      Enjoy bro!

      1. Only when it works, though. Check the vzw support forums. You’ll see the month of June and July (so far) has been spotty for VZW 4g. Sucks, because I am one of the users (tbolt) and it’s getting annoying. I don’t expect my S3 to fix this, but we’ll see next week.

        1. Trust me, it’s 10,000 times better than Sprint’s. it is truly shameful.

    2. Here’s my unboxing video. Yes, it’s a crap unboxing video!!


      1. Actually, it’s an awesome video. ‘Cause that will be me very soon. Congrats. Have fun.

        1. Here’s a brief review/overview of the phone. It took me HOURS to get the phone activated!

  6. Yeah..But its a paper weight right now b/c nobody can seem to get them activated.

    1. That’s not true. It was a troller who started that rumor. Everyone’s activations are going smoothly.

      1. it is true, I am one of those people.

      2. Some are having issues, but most are not.

      3. Exactly!! All you have to do is head over to the GS3 forums and you’ll see all the happy GS3 users stoked about having their new phones. Some delivered and activated already, some with them “on the way” (like mine….should be delivered tomorrow!), and some with “order in process”. Everyone’s activations are fine and ALL Verizon customers who preordered get to keep their unlimited data! Oh yeah!! Freakin schweet!
        If you’re having problems with activations, it’s because something is wrong with your acct.

        1. I went to verizon store yesterday 7/7/12 to preorder and try and keep my unlimited plan and was told the only way to keep it was to pay full retail price for the phone. So you got to keep your unlimited plan..I am pissed. WTF

  7. Well I ordered June 6th noon est and have yet to receive email or charges to my card…the one time I WANT Verizon to take my money…..

    1. I didn’t have a charge 9 hours ago, but I do now, I saw they charged my card just a few hours ago. Waiting for the the FedEx tracking number, but know it will be soon. NYC!

  8. I stay in North Carolina, and I’m receiving mines tomorrow! ^__^ (16gb white)

  9. Order status still says “We received your order and it is in process.”

  10. Mine is on the fed ex truck as i write this. Tracking said it will be here by 3 pm. Good bye Droid Bionic! Hello G3!!!!!!

    1. mine won’t be here till next week, but I also can’t wait to say goodbye to my bionic.

    2. Is it the same design?

  11. Just got my Galaxy S3 an hour ago, F***IN STOKED RIGHT NOW!

  12. Looks like I will never get my s3 from sorry ass at&t. At&t sucks ass!

    1. a coworker got his from ATT today

    2. That’s so weird – I preordered mine in store on June 21, and got it June 26.

  13. Ordered the 16G Blue June 6, 2012 2:49 PM. Just got the confirm for a Monday delivery. Went to check on Verizon’s site for leather cases…nope. How about a nice gel case. Nope. Any case? Nope.

    1. Check Amazon…..they’ve got a huge variety of GS3 cases.

      1. I’m just saying. There are supposed to be 10,000,000 of these badboys sold by the end of the month, and VZW doesn’t have anything on their website, that’s a lot of potential $ left in their customer’s wallets. The guy with the accessory cart in the mall has S3 cases.

        1. Honestly man you couldn’t be any more right. I wanted the official accessories and did not want to wait for Verizon any longer so I was able to buy what I wanted at a Sprint store today.

  14. Leather cases????? LMAO You lookin for a case for the Nokia 5160?

  15. I just found a white GS3 at work international version, I work at a huge distributer where they get programmed and shipped all over, one of the clients left it. Wondering if I should return it , eve though it’s a demo one lol

    1. Definitely return it bro. Karmas a b!tch! :)

    2. Return it bro…..
      One word….Karma!

      1. Bro it’s so tempting.

    3. Hmmm. Good effort then ebay :-)

  16. According to Verizon Customer Service, if you ordered your phone on-line (VerisonWireless.com), they won’t be shipping out til the 11th.

    1. Nope…..mine is already in transit and I ordered online

    2. That’s not true. I ordered mine online (day one) and it’s en route. Half the people I know on our GS3 forum did the same and either already have them or they’re waiting for delivery.

    3. VZW employees were “updated” in their resources for the new ship date. If they don’t look it up, they won’t know of the earlier ship date.

    4. Wrong I preordered the 1st day available and received it on the 5th 10AM

  17. What about those of us who pre-ordered through Best Buy?

  18. Ordered my 32gb pebble blue gs3 an hour after it went on sale. It will be in my hands by 4:30pm tomorrow!

  19. Dear Phandroid, my eyes and I thank you for the new font.

    Tyler Wade Smith

    1. I second this thank you!

  20. Anybody who buys any accessories from a wireless carrier, website or store is stupid!!!!! Accessories are way, way overpriced. I got 3 micro-usb chargers for $18 on Amazon. You’d be lucky to get one from a wireless carriers store or website for $20 or less.

  21. Just got mine…. Unboxing as this is being posted!!!!!!! I feel 12 again.

  22. Pre ordered 6-12 no word yet, Verizon site down to check ship date. Feel like a big eyed kid in a candy store. Patience is the word.

  23. Seems silly that local stores will get the handsets before those that pre-order. By the looks of it, that’s exactly what is going to happen!

  24. I preordered June 6th at 7am PST. they put my order on hold yesterday because I didn’t have the momey in my account, I transferred it in and called them and it will be here Monday with 2 day shipping. I have a feeling I might get it Saturday

    1. Same exact thing happened with me. Got an email saying it was on hold. Moved the money over and called yesterday. When I check the status it still says “We
      received your order and it is in process. Payment not taken yet.”. I
      called today to verify it went through and was told it should ship
      today. I feel like an idiot on how bad I wan this phone. I actually bought one for my wife so I have someone to share all the cool features with lol.

  25. IM suppose to receive mines the 9th, but got an email from fed-ex was shipped out today will be here tm by 3pm…that’s awesome!!!!!!!

  26. Getting mine tm, even tho I’m suppose to have it by the 9th.fed-ex sent me an email.

  27. Wonder if there will be a Samsung made extended battery like the galaxy nexus, and how big it will be?

  28. i have to wait one more month.

  29. Just got billed for 7-8-12, don’t have ship date. Maybe in the morning, hope I can sleep. Hope this doesn’t mean Monday “,”

  30. My blue 16 gb is out for delivery. I ordered 6/6 12 est. Can’t wait to get rid of my droid x..

    1. I just preordered mine today and I can’t wait to get of my droid x either!!!!!

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