New report puts updated Kindle Fire launch in August


With Google’s Nexus 7 already on sale and slated to start shipping later this month, the low-cost 7-inch tablet market just got a bit more competitive. Google’s tablet was designed in part as a response to Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and it has long been assumed we would see an updated version of the online retailer’s slate sometime this year. Initial rumors put its launch towards the end of this month, but a new report from China Times says we can now expect an updated Kindle Fire in early August.

The report comes by way of component suppliers and manufacturers responsible for assembling the new device, and says Amazon has placed an order for 2 million units. Little is known about how Amazon plans to upgrade the Kindle Fire, but if the tablet is to remain competitive with Google’s new offering we can expect a higher resolution display and beefed up internal hardware, which could include a faster processor. It looks unlikely that Amazon will unveil 8.9-inch or 10-inch Kindle Fire devices at the same time, but at least one of the two larger sizes is expect to arrive at a future date.

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  1. This just in…Apple has patented anything with “…..a screen as a means for transmitting information….” jeopardizing not on the new Kindle and all tablets and phones, but also TV’s. Local police coordinating via Apple sponsored iphones will begin seizing TV’s, along with all non apple devices that have screens on August 1st. No word yet on whether mirrors will be next as they fall under Apples “…visual feedback device…” patent.

    1. Not really relevant to the article, but I lol’d, have an upvote :P

  2. The Fire’s only chance is if either Google or Asus doesn’t advertise the Nexus 7. Personally, I’d love to see Google advertise Android on TV the way they do with Chrome.

  3. If only Nigel wasnt so right

  4. Another proprietary tablet? Next…….

  5. Still waiting for a UK release date for the Kindle Fire…

  6. IPad is better!

    1. Do you post anything besides apple products are always better opinions?

    2. better.. debatable, expensive for sure

  7. I almost had a Kindle Fire. I chose against it due to no memory card slot. I won’t have a portable device without one. They just don’t have enough internal memory for me.

  8. Having read a review of the kindle fire I decided to get one and have not been dissapointed, great alternative to the full-on tablets

  9. hjgh

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