Verizon Starts Shipping Galaxy S3 Early For Pre-Orders – Arriving On Doorsteps As Early As Thursday


For those that pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3 on day one, it appears as if Verizon has already begun shipping out Samsung’s latest flagship, sending out shipping confirmation emails to a few lucky orderers’ inboxes. The dates seem to be varied with most of those notified set to find the device on their doorsteps this Thursday, July 5th, while others are being notified of the 6th. Either way, as it so often goes with phone releases, sometimes it pays to pre-order. More than often you’ll get your coveted device in your hands before its official release.

Thanks, Cory, Dave and everyone else who sent this in!

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  1. I ordered 18 min right after you could order and I haven’t received a e-mail yet.

    1. It seems that Verizon system deleted my order… I am having to re-order it though support and trying to get it escalated to ship sooner that 2 weeks from today.

  2. It appears that Verizon cancelled my SIII order. I have a confirmation email, and now when I look it up, no order can be found. Also looking back on my bank statement, no charge is visible. Lets see the crap I will have to go through with Verizon now to keep my unlimited.

    1. You didn’t get a confirmation e-mail?

      1. I did. Just now when I look up the order, it doesn’t show.

        1. Make sure you are using the confirmation number, not the order number. Mine said the same thing until I checked using the confirmation number.

    2. To check status use preorder conformation number not the order number.

      1. Agh, thanks. That worked.

  3. Live in Wisconsin. Shipped today. Arrives on Thursday… Luckily I had it sent to my workplace so I’ll get mine as soon as FedEx gets to their deliveries. Best of luck to the rest of you who are (not so) patiently waiting. :)

    1. When did you order yours?

      1. I live in TX btw..

      2. June 6th. 6:05 am CST.

  4. Place my order on the 29 of June. But haven’t been charged for it yet. Do I get charged once it’s shipped or?

  5. Placed my order on day 1. Still no email stating that it has shipped.

    1. Pre-ordered day 1 as well (around 1130am edt) still no shipping confirmation nor charge. 8-(

      1. I ordered mine around 12 noon CST. I always have the worst luck. How come people that ordered after me are already receiving shipment confirmations? Bummer…

        1. same here for me…I have the worst luck…no shipment email and I’ve checked my bank account and the funds haven’t been pulled yet….I’m taking a cellular leave (like maternity leave but shorter) day off when it’s delivered so I can play with it all day….

  6. July 6th!!! oh yeeeaahh!

  7. I ordered mine 7am est day 1, but i called verizon yesterday to cancel……the person that gets my order owes me a beer

  8. Appears that the Big Red’s servers are down. Can’t look my order up. Must be heavy traffic from people checking.

  9. From what I asked at the Verizon corporate store here in Chicago, even though you get the phone early, you won’t beable to activate it until the Monday on launch day. Unless the guy is full of crap, he says it’s in the system that they can’t activate them until that day.

    1. That’s BS, Gnex was able to be activated before official launch.

    2. You can activate as soon as you get the phone.

  10. Lucky.

  11. Ordered the 16gb s3 6/7 .. order confirmed, $$ was withdrawn, no tracking number yet however says will ship by 7/9.

    1. Recvd shipment email today, eta 7/9 !!

  12. SON OF A…. Haha thanks for posting this. I just realized that my preorder wasn’t processed until yesterday and I had to get my CC# changed mid month due to fraudulent charges. Thus, the card is now a different number. Damn you internet hackers, my order has been stopped! Hopefully they’ll just let me update the pre order. -finger crossed-

    edit: Sweet, super nice lady let me just update my info. Took 5 minutes :)

  13. just recieved my shipping confirmation which shows it has been picked up and will be here FRIDAY!!!!

  14. I got my tracking numbers this morning!!!! 16GB White that was pre-ordered on the 8th of last month.

  15. I should say, I ordered on June 6th

  16. Oh yeah….. Just got my shipping email. Shipped yesterday.

  17. i am not seeing anywhere on my VZW shipping confirmation which date I can expect it, I can only see from the Fedex tracking when to expect it. Am I looking at the wrong place?

  18. Ordered white 32g 5mins after pre orders started mine is scheduled for 9:30am 7/5/12 delivery.

  19. Getting mine today!!!!!!!!

  20. Got mine this morning, but having issues with activation…

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