Nexus Q made in America, but parts sourced from elsewhere


A big part of the Nexus Q’s $299 price tag can be attributed to a few words stamped on the bottom of the minimalist media orb: “Designed and Manufactured in the USA.” But even though the assembly process takes place on US soil, just how much of the Q really originates from within our 50 states? iFixIt paid special attention to this question while tearing down Google’s latest gadget, and the answer makes the Nexus Q seem a little less American than is claimed.

It would be more than a little unrealistic to expect Google to source all of their silicon and hardware from within the US, and doing so would likely add to the already premium price of the Nexus Q. As it stands, components come from all over Asia and Europe with some indeed originating in the USA. Still, iFixIt was impressed with the device’s assembly and engineering. Google managed to pack a lot of electronics into an oddball shape, and so in a way that retains a high degree of repairability. For added fun, the disassembled parts were arranged into their own Google doodle, which may just be the coolest thing about this latest teardown.

[via iFixIt]

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  1. Duuhhhhh! Really, I don’t understand how anyone would expect 100% of anything electronic to have 100% of all parts made and assembled in the US. That they bought a few parts made somewhere else does not bother me at all.

    1. “some indeed originating in the USA” means most of it was built elsewhere, just simply assembled here. They are misleading.

      1. well parts like processor, chips, memory etc aren’t gonna be manufactured by google. that’s common sense

        1. I bet the PCB’s weren’t made here either. They didn’t say made by google, they said here in USA, which was misleading.

      2. There are people in the United States somewhere who get up in the morning, drive to work, and punch a time clock and put these together. Would it be nice if there were even more people in the US making every part of it ?.. yes.. We could start comparing apples to … never mind, lets take a partial win for some people and encourage more jobs in the US in the future.. as opposed to products coming by boat completely packaged and shrink wrapped with no one but the corporation and perhaps a sales person making a living off of it.

        1. Agreed, but Google should have disclosed more information about the device. They were very vague with “made in USA”

  2. Really? In the electronics industry it’s difficult to have anything made by just one country. The TI chips mays be physically given life in China or Japan but they could be designed by collaboration of teams in US, India, etc. Foundries (where the chips from the majority of US chip companies are actually made) are not located in US. But the intellectual property that goes into the making of these chips is a global collaboration.

    1. The way google staff announced it made it sound like a 100% genuine USA product.

      1. Its rare for anything to be 100% to be made in america. Even american cars

        1. True, but if you remember the keynote, Google made it sound like it was a genuine USA product.

          1. Most Ford parts and even cars are made in mexico yet its considered a American car

          2. We’re not talking about cars. We are talking about a product that was pitched as a USA made product. False advertising.

            EDIT: Hey, i’m not the one that said the product was made in USA, Google did. They shouldn’t advertise it as USA made, if it’s not. Regardless of what FORD does….

          3. What i was trying to point out is that a lot of the products that do claim to be made in the USA have parts that are imported from other country’s, nothing is fully made in one country unless of course its made in china because they are almost fully self dependent.

          4. 2 wrong’s don’t make a right.

          5. They USED to build cars here is USA, but ever since they stopped, they don’t claim that its 100% american anymore. Chrysler products are still assembled in Detroit.

  3. therefore not worthy of the MIA stamp

  4. Why are you guys angry at me for stating the FACTS? I’m not the one that LIED about the origin of this device. GOOGLE lied. hate them for it. Don’t kill the messenger.

    1. America is still the origin. Googles design, software, and ideas. This is tantamount to making lemonade and having to borrow sugar. After borrowin the sugar, if you combine all the parts at your house with your water and your lemons then the lemonade was made by you… in your house.

  5. This was made in the USA. They never lied about that. Just because they’re sourcing parts from separate parts of the world does not mean it wasn’t made here. When they say made in USA, they mean it was assembled here.

  6. I still say all merchandise not but some would be better to be made in AMERICA. It will bring more jobs and not built by cheap chinese labor.

  7. Does it matter? The Q is about 5 years behind the time. What is it offering, at that outrageous price, that we can’t already do with our HTPC, AirDroid, and everything else you can name?

  8. tinyurl.com/cozaa3k

  9. This is just like Swiss timepieces.They need to be at least 51% from Switzerland and be assembled there. No big difference and people pay top dollar for Chinese parts without knowing

  10. I don’t feel like they lied. I haven’t read anything from google stating that the nexus q was 100% american made, Only that it was made in america.

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