Jul 5th, 2012

A big part of the Nexus Q’s $299 price tag can be attributed to a few words stamped on the bottom of the minimalist media orb: “Designed and Manufactured in the USA.” But even though the assembly process takes place on US soil, just how much of the Q really originates from within our 50 states? iFixIt paid special attention to this question while tearing down Google’s latest gadget, and the answer makes the Nexus Q seem a little less American than is claimed.

It would be more than a little unrealistic to expect Google to source all of their silicon and hardware from within the US, and doing so would likely add to the already premium price of the Nexus Q. As it stands, components come from all over Asia and Europe with some indeed originating in the USA. Still, iFixIt was impressed with the device’s assembly and engineering. Google managed to pack a lot of electronics into an oddball shape, and so in a way that retains a high degree of repairability. For added fun, the disassembled parts were arranged into their own Google doodle, which may just be the coolest thing about this latest teardown.

[via iFixIt]

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